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April 17, 2006
The Lenoir County Board of Commissioners met in regular session at 4:00 p.m. on Monday, April 17, 2006 in the Board of Commissioners Main Meeting Room in the Lenoir County Courthouseat 130 S. Queen St., Kinston, NC.
Commissioners, Jackie Brown, Claude Davis, Earl Harper, Chris Humphrey, and Wayne Pittman.
Also present were: Michael W. Jarman, County Manager; Tommy Hollowell, Assistant County Manager; Robert Griffin, County Attorney; Lashanda Aytch, Clerk to the Board; andmembers of the general public and the news media.
Chairman Graham called the meeting to order at approximately 4:00 p.m.
offered the invocation and Mr. Graham led the audience in the pledge of allegiance.
Upon a motion by Mr. Davis and a second by Ms. Brown, the Board approved the following Approval of Minutes: Regular Board Meeting: April 3, 2006 Budget Ordinance Amendment: General Fund: DSS: $242: Increase Budget Ordinance Amendment: Fed Seized Property: Fed Seized Property: $5,000: Budget Ordinance Amendment: General Fund: Environmental Health/Food & Resolution Approving Industrial Development Grant Agreement: Coharie Farms: RESOLUTIONS
Item No. 6 was a Resolution Approving Award and Authorizing Execution of Copier Contract: Daughety’s Office Equipment. Mr. Jarman stated the current copier contract was issued February 1,2002 and terminated January 31, 2006. COECO, CopyPro, and Daughety’s Office Equipment wereasked to provide quotes for providing copier service to several Lenoir County Departments. Due toproblems encountered with refurbished machines in the past, companies were asked to quote pricesfor new digital machines to allow for our MIS Department to integrate copiers and printers. Theintegration of copiers to provide print services will lower our printing cost. Upon a motion by Ms.
Brown and a second by Mr. Davis, Item No. 6 was unanimously approved.
Item No. 7 was a Resolution Authorizing FY 2005-2006 Purchase Orders for the Emergency Medical Division Medical Inventory: $45,000.
Mr. Roger Dail, Emergency Services Director addressed the Board and stated, medical supplies are purchased from three different vendors. Generalmedical supplies, i.e., oxygen masks, c-collars and trauma dressings are purchased from one vendor.
Drugs, i.e. diltiazem, amiodarone, and diphenhydramine are purchased from a second vendor andmonitor supplies and equipment from a third. Staff recommends purchasing medical supplies fromTri-anim Health Care Services for regular medical supplies, Sunbelt Medical for drugs and IVcatheters, and Medtronic-Physio-Control for monitor supplies/equipment. These venders had theoverall lowest cost to Lenoir County. Upon a motion by Mr. Harper and a second by Ms. Brown,Item No. 7 was unanimously approved.
Item No. 8 was a Resolution Authorizing the Lenoir County Health Department to Execute a Purchase Order Contract: Three (3) Laptop Computers ($1,500 per unit) CDS-Networks and Services$4,500. Mr. Jarman stated as a result of the Environmental Health staff’s compliance of mandatedinspections of food and lodging establishments, additional state funding has been allotted to be usedto support the departmental needs of the Environmental Health Program. Three laptop computers areneeded in order for the Environmental Health staff to have the capability of participating in theIBEAM Program, a web based data entry system for collecting and entering data in the field. Theprogram will go on line within the next few months. This action is necessary to provide sufficientaccounting of expenditures and to comply with applicable laws. This action is requested to providethe Environmental Health staff with on site computer capabilities while in the field. Upon a motionby Ms. Brown and a second by Mr. Taylor, Item No. 8 was unanimously approved.
Item No. 9A was a Resolution Authorizing the Federal Human Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Bio-terrorism Preparedness Grant to Lenoir County EMS for a total of$13,444. Mr. Dail stated in FY 2005-06, the Federal Human Resources and Services Administration(HRSA) authorized the North Carolina Office of EMS to distribute federal bio-terrorism grant moneyto all counties in North Carolina.
NCOEMS based the grant on a formula that considered the counties population, road square miles, and land square miles. Based on this formula, Lenoir Countywill receive $13,444.00. Staff researched the grant for items that are allowed to be purchased anddecided the greatest need for Lenoir County was to replace the current equipment for data submissionwith tablet computers. The current equipment was purchased two years ago from this same grant andis requiring substantial money to keep it operating. It should be noted there is no local match; allmonies are on a reimbursement basis. Upon a motion by Ms. Brown and a second by Mr. Davis,Item No. 9A was unanimously approved.
