Magnolia inventario 2011 agosto (2).xls

Tel: ++41 91/795 18 67Fax:++41 91/795 30 29e-mail: [email protected]: (Botanic Garden Karlsruhe) Neatly shaped tree with deep yellow, truly precocious flowers. Ten to fourteen tepals, stames red. (acuminata Fertile Myrtle x denudata a neat, narrow grower selected by Phil Savage.
Very early light yellow flowers. Tall and graceful, single trunk habit. (subcordata Miss Honeybee x denudata Sawada`s Cream) A deciduous , densely branched ,symmetrical shrup with star shaped, yellow flowers and bronzy new growth. (acuminata Miss Honeybee x very deep yellow, late flowering, upright growth. (Woodsman x Sundance), similar to Woodsman, but differs from that cultivar by having a light yellow color throughout the flower with the exception of a light purple streak on the back sides of each tepal. It is very hardy.
a fine, free flowering, upright growing clone with bright golden yellow This vigorous hybrid has very deep yellow flowers of good size.
A hybrid with tulip like, bright yellow blooms having a magenta-purple basal flush and stripe on the tepal backs. (Magnolia x brooklynensis 'Eva Maria' x Magnolia x brooklynensis 'BBC#209') (Yellow Green Bird) (Nakamura)Very hardy and late flowering hybrids. The flowers are small and yellowish Blue Eternity (Nakamura)Creamy yellow blooms, rather flat flowers.It is one of the largest flowered yellows available. Very Hardy. (acuminata x denudata). Large deep yellow flowers, a good tulip-shaped form. It blooms at an early age. (acuminata x brooklynensis Evamaria).
Large fragrant light yellow flowers with a light pink flush on the outside of the tepals. The yellow colour of the flowers fades to a creamy yellow after opening if the weather is warm. Flowers appear before the foliage. A large Large lemon yellow flowers, tulip-shaped and very long lasting.Very fertile and good breeder. (subcordata x soulangiana Alexandrina) (.acum. 'Fertile Myrtle' x M.xsoul.'Picture), Savage, USA Very vigorous and handsome = nr 349 Brilliant unfading flamingo pink flowers are borne slightly before the leaves unfurl. Extremely cold hardy, it forms a densely foliated, very symmetrical, pyramidal tree. ( acum.'Fertile Myrtle' x Beautifully variegated leaves, Arnold Arboretum, USA a vigorous clone produces large, fragrant flowers that are bright yellow .
Large yellow-green flowers =nr323 K32NA 60703 SAS R (SAT 88076)(Univ. Botanical garden, Vancouver, BC, Canada) Original scions collected in 1988 in Huangshan, this is the grex name for the group of hybrids between Magnolia acuminata and Magnolia liliflora which was originally performed at Brooklyn Botanic Flowers magenta rose on the outside with some trace of yellow-green on A little brighter than Woodsman. (Joe McDaniel) Flowers with unusual green-yellow to purple and chocolate shades. A moderately strong upright grower. Late blooming, hardy. (acuminata x liliflora O`Neill)Delightful, lemon scented, deciduous shrup or tree with white flowers Yellow flowers, 6 ins diam., open-cupped, slightly green on outer surface. Flowers as leaves appear. (acuminata x x brooklynensis) Heineman USA Pentaploid (10x), larger flowers than Sundance.
Flowering later than campbellii but with richer solid pink cup and saucer Has extremly large flowers cup and saucer shaped, white with mauve-pink- base (NZ)Sundance with doubled chromosomes, the blooms are larger in size and deeper yellowthan those of 'Sundance'. It also has larger leaves and thicker stems. (Kehr)A robust ,deciduous tree having cup saucer shaped, fragrant, bright pink flowers.FCC.
A remarkable, late flowering seedling of ' Darjeeling' that has exceptionaliy beautiful , large, bright pink to crimson colored blooms. Named by Sir George Jessel after his wife. AM, FCCVery attractive with deep red-purple buds which open into large star- shaped flowers with narrow lilac-pink tepals, produced freely on young trees. (campbellii var. mollicomata x liliiflora Nigra) AM Huge clear deep rose pink bowl-shaped blooms, white within. AM, FCC, An exceptional form related to the mollicomata group, so it flowers younger.Deep rose-crimson outer surfaces with colour extending to upper surfaces and gradually paling to white along the tepal centres.
