KRA Red Angus Influence Sale 2012
Nov. 2, 2012
LaCrosse Livestock Market
LaCrosse, KS
Start Time 1:00 PM
Duane & Nancy Meitl
17-Steers (550-800#) 20-Heifers (550-750#) Weaning Date—Sept. 1st
FCCP tags in ears/Source and Age Verified
ShotsSpring - Bovi Gold 5, Vision 7 w/ Spur Fall-Bovi Gold 5, Vision 7/Spur, Vetrimec Pour On Steers – Knife cut except 3 – banded COMMENTS: Ration – Brome, Oats and Alfalfa
Duane Moeder
Weaning Date—Sept. 15th
FCCP tags in ears/Source and Age Verified
9/15/12 – Virashield 6, Nuplura, Cydectin pour COMMENTS: Ration – Brome Hay, 2# grain, Crystalyx Brigade
Marc Pieschl
64-Steers (550-650#) 52 Heifers (5-550#) Weaning Date—Mid August
ShotsSpring – Vision 7, Bovi Gold FP5 & L5, knife cut Fall – Presponse SQ, Vision 7, Bovi Gold FP5 & L5, Poured with Dectomax Seedstock Provider— Janssen, Pharo, Pelton, Schumacher COMMENTS: Ration – 12% Oat hay – Free Choice, 3# - 16% Corn, Corn Gluten, maxi-Grain R 1000, Soy Oil
Randy & Julie Huber
Weaning Date—Sept. 18th
FCCP tags in ears/Source and Age Verified
ShotsSpring- TSV-2, Vision 7, Knife Cut Fall- Bovishield. Gold 5, One Shot, Vision 7 Somnus COMMENTS: Ration – Free choice Prairie hay, 3# mixed grain ration, Crystalyx Brigade
Stoskopf Farms
Weaning Date – Sept 14th
FCCP tags in ears/Source and Age Verified
Shots 4/12/12 – Vision 7, Ultrachoice 7 9/14/12 – Vision 7, Ultrachoice 7, Bovi Gold 5, One Shot Ivermectin pour-on, Implants - Ralgro steers only Boomhower Ranch
Weaning Date—Sept 29th
Red Angus Allied Access Program on steers - FCCP tags in ears/Source and Age Verified
May-Bovishield Gold 5, One Shot Ultra 8, Dectomax, TSV2 Sept –Bovishield Gold 5, One Shot Ultra 8, Dectomax, TSV2 COMMENTS: Ration – Mix grain
Justin Herl
Weaning Date—Oct 2nd
FCCP tags in ears/Source and Age Verified
Shots Spring – Bovi Gold, Pasturella, Blackleg, Pinkeye Fall – Blackleg, Nasalgen, Vista Once, dewormed 100% 1A Red Angus to ½ RedAng x ½ Sim Ang Sires—Red Angus – Conquest, Beefmaker, Shear Force, Norsoman King, Lancer, Commitment, Epic COMMENTS: Ration – Ground hay with liquid protein sprayed on as ground, 6#/hd/day, high fiber creep
Dave & Paul Weber
Weaning Date – Aug 15th
Shots Spring–7Way Blackleg, Bovi Gold Cows - Lepto 5, Vibrin, Ivermectin Pour On, Fall –7Way Blackleg booster, Bovi Gold, Pasturella & Pinkeye injection Cows—Red Angus and GelvX (less than ½ percent) COMMENTS: Ration – Free choice dry hat, 3# rolled milo
Weaning Date—
FCCP tags in ears/Source and Age Verified
Greg Schaffer
Weaning Date—Sept 1st 1 Blk Heifer – Off the Cow
Seedstock Provider— Purchased as pairs – Birthdates on tags COMMENTS: Ration – Brome hay, Alfalfa, Grain. Electric fence broke & bunk broke
Heifers were preg checked open the middle of October
Kenny Schepmann
Weaning Date—Sept 20th
Shots—2 rounds – Animal Medical Tags Marianne & Samantha McGuire
Weaning Date—Sept 5th-Oct 14th
Shots Spring – BRD Shield, Piliguard Pinkeye + 7. Ivermectin Pour on Fall – BRD Shield, Clostri Shield 7, Nuplura PH, Hfrs – Estramate – to ensure they are open All calves are at least 50% red & up to ¾ Red Angus. Tag #22, 0515 & no tag heifers are eligible for Sires—Red Angus – RAR Countdown, BDEE Direct Ticket, 2 hfrs are by Red SooLine T100 COMMENTS: Ration – Currently on Orscheln’s Al -Stock , 2 x/day, free choice grass or feed bale.
