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December 2008, Issue 1
New Branding for Frutarom’s Green Mate Extract Reflects Efficacy in
Weight Management

Finomate™ is the new brand name for prime Swiss extract manufacturer Frutarom’s Green Mate
Extract EFLA 920, reflecting its proven efficacy as a slimming agent (Fino = Spanish for “slim” or
Green Mate (also known as Yerba Mate) is derived from the leaves of the South American
evergreen tree, Ilex paraguariensis ST.HIL. It is consumed traditionally as a tea in South
America, where it is well known for its mild stimulant and appetite suppressant effects.
According to official herbal references, Green Mate is indicated in both weight management and
the treatment of mental and physical fatigue.
Weight management

Studies have shown that Green Mate’s unique activity profile has a threefold effect on weight
it suppresses the appetite, reducing calorie intake
it interferes with assimilation of fat in the intestines, reducing no of calories absorbed
it has a thermogenic (fat-burning) effect, increasing energy expenditure. (Investigating 12
herbs aimed at treating obesity (including Garcinia Cambogia/Hydroxycitric acid and
Guarana), researchers found that only Green Mate showed promising results in promoting

The latest results from an animal trial on obese rats suggest that consumption of Finomate over
a longer period effectively reduces both body fat and visceral fat. It also led to a reduction
in blood cholesterol and free fatty acid levels
, two important biomarkers of obesity.
Energy and Vitality

Green Mate has a mild central stimulant effect which helps to keep energy levels up in
people on calorie-restricted diets
Green Mate activates the metabolism, improving both mental and physical performance
Green Mate has an antioxidant value more potent than vitamin C, which serves as a
barrier to free radicals formed during physical exercise and helps to eliminate toxins
released by the increased fat burn.

Multicomponent System
The unique activity of Finomate™ cannot be attributed to a single substance; it is the result of a
special synergy between its multiple active components. Frutarom’s patented extraction method
ensures that Finomate™ contains – in contrast to caffeine concentrates – the entire spectrum of
active ingredients in the traditional mate tea. Finomate™ is standardised on its 4 main active
components: caffeoylquinic acids, saponins, caffeine and theobromine.
To prevent fermentation, Green Mate leaves are heat-treated over a wood fire in accordance with
age-old tradition. Frutarom’s patented EFLA®HyperPure process ensures that harmful lipophilic
substances and smoke residues are removed.
Frutarom’s unique processing technology ensures that Finomate™ is an extract of highest purity,
excellent quality, improved stability and good solubility. In addition, Green Mate is GRAS listed.
Finomate™ – Get in Shape!
Warren Chem is proud to represent Frutarom in South Africa. Please contact us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you. Frutarom. Innovation. Science. Quality.
** References available on request**


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