Deep rosy purple flowers with white inner surfaces, cup and saucer saped. Sister seedling to Star Wars. Flowers when young. (campbellii x liliiflora) Blooms abundantly, 12 tepals, flowers rose pink. Very large flowers, petals white with a faint pink centre.
Large flowers, rich pink outside.Produced on younger trees. A sister seedling to Charles Raffill, although not quite as dark, remarkable cup and saucer shape. (Charles Raffill group) FCC A good pink selection from Lamellen Garden, Cornwall.
Very large and beautiful deep-pink flowers.
Outside shading from red purple and inside cream tinged with red purple. (campbellii var. Alba x sargentiana var. robusta?) FCC.
Red-purple flowers on the outside, paler inside when fully opened. Registered by the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew. AM Campbellii selection from Strybing. Attractive foliage, outer tepals turn Probably the most widely distributed white form. Very large pink flowers. Selected by Sir Peter Smithers.
A good pink. Selected by Sir Peter Smithers.
Flowers in a fine self pink. Selected by Sir Peter Smithers.
A beautiful creamy-white form with large open tulip-shaped blooms. FCC.
Pure white, cup and saucer shaped. Forrest collection Cup shaped, 12 tepaled, ivory white flowers. FCC 1951 A quite superb white. (campbellii var. alba) Rich pink toned rose-lavender cup and saucer. A compact dome-shaped Large cupped blooms of deep lilac-purple produced in late winter/early spring. Medium-sized narrowly pyramidal habit. No. F25655 FCC A superb form of Todd Gresham with large , perfectly symmetrical, white Has a superb unusual colour of deepest rose with pale broad band along centre of petal. Seedling from campbellii var. mollicomata. Deep rose pink, with red-purple shading. (campbellii var. mollicomata x Cup-shaped nearly pure red flowers, outstanding.
Large blue purple flowers. Eye-catching colour. No. F25655 M. campbellii var. mollicomata 'Lanarth' x M. sargentina var. robusta Tulip-shaped pure white elongated flowers, tinged rose-pink at the base. The last two from Peter Warton, BotanicaGarden, University of Brithish Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada, from orginal scions collected in China beautiful, large, fragrant, rose colored flowers having many tepals. AM(dawsoniana x sprengeri Diva seelection) AM Crimson fading to carmine- pink. Attractive dark green rounded foliage on a compact, upright dome- Large pink flowers with many long tepals.
Large evergreen leaves, ivory white flowers. FCC Wild collected in North Carolina, milk-white flowers. AM Medium-sized fragrant cream flowers.
Indian form, seedling. Creamy white flowers. AM leaves narrowly acuminate. Flowers typical.
A slow-gowing small-leaved miniature form.
A tetraploid magnolia with beautiful foliage and attractive red seed pods. An upright form with elongated foliage and rusty brown felt lightly covering undersides of the leaves. Quite large creamy-white flowers often have Creamy-white, rusty undersides of the leaves.
Compact columnar habit with smaller grandiflora-like leaves and white fragrant flowers. Looks like grandiflora and very hardy. (grandiflora x A small tree with white large cup-shaped flowers.
Large creamy-white strongly fragrant flowers. Leaves different from the others in that they are large broad blunt-tipped waved, with little, if any, The exceptionally narrow strap-like glossy green leaves and dwarf compact habit makes this cultivar look more like a plant of Viburnum macrophyllum than grandiflora. A choice landscape shrub or small tree that is well worth growing for the unique foliage and form. A good choice where cold and snow are a problem.
Dwarf, flowers are cup-shaped, creamy-white. Makes a small tree with a compact narrowly columnar habit. Foliage is dense glossy deep green and Attractive broad foliage with undulations between the veins of the glossy foliage makes the tree attractive even when the large flowers are absent.
An exellent hybrid with large creamy white flowers. Intense citrus lemon fragrance.Upright densely branched round-crowned tree. (grandiflora x White, sometimes produces double flowers.
A choice dwarf selection from Joe McDaniel with rounded compact form, small leaves and horizontal branching. Very fine.
Large fragrant creamy-white flowers. Smallish dark green narrow pointed leaves, rich russet suede underneath. Small tree with narrow pyramidal Creamy white fragrant flowers.
A small pyramidal tree. Large fragrant cup-shaped flowers. Blooms at an early age.
Distinctive neat attractive oval glossy ribbed leaves. Dark green with bright russet brown beneath. Large cream flowers 25-30 cm across, very Attractive wavy long green leaves.
