Model 202D
The 202D is field proven in thousands of instal ations
throughout the world.
Versions Available Battery Powered
The 202D Field Mounting Rate Totaliser requires no external The bat ery version of the 202D is designed for operation where power and is designed to operate with turbine, positive external power sources are not available. It derives its power displacement and paddlewheel flowmeters in applications such from two lithium bat ery packs which provide suf icient power for as irrigation systems and pipelines, and as a replacement for Low bat ery power condition is signal ed to the operator by a Battery, Loop or DC Powered
message on the LCD and bat ery replacement is easily carried out in the field even in hazardous areas.
The standard 202D is powered by long-life lithium bat eries.
Alternatively, the 202D can be loop powered via an optional 4- 20 mA output, or powered from a 9-28 Volts DC supply.
4-20 mA Output Loop Powered
The 4-20 mA output version draws its operating power from the For instal ation in hazardous areas a certified intrinsical y safe 4-20 mA loop and uses lithium bat eries for back-up it the 4-20 version is available. The intrinsic safety approvals cover both the 4-20 mA output and relay outputs, in addition to the input The instrument provides a 2-wire re-transmission of the flow rate. Both the 4mA and 20rnA points are ful y programmable so Watertight Field Mounting Enclosure
that the output can span across the entire range or, alternatively, across a smal section of the operating range.
The 202D Rate Totaliser is housed in a rugged yet at ractive IP67 (Nema 4X) rated polycarbonate enclosure which is DC Powered
The DC powered version wil operate from an external power This enables the instrument to be mounted directly on the source between 9 and 28 Volts and draws no more than 4mA.
flowmeter, panel mounted or wal mounted using a special This enables the 202D to be powered from AC mains adaptors universal bracket. A 2” pipe mounting bracket is also available.
and eliminates the need to run mains voltages in the field.
Ful y User Programmable
Lithium bat eries provide back-up if the DC power is interrupted.
K-factor, decimal point positions, filter constants and time base Solid State Relay Outputs
Rate and Totals can also be displayed in dif erent engineering Both the 4-20 mA output version and the DC powered version units such as gal ons per minute and barrels.
are provided with two solid state relay outputs. The solid state relays provide high and low flow rate alarms or, alternatively, a pulse output and a low flow rate alarm. The outputs can sink up Frequency to Current Conversion
to 200 mA and can be used to power external relays, audible The 202D loop powered Rate Totaliser makes an excel ent alarms or counters. The outputs are internal y protected against Frequency to Current Converter particularly for low frequency voltage spikes caused by relays and coils.
inputs from positive displacement or turbine flowmeters.
Both outputs are separately isolated via opto isolators.
Because the 202D calculates the flow rate by measuring the time inter val between input pulses, it is able to provide a very The switching points can be programmed during the set-up stable and accurate 4-20 mA output for low frequency inputs.
mode. If programmed for a pulse output, the pulse can be selected as either unscaled (raw pulse input) or scaled. The maximum pulse frequency is 500 mSec with a pulse width which Non-Linearity Correction
The 202D is available with 10 point non-linear correction.
Separate K-factors and frequency points can be programmed to compensate for changes in K-factor with flowrates.
Non-linearity correction is only recommended for applications where precise measurements are required and flowmeter calibration certificates are available.
Note that this option increases the display update rate to 1 FIELD MOUNTING RATE TOTALISER
Specifications Model 202D
Battery Powered Version
7 digit 10mm (0.4”) high LCD (continuously Note: The Reset able Total is reset able from the front panel and the Accumulated Total is Hazardous Area Approval (Model 202Di)
4 digit 8.5mm (0.33”) high LCD (continuously (For certified IS coil or other certified IS (eg. pulses/gal on) is programmable in the Rates can be displayed in units per second, Note: Devices such as reed switches, which minimum), open col ector, read switch or pulse can be classed as “Simple Apparatus” as defined in the Cenelec standard EN50020, can Physical
98mm (3.9”) high x 152mm (6.0”) wide x 43mm Important: Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Terminal Descriptions
A galvanised metal bracket enables the 202D to be at ached to a 2” vertical or horizontal pipe terminals are accessible on the rear of the enclosure. Note: The panel mount version is Bot om and rear mounting stems are available for mounting the 202D directly on turbine flowmeters which have a 1” NPT or BSP boss Loop Powered 4-20mA Output Version
Product Codes
DC Powered / Alarm or Pulse Output Version
2 x solid state relay output suitable for driving DC solenoids or external relays. The outputs provide ful y programmable high & low flow frequency and varies from 100mSec to 1mSec 0.8V dc across output when in the “on” state Typical Part Number: 202Di .40C or 202D .24 Dimensional Diagrams
Flowmeter Mount
Wal Mount
Panel Mount
Pipe Mount Adaptor

Source: http://www.dpcontrols.com.my/pdf/contrec_202D.pdf


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