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IT Systems Requirements InfoSlip E-payslip Solution Introduction The Sage VIP InfoSlips is an electronic payslip delivery service. The Sage VIP payroll application integrates with the InfoSlips web service www.infoslips.com to deliver an electronic output of the The payslip data is exported from the Sage VIP payroll application and transferred via a secure connection (SSL) to the InfoSlips web service (SOAP). The data is then converted into XML and then transformed into HTML (using CSS Style sheets and JavaScript, JQuery etc ) to produce the Infoslips output file (.ifs). This output file will be delivered to the employees e-mail addresses (viewed offline) and published for online viewing. The InfoSlips processing and e-mailing happens outside of clients IT InfoSlips (e-payslip) Subscription Channels Available • Secondary Online ( Online view) https://viewer.infoslips.com Clients subscribing to the Desktop View will automatically have access to the on-line view channel. All payslip data flagged for the dot IFS file delivery channel will be compiled, packaged (encrypted) and e-mailed from @infoslips.com to all recipients e-mail accounts. The type of InfoSlip delivery channel (e.g. IFS) as well as recipients e-mail addresses is controlled within the Sage VIP Payroll application which is managed by the Payroll Department. InfoSlip files (.ifs) are delivered to e-mail attachments can Offline (Desktop View) Software Requirements • All InfoSlip recipients must have a valid e-mail account. • E-mail Client software supported is MS Outlook and Lotus Notes. • Internet Explorer version 7 and higher is the preferred Browser software, but other browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla and Firefox are also compatible but not fully supported. • InfoViewerForMe desktop application (please see page 3 for more details) deployed • Sufficient bandwidth to deliver InfoSlips e-mail batch. Each file delivered is +/- 160 kb in size. Offline (Desktop View) Other Software Requirements An InfoSlips Administrator must be identified to take ownership of the extraction, posting and processing of the salary data to the InfoSlips web service every pay period. This individual must have access to the payroll data. He or she will require the following software in addition to the software listed above: • MS Office 2003 and higher • WinZip software • Team Viewer / WebEx remote desktop program required for remote customer support. • FTP file transferring allowed for customer support. Online (Online View): Optional - URL: https://viewer.infoslips.com All offline (desktop) InfoSlip payslip files will automatically be published online by default. Recipients/users with a valid online user profile (must register profile first) can access/view their InfoSlips online as well (e.g. mobile devices). Recipients of an online only InfoSlip (no desktop version deployed) will be notified via e-mail once their InfoSlips have been published. An hyperlink in the body of the e-mail (View Online) will connect and open employee’s latest online InfoSlip. All employees must register an on-line user profile on http://viwer.infoslips.com to access their published InfoSlips, Please refer to InfoSlips Online User Guide for more details on the Online User Registration process. The same requirements as offline channel! Other Requirements: (for Online channel only) • Prioritizing of bandwidth usage on http://viewer.infoslips.com port 443 • Online view only: Load testing on http://viewer.infoslips.com if user /employee count > 1000 • Allow HTML hyperlinks in E-mail software • Proxy server settings to *.infoslips.com E-Mail Server Settings The InfoSlips E-mails are delivered in batches from [email protected] and to allow these batches through your firewalls/spam filters we require the following: Whitelisting of the following InfoSlips IP Address range and domain: • InfoSlips file extension ( offline channel) : IFS • E-mail throttling: If applied allow for the volume of inbound InfoSlips e-mails to be • When upgrading e-mail spam filters/firewall software please ensure above rules are still in place or the InfoSlips e-mail batch will be detected as spam and subsequently dropped. Deployment of the InfoViewer Application (Desktop View) The InfoViewer application is available from www.infoslips.com for the following platforms: • Windows OS (msi installer package) • Linux • Mac OS It is recommended that client’s IT department assist employees by deploying /pushing this Viewer InfoViewer application must be deployed to al InfoSlip recipient’s computers to access and view their InfoSlip files from their e-mail software. User accounts must be part of the Local Administrators group or GPO policy must allow employees to run this InfoViewer installer package. During installation an InfoViewer shortcut is created on the Desktop Terminal Server and Cytrix Server Environment InfoViewer Software must be deployed on the Terminal Server Logged in as Local Administrator on the Terminal Box itself. This is to ensure that the software is released to all the Profiles that log on to the Terminal Server In the Event of a CYTRIX environment the InfoViewer software needs to be installed on every CYTRIX server logged on as Local Administrator. InfoViewer Application (Sharing of Resources)

This is where multiple users are working on the same computer.
Make sure that each Person that logs onto the machine has his / her own profile. You cannot run the InfoViewer Software for more than one user on the same profile. This is a big security The InfoViewer Software needs to be installed on every user profile using that machine. Each account will have its own password and PUK number InfoViewer Application (User Profiles) 1. Read and Write Access must be given to the User Profile in the Enterprise Network through Global Policy (Security) management in order to access the InfoSlips Viewer folder structure by the Network Administrator. This structure is generally located at ‘User\AppData\Roaming\InfoSlipsForMe’. Terminal Server’s default security profiles may deny user read/write access on the above folder structure. With the above set up, a User should be able to install the Viewer from www.infoslips.com successfully and the installation will apply all required file associations. This being the normal scenario on User Profiles not within Terminal Server, or under Strict Security. All standard MSI installer flags could be set for automated and silent installations via System Management Software or terminal services program management. Folder Duplication of the (User\AppData\Roaming\InfoSlipsForMe) once installed for one User and Updated ”in case your Terminal Server users have not access for Programs to do program updates though http”, this folder needs to be Duplicated by the IT Administrator to all other Profiles. Excluding the two folders inside it called (Vault and Temp). Users must also have rights to access their AppData\Roaming\InfoSlipsForMe folder once duplication has happened. File Association, should also be applied to the Profiles by the IT administrator, via Global Policy/Security – Microsoft Reference to this step (http://technet.microsoft.com/en- us/library/cc754587.aspx) So that when a User receives and runs an InfoSlip.ifs file type, it will automatically associate with the InfoSlipsForMe.Viewer Sage VIP InfoSlips Security Information The following generic documents relating to the security of the InfoSlips Web Service is available on request from [email protected] : • SLA – outlining the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders • InfoSlips systems architecture Q & A • InfoSlips policies ( data recovering, vulnerability testing ) and SSL certificates In order for Sage VIP InfoSlips to proceed with the implementation of your InfoSlip application, VIP requires confirmation that the requirements outlined above are adhered to in order ensure a successful implementation and rollout of the Infoslips (e-payslip) solution. The content of this document must be taken into consideration by your IT department/representative to ensure that the InfoSlip application does not infringe on existing IT policies and procedures. Any special requirements or infringements must be communicated to VIP before commencement of the implementation. VIP Payroll will not be liable for any loss, damage, or policy infringement in this regard. I hereby declare that I have read and understood the requirements outlined above and have undertaken to comply with these requirements before the commencement of the implementation of the InfoSlips web service. I further declare that I understand the minimum requirements for the different e-payslip channels as outlined above and declare that the IT infrastructure/policies currently in place cater for the deployment of one or both of the e-payslip channels indicated Please print this page (e-format), complete, sign, print and fax back Implementation of e- solution cannot proceed until this document has been received. _________________________________________________________ Signatory who warrants that he/she is duly authorized

Source: http://updates.vippayroll.co.za/infoslips/2013%20Infoslip%20System%20Requirements%20and%20Security_INF01.pdf

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