A very hardy tree from B.C. Dark green glossy foliage and heavy dark brownfelt on leaves. Creamy-coloured flowers.
1 grandiflora Montreux fiori grandi selektions of Karl Flink Very hardy form from France, Val Aubonne.
Beautiful pure white fowers with delicate sweet-scented perfume. Pure white flowers. GBElegantly large broad-tepalled clear pink with a light fruity fragrance.Very A late flowering ivory-white, one of the best. (Kehr) USA (syn. Wada`s Clone) Late flowering, white.
A hardy hybrid with large pink flowers. (x sprengeri var. Diva) Big creamy-white flowers,fragrant flowers. Nice obovate leaves, up to 45 cm .long. Upright growing tree. FCC, AGM Seedling original of Japan Rosy Cheeksa elegant tree perfectly formed, fragrant , creamy white flowers that are produced in abundance followed by bright crimson fruit. Denudala Beautifoul seedling of old plant in Giubiasco Switzerland An extremely hardy form, collected by Goteborg Botanical Garden, from Prefecture. Iwate in northern Honshu.
= nr 345 (lennei x soulangeana nigra) G. Pardatscher (A) lager than usual kobus. (Kehr)This is the undoubled part of kobus tetraploid. It is interesting to grow them for comparison of diploid with tetraploid. (Kehr) (kobus var. kobus x stellata). AGM.
Flowers have up to 30 tepals. White flushed pink at base. Pleasantly fragrant. ( x loebneri 'Spring Snow x stellata Waterlily) An outstanding pure white clone with handsome flat fragrant flowers. Excellent. One of the best. (Heinemann). USAVery slow growing and flowers at an early age with double flowers. Long flowering season. Dwarf Ballerina seedling. Very nice deep purple-pink flowers. Blooms from an early age. (( x loebneri ), stellata 'Rosea' x kobus) , GBAM, FCC, AGM.
Best x loebneri with weather resisternt outer tepals are shorter than the inner ones, therefore the flower remains small (4 inches across). Very lovely. (Tetsuo Magaki, Japan) Ballerina seedlingSemi-double white flushed pink. Blooms very nice. Flowers from an early small white flowers. AM. ( x loebeneri, selection ), Villa Taranto, IFlowers have tepals that stand up straight, giving the flowers an appearance of a paintbrush. ( Seedling of Ballerina ). (Kehr)Pure white fragrant flowers in quantity. ( x loebneri selection), McDaniel, Fragrant pure white flowers. ( x loebneri selection ), Tom Dodd, USAFlowers are white (occasional light purple mid rib mark at base of back of tepals. Sweetly fragrant of strong intensity. Flowers average 22 tepals. (x Star-shaped white flowers. Slow growing rounded bushy habit. AGM, FCC. From Japan. Good pink, multi-tepalled flowers like ball-shaped A pale pink form with about 40 tepals.
Pink buds become multi-tepalled white flowers.
Stellata tetraploid, originating from Wisley. (Kehr). Small shrub with small dark pink flowers. Many tepalsSoft rose-pink buds open white tinged with pale pink at the base. Rounded bushy habit.
Polyploid. Flat full white flowers with broad rounded tepals, like tulips. identical to M. stellata 'Rosea' nr 181Seedling of cv. Waterlily, pink buds open to large white fragrant flowers. 25-30 tepals. more robust than stellata and flowers a week later and for a long Very good double pink form fragrant flowers, very fragrant wood, 32 petals.
ex Eduard A.Kehr', (M.kobus octoploid ), Kehr, USA Pure white flowers which are more fragrant than typical ( kobus var.stellata selection), Galyon, USA Flower color red-purple outside and white inside.Blooms mid to late April. (denudata x Sprengeri Diva) Leach, USAA magnificent tree with huge leaves up to 90 cm long. Sommer blooming.Very large creamy-white flowers are toned wine-purple in the A botanical variety of macrophylla which is very limited in distribution. Similar large foliage with cream flowers blotched wine-purple within, up to 30 cm across, but on a dwarf plant. Blooms in the Summer.
Large white flowers spotted purple in summer Large leaves, parchment coloured flowers with maroon centre.
Wild collected in North Carolina, milk-white flowers. Plant smaller than the slow-growing shrub with deep purple flowers.
The largest, darkest, broadest tepalled, dark red-purple inside and outside. A small shrub, flowers small, outside deep purple.
