Feed medium for CHO cel s
CHOMACS Feed Supplement supports cell growth and production of recombinant proteins and antibodies in suspension culture by 1. Description
maintaining and extending the production capability of CHO 1.1 Background information
cultures. Consumed substances like vitamins and amino acids 1.2 Applications
are replenished to increase the protein yield by process extension. CHOMACS Feed Supplement can be used in research or in 2. Protocol
2.1 Conditions
CHOMACS Feed Supplement has been developed by TeutoCell AG.
2.2 Instructions for use
2.3 Bioreactor cultivation
1.2 Applications
Supports high productivity of recombinant proteins. 1. Description
● Optimized to be used in combination with CHOMACS CD Components
medium (# 170-077-001) in fed batch culture.
2. Protocol
2.1 Conditions
Cultures should be maintained at 37 °C. For cultivation in a CO₂ incubator a 5% CO₂ atmosphere is necessary.
2.2 Instructions for use
1. Start the cultivation in batch mode, use CHOMACS CD 2. Daily add CHOMACS Feed Supplement including D-glucose Sterility
and L-Glutamine as soon as the cells reach a densitiy of 5×10⁵ Store protected from light at 2−8 °C. Do not freeze. The expiration date is indicated on the Process time [days]
CHOMACS Feed Supplement
per 50 mL medium
Quality statement
The CHOMACS Feed Supplement is intended for research use or further manufacturing purposes only. It is not intended for human or animal diagnostic or therapeutic use.
CHOMACS Feed Supplement is manufactured and tested under a certified ISO 9001 quality system and in compliance with relevant 1.1 Background information
CHOMACS Feed Supplement is a chemically defined, animal component-free medium based on CHOMACS CD medium (# 170-077-001). It is developed for the use as feeding solution in large scale recombinant biopharmaceutical protein production. The feed supplement contains highly concentrated amino acids, vitamins, and trace elements to increase the productivity of CHO cells but no lipids, hydrolysates, or growth factors. Table 1: Example of a fed-batch process with CHO DG44 cells using CHOMACS
CD medium supplemented with 6 mM L-Glutamine. The CHOMACS Feed Supplement regime is optimized for the cultivation of CHO DG44 cells in 50 mL working volume shaker cultivation in 5 % CO₂-incubator. The CHOMACS Feed Supplement contains 40 g/L of D-glucose and 5.5 g/L of L-Glutamine.
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3. Adjust the feeding regime to the demand of the cell lines. Increase the feeding with increased growth and cell density or if nutrient limitations occur. Decrease feeding if cells show poor growth, the pH value is decreasing dramatically, or the 2.3 Bioreactor cultivation
The cultivation in bioreactor under controlled pH value might lead
to differences in cellular demands. Carefully check growth and D-glucose consumption every day:● Raise/lower the supplementation of CHOMACS Feed Supplement and/or D-glucose in culture, if cells grow Adjust feeding to higher cell densities by carefully using more CHOMACS Feed Supplement in exponential and stationary ● Adjust the supplementation of D-glucose and L-Glutamine to the fed-batch process regarding the cellular demands.
All protocols and data sheets are available at www.miltenyibiotec.com.
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MACS is a registered trademark of Miltenyi Biotec GmbH. CHOMACS Feed Supplement was developed by TeutoCell AG.
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Source: http://www.xell.ag/doc/CHOMACS_Feed_Supplement_Data_sheet.pdf

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