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Efficacy study of styplon vet bolus as supportive therapy in management of hemorrhagic conditions of ruminants

Efficacy study of Styplon Vet Bolus as supportive
therapy in management of hemorrhagic
conditions of ruminants
Ravikumar B. R1,Mohan D2 and Bhagwat V.G.*3
1- Veterinary Officer, Veterinary Hospital, Mahalakshmipuram, Bagalore., 2- Veterinary Officer, Veterinary Hospital, Doddagattigenabbe, Hoskote Taluk, Bagalore rural 3- Research Scientist, The Himalaya Drug Company, Makali, Bangalore Abstract
On-field trial was conducted in dairy animals to evaluate efficacy of Styplon Vet Bolus (M/s
Himalaya Drug Company, Banglore, India) as supportive therapy in management of hemorrhagic
conditions (Hematuria, hemoagalectia, bleeding wounds, uterine bleeding and epistaxis) of
ruminants. Styplon Vet 1-2 boli twice daily was administered to cows and buffaloes, and ½ bolus
twice daily for sheep till they recover clinically. The results indicated that Styplon Vet Bolus is a
safe and effective styptic in ruminants.
Key words: Ruminants, hemorrhagic condition, Styptic.
were enrolled in the present field trial in and around Hemorrhage is defined as loss of blood either the veterinary hospitals of Bangalore district.
within the body (internal) or on the body surface Table-1. No of ruminant cases enrolled for
(external). Excessive bleeding is a very dangerous various hemorrhagic conditions
situation that needs attention quickly in animals. The Conditions
Cows Buffaloes
blood flow must be suppressed as soon as possible, as there is a danger of the animal going into shock.
The causes of bleeding include traumatic injuries (e.g.
epistaxis), surgical wounds (cesarian section, cystotomy), presence of calculi in the urethra or urinary bladder, infections causing enteritis, cystitis, urethritis, mastitis, hemoagalectia, hematuria, blood in stools, Standard managemental practice was followed etc. Keeping these in view, the present trial was throughout the trial period. History, clinical signs, undertaken to assess the efficacy of Styplon Vet Bolus general health, etc. were recorded for all the animals.
as supportive therapy in management of hemorrhagic Hemorrhagic condition was diagnosed based on the conditions like bleeding wounds, hematuria (blood in history and clinical examinations. Styplon Vet Bolus urine), hemoagalectia (blood in milk), epistaxis (nasal (M/s Himalaya Drug Company, Banglore, India) was bleeding), and uterine bleeding. The Styplon Vet Bolus administered as supportive (rapid acting styptic/ of The Himalaya Drug Company, Bangalore mainly coagulating agent) to antibacterial therapy 1-2 boli contains extracts of Amalaki (Emblica officinalis), twice daily for cows and buffaloes, and ½ bolus twice Mocharasa (Bombax ceiba), Vasaka (Adhatoda daily for sheep till they recover clinically. Time taken vasica), Sariva (Hemidesmus indicus), Kamala (in days) for arresting bleeding was recorded. Efficacy (Nelumbo nucifera), Durva (Cynodon dactylon), of the therapy was judged based on the clinical Lajjalu (Mimosa pudica), and powders of Mouktika recovery and disappearance of clinical symptoms.
sukti, Sourashtri bhasma and Trinakantamani pishti.
Materials and methods
Styplon Vet Bolus was used as supportive (rapid A total of 40 ruminants (30 cows of Jersey, acting styptic/coagulating agent) to antibacterial Holstein and non-descriptive breeds, 8 buffales of therapy in hemorrhagic conditions of ruminants .
Surthi and Murrah breed, and 2 sheep of Bannur breed) Hematuria cases: Blood in urine ceased in 31.57%
terinary World Vol.2, No.12, December 2009 Efficacy study of Styplon Vet Bolus as supportive therapy in management of hemorrhagic conditions of ruminants cases in 2 days, in 47.34 % cases in 3 days and in irritated or inflamed internal tissues. Nelumbo nucifera 21.04 % cases in 4 days respectively on the administration of Styplon Vet Bolus as supportive 4. Enhancing effectiveness of antibiotics:
It was observed that pearl preparations do not Hemagalectia cases: Blood in milk had stopped in
show any antibacterial activity but when used at a 50% of cases on each days 2 and 3 of Styplon Vet concentration of 200 g/ml with antibiotics, then even Bolus administration along with antibacterials.
at a sub-lethal dose, the antibiotic had effectively Bleeding wound cases: Both external and internal
shown the results with reduced contact time (11).
wounds were treated with Styplon Vet Bolus. In 75 % Acknowledgements
of the cases, bleeding from the wound had stopped in Encouragement provided by The Himalaya Drug 2 days, whereas remaining 25% cases it ceased in 3 Company, Bangalore, for supplying the trial material days from the administration of Styplon Vet Bolus.