Deep reddish purple flowers, 6-8 tepals, spicy fragrance, dark inside and deep red-purple flowers. ( liliiflora selection ), Gossler, USAAn interesting miniature version of liliiflora.Fiower colour is similar but all other characters are about one-third the size.( liliiflora selection ), Bushy plant with large slender flowers, vinous purple outside,cremy-white stained purple inside. Flowers late. AGM, AM, FCC.
Tall upright tree with large purple blooms.
Seed grown plants of this very rare and unique species with glossy green leaves and bronze new growth. The flowers are yellow and exceptionally scented. Only suitable outdoors in the mildest climates Small growing, rather fastigiate, 10 tepals purplish red outside, white inside.(liliiflora x kobus var.stellata ), USALarge,rich rose-pink flowers of good form. (campbellii x sargentiana var. huge attractive leaves and creamy white flowers tinged pink. AM.
(seedling). Tall conical tree. Fragrant white flowers that are tinted pink at Large and profuse pure white flowers with red-tipped stamens. (salicifolia x Broader leaves and larger flowers, compact growing form.
Flowers white, a fine fragrant selection, bamboo-like foliage.
Large tree. Huge rose-pink flowers on the bare branches late in the = nr 342 very dark and very late form, manificent.
FCC. Clearest rose-purple with delicate shading of paler tone.
Large deep rose-pink flowers, very hardy. ( sargent.var.robusta selection), Rose-purple flowers. ( sargentiana var. Robusta ) selection, GB sargentiana Chyverton Pale Form Huge white to pale pink flowers. ( sargentiana var. Robusta ) selection, GB Purple flowers. AM. (campbelli var Alba x sargentiana var. robusta). Very big flowers with broad tepals, deeper pink in colour due to campbellii parentage. Early. (sangentiana var. robusta x (sargentiana var.robusta x campbellii))Pretty, large pink flowers (campbelli var. mollicomata x sargentiana var. = nr. 338 or 489 A hybrid raised at Caerhays by the head gardener whose name it takes. Enormous pink tulip-shaped flowers early in the season ( sargentiana var.robusta x campbellii) GB (named by Sir Peter Smithers).Former Seedling B.Flowers pale pink with Flowers are white deep red stames. Frequently the flowers contain extra tepals, up to as high as 20 Tepals. It flowers late. The tree is multi- stemmed. ( sieboldii 'Genesis' (tetraploid) x sieboldii (diploid) ) Double-flowered form, 16-24 tepals on a 4-inch diam. flower. Flowers flat, rather than cup-shaped. Seedling of sieboldii. (Heineman, USA).
(seedling) Fragrant flowers with rose red staminoid centre. Spectacular red (seedling) Double form from Japan. A beautiful white flower.
White flowers, semi-double.
similar to South Korea nr. 269 Darker red stamens than the commoner form. A slightly more compact grower.
(6x) pure white tepals and very dark red stamens.
A wunderful hybrid from August Kehr.
Double-flowered form, 16-24 tepals on a 4-inch diam. flower. Flowers flat, rather than cup-shaped. Seedling of sieboldii. (Heineman, USA).
Nodding white cup-shaped flowers. AGM, AM, FCC.
Strong scent, abundant flowers like a semi-double camellia (seedling). Double flowers, 3 weeks earlier than the original sinensis. Abundant A compact, erect and symmetrical growing plant with dense branching and crimson pink flowers ( sprengeri var.'Diva' selection), GB Small bushy tree, the white flowers are stained rose. AM.
= nr 337 Large fragrant deep pink flowers in great profusion. Flowers A great reddish-purple, superb, good grower.
A great reddish-purple, superb, good grower. The best selection A deep glowing rose-purple form raised at Burncoose by the late head gardener, Mr Arnold DanceFragrant deep pinkish purple, multi-tepalled, the tepals are coloured on Very nice and hardy, from Cologne, Germany.
Very deep pink. Seedling of Diva, Peter Borlase, Lanhydrock, Bodmin Single trunked tree, big white flowers, dens, dark green foliage. Flowers Dark green foliage. Flowers much larger than Denudata.
Erect habitat perfect whiteflowers inside dark red stamesr, one of thebest summer flowers, hardy seedling from South Korea (Miller) good perfume. (Miller).
large leaves and very large, creamy white flowers having 16 tepals and a hypoleuca Bloomfielt x tripetala ( Wada Japan ) Huge leaves and large,erect, vase shaped, creamy white, muskily scented Creamy-yellow, very fragrant. (Seedling). (Kehr).
