PRE-TREATMENT ABLATIVE Er:Yag 2940nm INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Avoid sun exposure for at least one week prior to treatment and apply SPF 30 which covers both UVB and UVA rays to all exposed areas.
2. No photosensitizing medications such as Tetracycline and St. John’s Wart.
3. No spray-on tans 2 weeks prior to treatment.
4. Do not use exfoliants for 1 month prior to treatment.
5. Discontinue hydroquinone 48 hours prior to your treatment.
6. No fillers within 2 weeks and no Botox within 1 week of your treatment. 7. Treatment with the Er:Yag 2940nm is contraindicated if you have used Retin A or other topical products containing Retinoic Acid or Tretinoin within the past 4 weeks. 8. Use of Accutane or systemic Tretinoin within 6-12 months prior to treatment is  Tri-Luma (cream) Solage (topical solution) 10. Notify our office if you develop a cold, facial sore, fever or any other illness prior to the 11. You should purchase white vinegar and fill all prescribed medications prior to treatment.
12. Your physician may prescribe pain medication for your procedure, if so; you must make arrangements for a designated driver to drive you home after the procedure.
13. For a history of cold sores, begin your prescribed Valtrex one day prior to your treatment.
14. Your sheets should be clean and avoid using fabric softeners, these can be irritating.
15. Do not wear make-up or other facial products (including moisturizer) on the day of your 16. Wear a soft cotton camisole if receiving treatment to your neck or chest; you want to avoid 17. Bring in your contact case or remove your contacts at home before arriving.
18. Male clients need to shave prior to treatment; you will not be able to shave again until you have peeled and your practitioner has examined your skin.
Client Signature: ________________________________ HOME CARE INSTRUCTIONS FOLLOWING ABLATIVE Er:Yag 2940nm:  Goal: To keep your biological dressing intact while the underlying tissue heals.
 You will experience a strong sunburn sensation for approximately 6 hours that calms about 20%  Wash your hands prior to touching the treated area until peeling is completed.
 DO NOT cleanse treated area for the first 24 hours.
 Reapply protective balm every two hours for the first 48 hours, and at bedtime for added  Apply balm every two hours for an additional 48 hours to areas with deeper patches of redness,
 Drying of the skin and UV exposure increases the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation  Do not take oral aspirin or ibuprofen; you do not want to interfere with the inflammatory process that ultimately increases collagen; Tylenol is fine.
 Oral analgesics may be used at the discretion of your physician.
 Take all prescribed medications as instructed.
 Sleeping with your head elevated on your back may help reduce swelling. Avoid fabric softeners on pillow cases and sheets to discourage unnecessary irritation.  After 24 hours, gently cleanse with a gentle skin cleanser 2-3 times per day.
 Next, gently dab face with gauze or a soft cloth soaked in a mixture of 1 teaspoon white
vinegar and 2 cups cold water (keep in refrigerator).
 Gently rinse the vinegar off with cool water and apply a generous amount of Recovery Balm.
 Peeling generally begins on days 3 and 4; you may stop the vinegar soaks, but continue with the rest of the protocol until peeling is completed at day 7-10.
 Some patches of skin will remain longer, especially at the edges, and it is important that you do  When you are finished peeling you should be seen for photos and evaluation for post-peel skin  DO NOT use exfoliating products, your skin is new!  AVOID direct sunlight during the healing process and 3-4 weeks post-treatment.
 ALWAYS use a good SPF 30 (physical block with zinc oxide) when leaving your house.
 Suppress itching with Benadryl as needed, follow recommended dosages on package.  Acne/Milia may occur, do not pick.
 A pure mineral make-up is recommended once your skin has completely peeled.
 DO NOT apply pressure, scratch, or rub your skin or you may temporarily injure small  DO NOT shave until completely peeled and your practitioner has examined your skin.
 No dermal fillers for 6 weeks following an Ablative Er:Yag 2940nm resurfacing.  All clients respond differently based on their genetics, general health, skin damage, and energy  The neck and chest may take 14 days to heal.  Please call our office at 703-264-0904 for questions and concerns.


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