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City of Yellowknife

Heritage Committee
February 11, 2004

Upstairs Boardroom - City Hall

James Lawrance, Chair Ingrid Neilsen, Vice-Chair Councillor Mark Heyck Catherine Pellerin Wayne Bryant Carmen Jones Alison Cartwright Dave Jones, Administrative Support Councillor Kevin O’Reilly Bruce Stebbing Mayor Gordon Van Tighem Kathy Paul-Drover Agenda adopted with the addition of discussion on the Cottage Hospital and Con Waterfront Area Minutes of January 21, 2004 meeting reviewed – approval of minutes deferred until next regular meeting to ensure comments from B. Stebbing incorporated into the minutes Celebrations Committee report on Heritage Week preparations

-C. Jones reviewed the Heritage Week report provided to Committee – all events and
arrangements for Heritage Week have been set - Committee members discussed details
pertaining to carrying out the events
-it was noted that Committee members need to RSVP to the Heritage Award Dinner event –
it was noted that 22 RSVP’s had been received to date – C. Pellerin to arrange dinner places
for 50 at the award dinner being held at the Heritage Café February 18/04
-J. Lawrance and I. Neilsen to coordinate the program for the Heritage Award Dinner and
inform Acting MayorWendy Bisaro of her participation in the event
Executive Committee report
-J. Lawrance noted that the Walking Tour brochures are being reviewed and updated – K. Paul-Drover is taking the lead in the review -J. Lawrance referenced the upcoming Strategic Planning session and indicated he would poll members to set a date for the session during the week of March 8/04
-J. Lawrance circulated the updated 2004 version of the “Rolling Plan” to members –
this version of the “Rolling Plan” also includes a summary of 2003 activities; Committee
responsibilities specified under City by-laws; and the Heritage Committee Mission
-the “Rolling Plan” and additional documents noted will be discussed as part of the
upcoming Strategic Planning session – the Heritage Committee 2004 budget document
circulated by email to members by J. Lawrance will also be discussed at the Strategic
Planning session
-I. Neilsen noted to Committee that Margaret Carter has offered to meet with Committee the
week of February 16/04 to discuss heritage inventory and designation matters – Ms. Carter is
a consultant from Ottawa attending the Cultural Places Conference put on by the Prince of
Wales Northern Heritage Center February 17-19/04
*ACTION - D. Jones to arrange a lunch meeting between the Heritage Committee and
Margaret Carter, preferably for Thursday February 19/04
-Committee reviewed a letter from Rick Muyres dated January 13, 2004 – Mr. Muyres has
asked Committee to reconsider it’s earlier decision not to provide property tax relief in
support of Mr. Myers mining equipment display at #4102 Franklin Ave. – Committee felt
that its interpretation of Section 16(1) Heritage By-law No. 3445 was correct and that
Committee was not willing to revisit the issue
*ACTION – J. Lawrance to draft a response regarding correspondence from Rick Muyres
-J. Lawrance circulated to Committee for information, the document “Yellowknife’s 1999
Communities in Bloom Evaluation Grid”
-J. Lawrance updated Committee on recent media attention regarding the “Houdini”, which
is an old wooden boat abandoned in the wetland area adjacent to Peace River Flats –
Committee to address the issue of possible restoration of the “Houdini” at the next regular
*ACTION – J. Lawrance to circulate print media article on the “Houdini” to Committee
members at the next meeting
-Committee requested that Kerry Beauchamp address Committee at its next regular meeting
on progress in moving the Cottage Hospital
-Committee also requested that Jim McKay from Miramar Mining address Committee at its
next regular meeting on issues relating to demolition of buildings in the Con Mine waterfront

Next regular meeting – March 17, 2004 – 12 noon – upstairs boardroom of City Hall

Meeting adjourned at 1:05 pm


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