Styplon Vet Bolus for this trial is thankfully Uterine bleeding cases: On days 2, 3, and 5 of
Styplon Vet Bolus administration, 20 % each of uterinebleeding cases had recovered while in the remaining References
40% cases, bleeding was arrested in 4 days.
Chopra, R.N., Nayar, S.L., Chopra, I.C. (1996): Epistaxis cases: Styplon Vet Bolus arrested bleeding
Emblica officinalis. Glossary of Indian Medicinal Plants in 3 days in 75% cases and 25% cases in 4 days.
of India. National Institute of Science Communication, No adverse effects were observed throughout Alam, M.I., Gomes, A. (1998): Adjuvant effects and antiserum action potentiation by a (herbal) compound Discussion
2-hydroxy-4-methoxy benzoic acid isolated from the On-field trial was conducted in a dairy farm for root extract of the Indian medicinal plant 'sarsaparilla'(Hemidesmus indicus R. Br.). Toxicon. 36(10): assessing the role of Styplon Vet Bolus as supportive to antibacterial therapy in hemorrhagic conditions of Alam, M.I., Auddy, B., Gomes, A. (1994): Isolation, ruminants. Excessive bleeding in ruminants needs purification and partial characterization of viper venom quick attention. The coagulation cascade consists of inhibiting factor from the root extract of the Indian a complex network of interactions resulting in medicinal plant sarsaparilla (Hemidesmus indicus R. thrombin-mediated cleavage of fibrinogen to fibrin, Br.). Toxicon. 32(12): 1551-1557 which is one of the major components of thrombus.
Yoganarasimhan, S.N. (2000): Cynodon dactylon. The coagulation cascade can be initiated either by Medicinal Plants of India-Tamil Nadu, Bangalore. Vol.
the “exogenous pathway” or by the “endogenous Yoganarasimhan, S.N. (2000): Mimosa pudica. pathway” so called contact activation. Finally, both the Medicinal Plants of India-Tamil Nadu, Bangalore. Vol.
pathways lead to the activation of thrombin, which in turn cleaves fibrinogen to fibrin. The styptic/hemostatic Yoganarasimhan, S.N. (2000): Hemidesmus indicus. activity of Styplon Vet Bolus would be due to the synergistic Medicinal Plants of India-Tamil Nadu, Bangalore. Vol.
action of various ingredients in the formulation.
1. Hemostatic action: Emblica officinalis(1),
Yoganarasimhan, S.N. (2000): Adhatoda vasica. Hemidesmus indicus (2&3), Cynodon dactylon (4) and Medicinal Plants of India-Tamil Nadu, Bangalore. Vol.
2, p. 22.
Mimosa pudica (5) have hemostatic actions, which Mishra Sidhinandan. (1996): Trinakantamani pishti. control local tissue hemorrhage effectively. H. indicus Ayurvediya Rasashastra. Chaukhamba Orientalia, (6) is a vasocons-trictor that checks capillary blood flows. Adhatoda vasica (7) is a styptic used in bleeding Mishra Sidhinandan. (1997): Sourashtri bhasma. disorders. Trinakantamani pishti (8) is useful in Ayurvediya Rasashastra. Chaukhamba Orientalia, hemorrhages, hemoptysis, hematuria, hemorrhoids, menorrhagia, and other bleeding disorders. Sourashtri Young-Jae You, Nguyen-Hai Nam, Yong Kim, Ki-Hwan bhasma (9) has hemostatic activity that helps control Bae and Byung-Zun Ahn.(2003): Antiangiogenicactivity of Lupeol from Bombax ceiba. Phytotherapy 2. Wound-healing activity: Bombax ceiba (9) helps in
Kulkarni M, Deopujari JY, Purohit HJ. (2002): Synergistic effect of ayurvedic pearl preparation on 3. Demulcent activity: Demulcent herbs have high
enhancing effectiveness of antibiotics. Ind. J. Exp. content of mucilage, and help soothe and protect the terinary World Vol.2, No.12, December 2009


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