Item No. 9B was a Budget Ordinance Amendment: General Fund: Process Funds: $13,444: Increase. Upon a motion by Ms. Brown and a second by Mr. Davis, Item No. 9B was unanimouslyapproved.
Item No. 10 was a Resolution Approving the Purchase of two (2) Wheel Chair Vans for $54,479.
Mr. Dail stated Lenoir County has been providing non-emergency transport service since October 31,2005. The county has been leasing two (2) vans since that time; one van at $60.00/day from VanProducts in Raleigh and another from Van Northwestern Emergency Vehicles in West Jefferson, NCfor $75.00/per day. The van from Van Products is not available for purchase, however the van fromNorthwestern Emergency Vehicles is available with the lease price being credited towards thepurchase price.
From November 1, 2005 to the present the wheelchair vans have run over 1,000 calls. Upon a motion by Mr. Graham and a second by Mr. Taylor, Item No. 10 was approved by a 6 to 1 vote withMr. Humphrey dissenting.
Item No. 11A was a Public Hearing Regarding the Approval of the Rural Operating Assistance Program (ROAP) Grant for FY 2006-2007: $113,298. Upon a motion by Mr. Graham and a secondby Ms. Brown, Item No. 11A was opened for public comments at approximately 4:10 p.m. Therewere no comments from the public. The Public Hearing closed at 4:13 p.m.
Item No. 11B was a Resolution Approving the Rural Operating Assistance Program (ROAP) Mr. Joey Bryan, Transportation Coordinator, addressed the Board. The Rural Operating Assistance Program (ROAP) for FY 2006-2007 consolidates severalgrants into one package. The ROAP funds are distributed through a formula based allocation. LenoirCounty is eligible to receive funding for three (3) grants: Elderly and Disabled TransportationAssistance Program (EDTAP), Work First Transitional/Employment Assistance, and Rural GeneralPublic Transportation (RGP). These programs are 100% state funded and require no local match. Anapplication must be submitted to the North Carolina Department of Transportation/ PublicTransportation Division (NCDOT/PTD) in order to receive the funds. The County is the only eligibleapplicant for ROAP funds. The County (ROAP recipient) is responsible for disbursing the funds andmaking any sub-allocation determination for such funds at the local level. In past years EDTAPfunds have been sub-allocated between the Department of Social Services and the Council on Aging.
The NCDOT/ PTD require that a public hearing be held to allow agencies and citizens theopportunity to participate in the sub-allocation decision and the opportunity to receive ROAPfunding. While the County has full discretion for the sub-allocation of EDTAP funds, Work FirstFunds can be allocated to the Department of Social Services or Lenoir County Transit (LCT); RGPfunds can only be allocated/used by LCT for rural transportation. Upon a motion by Ms. Brown anda second by Mr. Harper, Item No. 11 was unanimously approved.
Item No. 12 was a Resolution Approving the Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention’s FY 06-07 Grant Funding for the Lenoir County Juvenile Crime Prevention Council:$213,560. Ms. Suzanne Nix, Chair of the Juvenile Crime Prevention Council (JCPC) addressed theBoard. The 1998 Juvenile Justice Reform Act legislation intent is to prevent at-risk juveniles fromdelinquency. The primary intent is to develop community-based delinquency alternatives to trainingschools, and to provide community-based delinquency and substance abuse prevention strategies andprograms. Also, programs should provide non-institutional dispositional alternatives that will protectthe community and the juveniles. The Juvenile Justice Crime Prevention Council was appointed bythe Board of Commissioners on February 1, 1999 and assumed the responsibilities for assessing theneed for sanction delinquency treatment and prevention services for adjudicated youth. Programstarget treatment and intervention in group homes, home-based family services, guided growthservices, substance abuse programs, structured day programs, restitution/community services,intensive monitoring programs, psychological services, parent responsibility classes, regimentedtraining classes, respite care programs and victim-offender reconciliation services, specialized fostercare, temporary shelter care and counseling. The Department of Juvenile Justice and DelinquencyPrevention grant requires a 10% cash or in-kind local match. Funds received and expenditures madeare included in the Process Funds category. The Lenoir County Juvenile Crime Prevention Council(JCPC) met in regular session on March 28, 2006 and unanimously approved recommending to the Lenoir County Board of Commissioners that available DJJDP’s grant funds in the amount of$213,560 are approved for the Juvenile Crime Prevention Council and allocated for FY 2006-2007.
