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The Second part of the Autumn Colours Sale of Coloured Breed Dairy Cattle took place at Beeston on Friday, 11th November featuring entries mainly from the Brown Swiss Breed which included the dispersal sale of the FARRICK Herd, the property of Farrick Farms based Near Chipping, Preston but also a few Ayrshires as well. Unfortunately the consignment of Jerseys from Whiteoaks Farming of Swadlincote, Derbyshire were unable to be present at the Sale. Demand for Brown Swiss seems to be on the rise and a great crowd of Breeders and Commercial milk producers from all over the UK were present. The sale was dominated by the sale of the Farrick Herd which are kept on a very wet, exposed farm on the edge of the Trough of Bowland. Their top price was 3750 gns for the superbly bred Farrick Top Brock Viva ET a milking heifer of pure American breeding sired by Top Acres GM Brock and bred from nine generations of dams classified either VG or EX. She calved in August, had recently been bred to Payssli ET and was sold giving 24 kg. She sold to PD Hardy of Grange Mill, Nr.Matlock, Derbyshire. Not far behind at 3300 gns was another pure American bred milking heifer; Farrick Denver Tammy (VG86‐3yr) is sired by Rolling View Denver and bred from seven generations of cows scored in the top two grades. She calved in June and was sold giving 20 kg and had been bred to Payssli at the end of August. She sold to Brown Swiss Genetics of Leagram in Bowland, Lancashire. The next top seller from Farrick was the fourth calf show cow Farrick Dino 2nd ASR (Ex92) who sold for 2200 gns to Rob Darlington of Norbury, Whitchurch. She is a daughter of Red Kite Sam and was giving 36 kg. daily. She is back in‐calf to Jongleur for next May. There was also a lovely collection of heifers consigned for the Kaleidoscope section of the sale for top quality well bred individuals. The top seller here and the top price of the sale was for Sedgemoor Parker Snickerdoodle ET, an 11 month old daughter of Brothers Three Parker ET and a great grand daughter of Old Mill E Snickerdoodle (Ex94‐3E) (Ex97‐MS) who is probably the most famous Brown Swiss cow in Breed history. The first member of this family to sell in the UK attracted huge interest with the hammer eventually falling at 5000 gns to David Burden for his growing herd based at Loppington, Shropshire. Mr. Burden also purchased Inspired Agenda Vogue ET, an August 2010 daughter Blessing Banker Agenda bred from the renowned Victoria family; she was consigned by Brown Swiss Genetics and sold for 3100 gns. Another entry from Brown Swiss Genetics sold for 2400 gns; Cimarron Vigor Pauline out of an Ex92 100 tonne dam and in‐calf for February sold to Roger Morse of Carmarthen who also purchased the yearling heifer Cancourt Sophie 2nd from Mike Hussey of Swindon for 2100 gns. There were only two Brown Swiss Bulls catalogued but both sold very well; the top seller was Inspired Agenda Viagra ET, an August 2010 full brother to the 3100 gns heifer sold earlier, which sold for 2700 gns to L Poulter & Son of Evesham, Worcs whilst the other was the Rolling Court Denver son, Cancourt Saxon from Mike Hussey which sold to Richard Tomlinson of Rossett, Wrexham for 2450 gns. Ayrshire calved heifers sold to 1900 gns for an entry from Alan Coutts & Sons of Knutsford to T I M
Hughes of Oswestry. Ayrshire Maiden heifers sold to 950 gns for an entry from Phil Jeffries of
Berriew, Welshpool with another from Ian Patrick of Tyldesley, Manchester selling at 900 gns both
to LP Atkin of Whitgreave, Stafford.
FARRICK BROWN SWISS: 56 Cows and Milking Heifers £1548.94; 3 In‐calf heifers £1862.00;
59 HEAD £1565.21
OTHER BROWN SWISS: 2 In‐Calf Heifers £2887.50; 12 Maiden Heifers £1328.25; 2 Bulls £2703.75.
16 HEAD £1695.09
AYRSHIRE: 2 Calved Heifers £1942.50; 17 Maiden Heifers £718.32; 4 Heifer Calves £420.00
JERSEY: 2 Served Heifers £960.75
WRIGHT MANLEY of Beeston Castle Auction, Cheshire were the Auctioneers.


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