Flowers white, evergreen, fragrance lemon-like, pollen very pale, yellow to Elegant hanging flowers best seen from below. AGM, AM, FCC.
White flowers, lower half purple. New introduction from China. (Graham Double form of about 36 petals with a showy disc of stamens (Ferry Jones) Flowers porcelain white (denudata x x veitchii). Huge white flowers. (prob. (soulangiana x x veitchii)). Early blooming, upright, columnar growth. Outer surface of flowers red- purple, with dark purple stripe in centre of tepal; inner surfaces white (Allen Large purple-red flowers. Vigorous, floriferous tree.
Pink 9-inch flowers with 12 round tepals opening flat. (campbellii x soulangiana) (Magaki, Japan, named after Mr. Magaki`s wife) Large rose flowersThe flowers are white. It flowers early, about late March. ( cylindrica x ? ), This is probably a triploid, but does produce seed. The color is very light lilac which appears white in the distance. Flowers are produced mid late, but the open flowers have withstood at least 6 degrees of frost. Very slow growing. Interesting because the flowers are so frost tolerant. ( x soul.'Lennei' x kobus 'Norman Gould' ), Kehr, USAThe flowers have a heavy textre, and are a very deep yellow color. It flowers late, and therefore escapes frost damage. It is slow growing and will not be a large tree at maturity. ( acuminata.ssp subcordata 'Miss Excellent deep pink colored flowers with about 35-40 tepals, but it is now clear that there is no evidence of Diva in this plant. Roots readily from greenwood cuttings. Nice shaped bushy tree. Outstanding, but flowers a little too early in most years to escape late frosts.( x loebn.'Encore' Sämling ), Kehr (R14-29A), USAHardy, yellow flowering hybrids. Flowers late in the season. (Woodsman x Gold Star) Kehr, USAFlowers color a light yellow that is non-fading. Chosen for its lighter yellow color. (Woodsman x Gold Star) Kehr, USAFlowers are deep yellow., flowers mid -Mayto late May.Trre is somewhat branching. (Woodsmann x Golden Star) Kehr, USADeep yellow of medium size. Tree is very floriferous. Excellent. (Woodsman x Gold Star) Kehr, USAFlowers are a light little color, which in the distance appear white, large flowers. Tree is somewhat upright in growth. Flowers late in the season. ( xsoul.'Lennei' x .'Jon Jon') , Kehr (R16-38), USA This hybrid is unique because it remains fully dormant for 3-4 weeks after all other plants nearby have flowered and leafed out. Flowers are yellow. Tetraploid (acuminata.ssp.subc.'Miss Honeybee'x 'Sundance')Very heavy textured flowers of deep yellowcolor. This hybrid is unique because the flowers are cup shaped. Tetraploid ( x soul.'Lennei' x Very good deep yellow, the tree is very late flowering. (Woodsman' x Flowers are deep purple . The tree is slow growing and probably will be a small tree. The plant is unique because it produces flower buds up and down the stem before it does leaf buds. Consequently it starts to flower in march and continues to flower all season until the first killing frost in the autumn. Sterile sead cones stand upright like candels. ( liliiflora x ylindrica) Octoploid kobus, very vigorous, huge leaves.
