Roberta Oberti
Born in Milan in 1952, Roberta Oberti took her degree in chemistry (cum laude) in 1976 at the University of Pavia. After having taken advantage of a number of grants and temporary positions, she became first researcher in mineralogy at the university of Pavia from 1981 to 1984, and then CNR researcher (1984-1995) and senior researcher (1995-2001) at the CNR Centro di studio per la cristallochimica e la cristallografia, later the Pavia division of the CNR Istituto di geoscienze e georisorse (IGG). Since 2002, she is director of research at IGG-Pv. Acknowledgments and awards:
• Ugo Panichi award for young researchers, Società Italiana di Mineralogia e Petrologia,
• Hawley Medal, Mineralogical Association of Canada, MAC (1994) • Fellow, Mineralogical Society of America, MSA (1996) • Two new species of the amphibole supergroup are named after her: obertiite (1998) and • Plinius medal for excellence in mineralogy, SIMP (2007) • Corresponding member of the Accademia delle Scienze di Torino (2012) • Mario Mammi gold medal, Associazione Italiana di Cristallografia (2013) Society memberships and duties:
• Associazione Italiana di Cristallografia, AIC: president (2006-2008), past president (2009-
2011), vice-president (2003-2005), chair of the teaching commission (1997-1999), councilor (1994-1996), councilor and treasurer (1985-1990), member (since 1978) • Società Italiana di Mineralogia e Petrologia, SIMP: member (since 1980) • Gruppo Nazionale di Mineralogia, GNM: secretary (2000-2003), councilor (1998-2000), • Mineralogical Society of America, MSA: member of the mineralogy/petrology research grant committee (2011-2013), member of the committee on committees (2009), member of the nominating committee for fellows (2005-2007), member of the evaluation committee for the best paper award in the American Mineralogist (1998-2002), fellow (since 1996), member (since 1991) • European Crystallographic Association, ECA: Italian representative in the council (2009- • European Mineralogical Union, EMU: president (2008-2012), past president and commissioning editor of the EMU Notes in Mineralogy (2012-2016) • International Mineralogical Association, IMA: Italian representative (since 2011), member of the commission for the IMA medal for excellence in mineralogy (2008-2010) • International Union of Crystallography, IUCr: member of the commission on inorganic Other present or recent commitments:
• Chair of the CNR commission for the relations between CNR and IUCr (since 2008)
• Co-chair of the IMA subcommittee on amphibole nomenclature (since 2006)
• President of the Italian-Spanish commission for the 2010 MISCA Gold Medal • Member of the advisory board, Elements (2009-2012) • Guest editor of a special issue in the Mineralogical Magazine, focused on session • Guest editor of a special issue focused on amphiboles in the European Journal of • Co-editor of volume 67 of the Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry: Amphiboles: Crystal Chemistry, Occurrence and Health Issues (2007) • Associate editor, American Mineralogist (1998-2001) Research grants/projects:
2009NHLC57, head of the CNR-IGG research unit: Structure, microstructures and cation ordering: a window on to geological processes and geomaterial properties 2007MBBAM9 Compositional and structural complexity in minerals: modulation, phase-transition, structural disorder, participant PRIN 2005049503 From mineral to materials: crystal-chemistry, microstructures, 2002 Geo-crystal-chemistry of trace elements, participant 1996-99 Experimental, microchemical and crystal structure investigations of trace element partitioning between amphiboles and mafic silicate melts; German-Italian project funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft to Steve Foley (Gottingen), Italian partner. Roberta Oberti has coordinated the CNR-DTA working group "Minerals and materials: from Nature to mankind (technology, environment, human health" (2005-2011) and the IGG working group "Integrating methodologies for a deeper knowledge of geological materials and processes, and of their impact on mankind and environment" (since 2011) While serving in scientific societies (see above) she has planned and/or organized a number of scientific meetings and summer school of relevance to Crystallography and Mineralogy, and contributed to plan 7 volumes of the EMU Notes in Mineralogy. During her carrier, she has contributed to organize a number of sessions in national and international scientific meetings, which always aimed at providing a chance to compare and integrate different methodologies and different expertise to solve research issues crossing boundaries among allied disciplines. Good examples are the organization of the 2008 SIMP-AIC meeting "Learning from the planet Earth: structures and models in Earth, materials and life sciences", of the short-course on amphibole co-organized in 2007 by MSA and the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei (ANL), and more recently the two-days international symposium celebrating the centennial of X-ray diffraction held in 2012 at ANL. She also chaired the theme team "On the cutting edge of mineralogy and mineral physics" and convened the session "GEOLIFE-Geomaterials for environment, technology and human activities" at the 2013 Goldschmidt Conference: She is co-chairing the organizing committee of the first European crystallographic school "Reinforcing foundations to build the 2nd century of modern crystallography", to be held in Pavia in 2014 to celebrate the International Year of Crystallography. Roberta Oberti has co-authored 158 papers in JCR journals, 6 chapters in books, and 189 oral or poster contributions to scientific meetings, 15 of which were invited talks. Her H-index (WoS ISI-Thomson) is 29. Scientific interests and results
Roberta Oberti enjoyed to go a strongly interdisciplinary way, which started from small-
molecule crystallography and the pioneer steps of protein crystallography (in 1977 she
contributed to the first solution of a protein crystal-structure done in Italy, the myoglobin from
Aplysia Limacina) and ended to mineralogical crystallography and crystal-chemistry. During
her researches, she always paid a great attention to the development of new approaches
and methodologies and to how crystal-chemical results can provide innovative and relevant
information to allied disciplines.
The main efforts have been devoted to the following topics:
• Crystal-chemistry and systematics of various chemically and structurally complex mineral
groups: amphiboles, clinopyroxenes, garnets, staurolites, titanites, hellandites, arrojadites. The goal is to decipher the influence of cation and anion partitioning and ordering patterns on structure geometry and to model their mutual relations as well as those with bulk composition and P, T conditions of formation. • Improvement of SREF procedures to determine accurate site populations, and pioneering integration of SREF with other analytical (EMP, SIMS, LAM-ICP-MS) and spectroscopic techniques (mainly FTIR and XAFS) to obtain reliable long-range and short-range information. The final goal is to improve crystal-chemical models and provide sounder and more quantitative basis for computational studies of solid solutions. • Detection, quantification and crystal-chemistry of light, volatile and trace elements in minerals, with major improvements on the correct calculation and use of their partition coefficients. SREF proved to be fundamental to calibrate SIMS analyses for volatile and light elements, and SREF-based equations are now available to quantify OH and Li in amphiboles without doing SIMS analyses. Also, interpretation of partition coefficients in the light of SREF results provided innovative results for amphiboles, pyroxenes, titanites and olivines. • New procedures for classification and nomenclature of complex mineral groups (hellandites, arrojadites, amphiboles) which are tightly bonded to crystal-chemical features. The one developed for amphiboles and approved by IMA in 2012 is totally based on crystal-chemical results, mostly obtained in Pavia, and on the concept of dominance (introduced for arrojadites, and now used a standard for classification purposes). • Comparative crystallographic studies of the complex behaviour of amphiboles under high- T conditions (cation migration, thermal expansivity, phase transitions, deprotonation). • Crystal-chemical models of deprotonation processes in amphiboles. • Implications and applications of this knowledge to petrology and geochemistry, and to the use of geomaterials for technological, environmental and health issues Publications

Review chapters:

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Source: http://www_crystal.unipv.it/labcrist/CVoberti.pdf

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