All are started on feed. All calves have been exposed to electric fence, weaned on grain, and sires Jim Dreiling
Weaning Date—Oct
Sires—Red Angus – Sackett, Romero, Commitment OFF THE COW

Kelly Petz
Off the Cow
FCCP tags in ears/Source and Age Verified
COMMENTS: Ration – Off grass with cows, no grain
Dale Stoss/Rita Stoss
28-Steers (550-675#) 14-Heifers (550-625#) Off the Cow
April 15th - 7-way Blackleg, Virashield 6, Implants –Steers only COMMENTS: Ration – On grass with cows all summer
Larry &Betty Stejskal
21-Steers (500-650#) 18-Heifers (500-650#) Off the Cow
Finkenbinder Farms
120-Steers (500-700#) 80-Heifers (500-600#) Off the Cow
FCCP tags in ears/Source and Age Verified
Shots April 21st – Alpha7/Pinkeye, Lepto 5, Ivermectin Pour On, Cylence Utltra Fly Tags Fall – Bovi Gold 5, One Shot Ultra 8, Nasalgen, Ivermectin Pour On COMMENTS: Ration – Summer – grass and milk – NO CREEP FEED
Cows/Calves – Cane feed & brome sin 10/20/12, Free choice IGR Mineral w/CTC Even with very little rainfall and less than ideal pasture conditions, calves were not LD & Cindy Ochs
Off the Cow
FCCP tags in ears/Source and Age Verified
Shots Spring – Bovi Gold 5, 7-Way Blackleg, pinkeye, Ivermectin Knife cut, Implants – May - Steers only Fall – Bovi Gold 5, 7-Way Blackleg w/ Somnus Cows—Red Angus and % Sim with Char in their ancestry COMMENTS: Ration – Off cow on CRP & Native grass – NO CREEP FEED
A real y nice set of calves off the cows that had to be reduced to 6 yo & younger due to the Daryl Maresch
Off the Cow
Shots 2 Rounds – Blackleg, no implants LaVerne Carlson
52-Steers (525-750#) 50-Heifers (500-700#) Off the Cow
FCCP tags in ear/Source and Age Verified
Shots April 15th -Bovi Gold 5, 7-way Blackleg ½ to ¾ Red Angus & ¼ to ½ Simmental Max & Mary Prose
25-Steers (450-750#) 4-Heifers (350-450#) Off the Cow
10/3/12 –7-Way Blackleg, One Shot, Bovi Gold Seedstock Provider—Pelton & Rock’n R COMMENTS: Ration – Native grass, mother’s milk, Coop Stress Ration,
Tim Schmidtberger
Off the Cow
COMMENTS: Ration – Off grass and prairie hay
Mike Peavey
Off the Cow
Shots Spring -Bovi Gold , Blackleg, knife cut Cows—Red Angus & ½ Sim & Red Angus Bruce & Don Arnold
Off the Cow
FCCP tags in ear/Source and Age Verified
Shots Spring – Alpha 7(Blackleg), Super Poly-Bac B Somnus(Pasterurella), Vira Shield 6, Pink eye-Piliguard 10/20/12 –Covexin 8(Blackleg), Vira Shield 6 No implants or antibiotics – ALL NATURAL Heifers Guaranteed open if preg checked before they leave barn COMMENTS: Ration – Off Grass


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