Yellow flower, very upright growth, late flowerLarge tree, virgorous, white fragrant flowers, fertile and sets open pollinated seed, has pink outer tepals. (Kehr). Pire white 7- inch flowers often suffused with pink at base on the abaxial side, opens perfectly flat and usually faces sideways or somewath downwards. 6 petals, obicular to broadly obovate, base narrowly clowed, snowy white, samens cream , sometimes tinged with light purple on the abaxal surfaces of connectives. It is a very slow grower and has eight years from graft to have the first bloom.(Tetsuo Magaki) JapanVery interesting Magnolia with 52 tepals. (Seedling of Kobus borealis) Clear pink and white flowers. (sprengeri selection), Savage, USA Deep yellow flowers which retain there goblet form without flexing outwardly as the blossom age. Symmetrical, pyramidal growth, with heavy foliage. ( acuminata .ssp. subc.'Miss Honeybee' x (acum.xdenud.)), Leach, USAGrayish white bark, purplish branchlets. Flower buds are covered with fine white hairs. Fragrant, pink flowers are 2 inches across, stamens are purplish red. Native to the Tienmu Mountains in Zhejiang Province in Chinacompact tree with yellow flowers over 10cm tall.( acuminata .ssp. subc.'Miss Honeybee' x (acum.xdenud.)), Leach, USAWhite flowers are fragrant with purple stamens.Compact and slow growing variety. Originated at Kohankie Nursery in Painesville, Ohio, The heavily textured, 6-petalled flowers are a deep yellow and open flat to 10cm across. A wonderfully robust and floriferous tree. Typically for this parentage, flowering is late season. However, this cultivar rarely comes into leaf until after flowering, allowing the glorious golden blooms to be admired in all their splendour. ( acuminata x denudata ), Leach, USADeeper yellow than M. 'Elizabeth', though the elegant flower shape is maintained.( acuminata x denudata ), Leach, USA = nr. 339 and 410 syn Caerhays New Purple Seedling (sargentiana var. robusta x sprengeri Diva)syn.'Kehr's White Rose' Flowers white with red stamens. Flowers late, about June. Plant low growing, forming multiple stems. ( sieboldii tetraploid) , Dr.Kehr, USAThis plant is very cold hardy.(R15-33)( grandiflora 'Little Gem' x sieboldii 'Genesis' ) August Kehr Flowers a pretty light pink with a light yellow background. Very good. Flowers white,very fragrant. Flowers in June after al danger of frosts, and after the tree has leafed out. The Tree is multi-stemmed and low growing with red stamens .(sieboldii x (tipetala x obovata)) Kehr, USA = nr. 638 Flowers are very deep yellow. It flowers before the leaves appear in mid to late May, long after any danger of frost. (Woodsman x (tree R-18-14)The flowers are deep yellow of good size and are plentiful. Growth upright (tree R-18-14) ( Woodsman' x 'Elizabeth'), Dr.Kehr, USATetraploid obtained by colchicine treatment Aug. Kehr (R16-9). Leaves and flowers bigger than stellata. Grown from cuttings, this plant will develop in a very symmetrical tree. ( kobus var.stellata Selektion ), Kehr, USA = nr. 256 Large fragrant deep pink flowers in great profusion. Flowers early.
= nr. 489 or 233 A hybrid raised at Caerhays by the head gardener whose name it takes. Enormous pink tulip-shaped flowers early in the season ( sargentiana var.robusta x campbellii) GB = nr 328 and 410 syn Caerhays New Purple Seedling (sargentiana = nr. 409 Broad-petalled bowl-shaped flowers of bright salmon pink in great profusion. Attractive upright spreading. Growth outstanding. (sargentiana var. robusta x sprengeri Diva). = nr. 223 very dark and very late form, manificent.
The soft pink flowers age to white; the petals are broader than those of M. stellata, but still retain some of their soft floppiness. Of upright habit, the pale green leaves have an attractive copper blush when young. ( kobus var. stellata x salicifolia) , named after Robert de Belder of Arboretum = nr. 147 (lennei x soulangeana nigra) G. Pardatscher (A) This hybrid has six or seven tepals which are a rich lavender pink on the outside and a lighter pink on the inside. The tepals are very broad and retain their upright form. A fertile hybrid that easily sets viable seed. The foliage is semi-glossy with a rugose texture. Excellent seed fertility. Zone 4(liliflora 'O'Neill' x kobus var. kobus 'Norman Gould') From Dennis Ludwina = nr. 26 Brilliant unfading flamingo pink flowers are borne slightly before the leaves unfurl. Extremely cold hardy, it forms a densely foliated, very symmetrical, pyramidal tree. ( acum.'Fertile Myrtle' x spreng.var.'Diva'), Savage, USATepals 25 cm long, outer tepals yellow cream with a purple stripe and green base. Plant grows vigorously and upright (('Woodsman' x 'Lennei') x The large rather upright flowers have 11 tepals and open to 17.5cm across. A blend of pink shades to vertical yellow stripes on the outside, all paler within. Although it Flowers late in the season, they usually open before the leaves expand. It is however, very hardy and frost tolerant. Relatively vigorous, but distinctly upright habit. ( Legend' x 'Butterflies' ), One of the best yellow, later flowering than its sister seedling M. ‘Golden Sun’. Abundant lemon yellow flowers, with over-lapping tepals, are produced before the leaves. ( acuminata x denudata ), Leach, USA Mis 'Michiko Renge' (seedling) Double form from Japan. A beautiful white flower.
Bigger flower buds than acuminata ssp. subcordata.
= nr. 697 red-lilac-pink, waterresistant flowers (Wespelaar 98132 C) Bigger flower buds than acuminata ssp. subcordata.
