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Immersion Temperature Transmitter
Wireless Sensors
Features & Options
● 8 Year Battery Life (with two 3.6V lithium batteries, full AA size)● 100 foot range, extendable to 1,000 feet with Repeater● Transmitted signals can be converted to Voltage, Current or ● Probe Lengths: 2”, 4” and 8” (fit standard BAPI Thermowells)● Watertight BAPI-Box Enclosure and Stainless Steel Probes Wireless Immersion
● Etched Teflon Leadwires & Double Encapsulated Sensors Temperature Transmitter
BAPI Wireless Immersion Units are available in 2”, 4” and 8” probe lengths. The sensor is pottedinside a 1/4” stainless steel probe with thermally conductive epoxy. The Immersion Units come withetched teflon leadwires, double encapsulated sensors and a BAPI-Box enclosure to withstand highhumidity and condensation and perform under real world conditions.
The Wireless Immersion Temperature Transmitter measures the temperature and transmits the data through 418MHz RF to a receiver. It has a minimumin-building range of 100 feet and an estimated battery BAPI Thermowells
life of 8 years using two high-capacity 3.6V lithium batteries with a transmit rate of about once every 10 seconds. Each transmitter has a unique address with built in error detection. Each variable sent by the transmitter is picked up by the receiver and converted by a BAPI Analog Output Module to a voltage, current or resistance signal which is sent to the controller. The unit can be set up to trigger an alarm on the controller whenthe batteries need replacing.
PART NUMBER: BA/WT-I-2” - Wireless Immersion Temperature Transmitter, 2” Probe Length
PART NUMBER: BA/WT-I-4” - Wireless Immersion Temperature Transmitter, 4” Probe Length
PART NUMBER: BA/WT-I-8” - Wireless Immersion Temperature Transmitter, 8” Probe Length
PART NUMBER: BA/LI3620 - Lithium Battery 3.6V
*Custom Lengths of 1/4” Diameter Stainless Steel Probe are Available. Call BAPI for more information. Specifications
Supply Power: Two 3.6V Lithium batteries, 8 year battery life at 10 second transmit rate
Inputs: Built in thermistor
Accuracy: ±0.2 °C
Transmitted Range: -40° to 85°C
Environmental Operation Range:
Temp: -40°C to 85°CHumidity: 0% to 100% RH, non-condensing Enclosure Rating: IP66
Enclosure Material: UV-Resistant Polycarbonate
Material Rating: UL94 V-0
Radio Frequency: 418 MHz
Transmitter Interval: ~10 seconds
Antenna: Built inside the enclosure
Wireless Immersion Temperature
unit in a BAPI-Box (BB) Enclosure
FCC Approval: FCC ID# T4F060811TEMP
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