Currently JCPC is funding six (6) programs. After a brief discussion, upon a motion by Ms. Brownand a second by Mr. Harper, Item No. 12 was unanimously approved.
Item No. 13 Resolution Authorizing Acceptance of Additional Department of Transportation T- 21 Enhancement Grant in the Amount of $220,000 for the Kinston-Lenoir County Visitor’s Center.
Mr. Bill Ellis, Parks and Recreation Director addressed the Board. Lenoir County received a DOTEnhancement Grant in March 2005 for Phase I of the Visitor’s Center in the amount of $127,000.
When additional funds became available for Phase II and Phase III of the project, the Kinston/LenoirCounty Parks & Recreation Department applied for these additional funds and received the grant.
The department is receiving a reimbursement of $40,000 from the Moss Hill ball field project, whichcan be used to help match this grant. The additional $15,000 will need to be funded in the 2006-07budget year to make up the 20% match of $55,000. The total project grant including all local moneywill total $399,670. This should allow the recreation department to complete the Visitor’s Center andhave a quality facility. Mr. Humphrey asked how would the facility be funded later on down theroad. Mr. Ellis stated that a full-time Tourism Director was hired earlier this year, and will be housedat the new Visitor’s center. Two volunteers will be hired to keep the facility clean. Mr. LonnieBlizzard of the Battlefield Commission thanked the Board for their continued support of the visitor’scenter. Upon a motion by Mr. Harper and a second by Ms. Brown, Item No. 13 was unanimouslyapproved.
Item No. 14 was a Resolution Approving Borrowing of Funds for Lenoir County’s Shell Building #3: 1.6 Million. Mr. Jarman stated the Board approved the construction of another ShellBuilding.
Lenoir County being one of the thirteen counties within NC’s Eastern Region as established by N. C. G. S. 158-30 et seq. is the beneficial owner of a certain share of the trust fundscollected within the Region and administered by the NC’s Eastern Region. Lenoir County will applyto the NC’s Eastern Region for a loan from said trust funds in an amount up to $1.6 million for theconstruction of a shell building within Lenoir County. A basic shell building is one of the mosteffective “drawing cards” a community can have to attract clients. Currently there are only threeavailable shell buildings within the Region and approximately 85% of projects expanding/relocatingto a community go into an existing building. Lenoir County has historically been very successfulwith Shell No. 1 now owned/occupied by Lenox China and Shell No. 2 now owned/occupied byWest Pharmaceuticals. Upon a motion by Mr. Harper and a second by Mr. Pittman, Item No. 14 wasunanimously approved.
Item No. 15 was a Resolution Appointing Citizens to Boards, Commissions, Etc. The following reflects existing vacancies and appointments.
Criminal Justice Partnership Program
2nd Appearance
M: Brown
S: Harper

Partnership Committee with City of Kinston
SmartStart Committee
Lenoir County Health Board – One (1) Vacancy; (1) Veterinarian
Grifton Planning Board – One (1) Vacancy; Expired Term; Does Not Desire Re-Appointment
JCPC – One (1) Vacancy; 1-Juvenile Attorney;
Lenoir County Planning Board – One (1) Vacancy; Resignation: District Six
CJPP – Four (4) Vacancies
Kinston Board of Adjustment – Two (2) ETJ Members; (1) Primary – (1) Alternate

Item No. 16 was a memo from Mr. Jarman regarding Items of Interest. Mr. Harper presented information regarding the Hwy. 70 Corridor Study.
Legislative Day in Raleigh on May 8, 2006 to discuss Medicaid Relief. The Board agreed to set up abreakfast meeting with state representatives on April 27th or May 3rd at 7:00 a.m. or 8:00 a.m. todiscuss Medicaid Relief for counties. The Board agreed to hold another Budget Retreat on May 1,2006 after the 9:00 a.m. regular meeting. Mr. Graham stated that he would like an invitation sent outto Lenox China for them to attend Commissioners meeting and be presented with a proclamation fortheir dedication to the citizens of Lenoir County.
Upon a motion by Mr. Harper and a second by Mr. Graham the Board adjourned at 5:02 p.m.


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