Very late, large campbellii-type flower, white (DC 1)The outer three tepals of the flowers are distinctly peach-coloured, the others being pink. The flowers are very large and floppy. (The original tree is 30 feet tall with a trunk 14 inches in diameter after 15 years) (acuminata Fertile Myrtle x sprengeri Diva) Dick Figlar.
(Yellow cucumber Tree) lime -green to clear yellow flowers.
= nr. 416 M.sprengeri var.'Diva' Selection Hybrid from Marwood Hill Flowers are greenish in bud opening a deepish yellow but still with some green. Late in the season ( Woodsman' x 'Gold Star' ), Kehr, USA The abundant large pink flowers, with 9-12 tepals, open out flat to up to 30cm across. They are pearly white inside whilst stained deep purple-red at the base of the tepals. These gorgeous blooms inherit the gloriously intoxicating fragrance of 'Diva'. Hardy and fast growing, potentially making an imposing large tree. Flowers later in the spring than most other Gresham hybrids (denudata x sprengeri var.'Diva') = nr. 605 Yellow-green flowers, inside yellow. About 15 cm. across.(acuminata x denudata), David Leach, USA (ex Galaxy x campelli mollicomata) Deep rich purple very luminouse shapely goblet flowers, flowering quite early (Dark Shadow’x campbellii a seedling from Parco Botanico Eisenhut but mother plant is lost =nr 664 yellow flowers (acuminata x Denudata) Ferris Miller, Vigorous, single stemmed, symmetrical tree. Leaves like obovata. Flowers white, open like a tulip, 25 cm diameter. Very floriferous , healthy magnolia. ( obovata x sieboldii), Kalleberg, Norwegen syn. 'Rubiflora' or syn 'Hong Yun' A cultivar from Hong Yun, China, with reddish buds which fade as the very fragrant flowers develop. Flowers can appear 3 times a year in March, June and August.
Jellow River syn. An import from China. Selection from denudata. (probably hybrid with subcordata) Fast growing shrub with yellow flowers An import from China which has many more white petals than is normal in denudata and hence its name. A real oddity but a very interesting one Long greenish yellow to chartreuse pointed, tulip shaped flower buds. Vigorous multistemed tree. ( acuminata.var.subcordata x x soul.'Big Pink'), Savage , USAFlowers have 12 tepals and open flat to about 25 cm. across. Tree is upright growing. The flowers appear all along the branches. ( sprengeri var 'Diva' x x soul. 'Lennei Alba' ), Robinson, GB Variably described as “purple-crimson”, “hot pink” and “deep rose-pink”, the colour may be open to interpretation, but the flower quality is definitely not, bringing us the shape and character of M. campbellii with much greater wind and weather tolerance. ( Atlas'' x 'Vulcan' ), Jury, NZ One of the darkest purple-red flowered magnolia ( Iolanthe' x 'Vulcan' ), Jury, NZOval pointed petals are barium yellow, shaded green and centrally striped with yellow (DC4' x x brooklynensis 143 ), Baldick, NZ Beautiful red middle grow variety. Rich claret coloured blooms(Pickard's Ruby' x 'Vulcan'), Ian Baldick, NZlarge cup-shaped blooms of glowing orchid purple. Mature height is only 8 meters. Similar in colour to M.Lanarth (campb.ssp.mollic.'Lanarth' x liliiflora ), Baldick, NZLarge cup shaped rich deep rosy purple flowers ( campb.ssp.mollic.'Lanarth' x lil.'Nigra' ), Baldick, NZ Rose-red campbellii-type bowl-shaped blooms which appear freely at a young age. An exceptionally clear colour ( liliiflora 'Nigra' x campb.ssp.mollic.'Bernie Hollard' ) , Hooper, NZ Spectacular large rich burgundy-red tulip shaped blooms which open out flat. ( denudata x 'Vulcan' ), Hooper, NZ Evergreen with lovely form in which the broad glossy green leaves have a rich dark coppery indumentum on their undersides. Cup shaped white flowers in late summer. Large evergreen shrub or small tree of compact pyramidal habit Evergreen being upright and compact almost to the point of fastigiate. Ideal where space is limited. The highly perfumed creamy white flowers are complemented by mid-green glossy foliage. Tolerant of most normal soils and conditions, but generally flowers best when grown against a sunny wall, sheltered from cold winds in the winter. Surprisingly tolerant of windEvergreen small evergreen tree displays large fragrant flowers over a long season. Very upright and extremely dense branches form broad crown ( Evergreen vigorous grower of pyramidal habit which is more tolerant of wind, so a good choice if you wish to grow it free- standing rather than against a wall in the traditional manner. The thick leathery green leaves are richly felted beneath, whilst the creamy white flowers in summer are also larger than average Evergreen neat and tidy grower is more tolerant of wind, so a good choice if you wish to grow it free-standing rather than against a wall in the traditional manner. The flowers are an ivory white in colour, produced over a long period in summer USAEvergreen compact form with distinctive undulating margins to the dark green leaves. These also have a dark brown indumentum on their undersides. The flowers are typical of the species USA Large purple flowers, tepals white inside.
Flower frost hardy, notice the sepaloid stamens, very characteristic and nice. Attractive pyramidal growth, nice autumn color too. Seedling of W.B.Clarke by Interraran Garden of Spain by Almandoz, Flowers are large, opening from 23-30 cm across, the petals pure white inside but with a slight greenish tinge towards the base outside; the stamens with crimson anthers and pink filaments. In bud the flowers are sheathed in downy bracts which are a splendid golden-fawn colour. (cylindrica x veitchii Peter Veitch) A tree with large 9 tetepaled , chalce- shaped white blooms, with slowly deepen to reddish purple at the base. AM (denudata x sargentiana var. robusta) Deep rose-pink buds, rosy red flowers shading to purple at the petal base, with a lighter shading on the inside of the flower. Fragrant. Flower from an early age. Open spreading small tree. (campbellii var. mollicomata Lanarth (?) x liliiflora Nigra) Large 20-25 cm wide-cupped blooms with silky textured petals bicoloured in white at the rim, shading down into rosy-purple with an ivory-white interior.Fragrant, flowers from an early age. (Mark Jury x soulangiana Lennei alba) Huge lilac pink with creamy-white interior. Wonderful cup-shaped blooms up to 35 cm. Fragrant. Flowers from an early age. A small rounded tree. (Mark Jury x soulangeana Lennei alba) Very vigorous grower. Flowers open to a tall cup shape. They are red- purple outside and white within. Long lasting, they continue to enlarge and nod to horizontal white fading to a pretty pink and white. (soulangiana Wada`s Picture x sprengeri Diva) Similar to Karl Flinck, but with unspotted flowers. (macrophylla x virginiana) purple flush. diameter of flowers 30cm, fragrant (soulangiana Lennei Alba x x veitchii)Beautiful hardy plant with very pretty pink flowers. (sprengeri Diva x Wada`s Picture) (Savage USA). = nr 341 Broad-petalled bowl-shaped flowers of bright salmon pink in great profusion. Attractive upright spreading. Growth outstanding. (sargentiana var. robusta x sprengeri Diva). = nr. 328 and 339 syn Caerhays New Purple Seedling (sargentiana Cedullo ex(C.B. # 5) Deep pink upright flowers (Caerhayes Belle Seedling) A superb hybrid with very dark purple flowers. (denudata x sargentiana var robusta). Creamy white with good fragrance; tepals crumpled like taffeta. A small tree with with pleasantly fragrant, creamy white flowers having reddish stamens. AM (sieboldii x tripetala). Pale pink flowers having a white interior with 12 tepals is produced on a shapely small tree. (denudata x stellata Waterlily) Star-shaped red-purple flowers. AGM (liliiflora Nigra x sprengeri Diva) = nr. 364 M.sprengeri var.'Diva' Selektion Hybrid from Marwood Hill White with a crimson stipple. (soulangiana Lennei Alba x veitchii). Greenish buds become cream-coloured flowers. (soulangiana Lennei Alba Dark Shadow JG 30 A little tender; white with purple base.
Large open wine-red flowers 9-12 broad tepals. A vigorous grower with rounded form. Late (soulangiana Rustica Rubra x veitchii). A small compact grower with pretty white flowers. (soulangiana Lennei Alba x x veitchii Rubra) Large fragrant creamy-white flowers. (soulangiana Lennei Alba x x Deep pink campbellii-type flowers with typical cup and saucer form, 12 tepals, upright grower. Late. (campbellii x pink Gresham hybrid). Reddish pink, unusual vase-shaped flowers. AGM. (liliiflora x x veitchii) Very deep purple having a good form and broad tepals. (soulangiana Fragrant white flowers, late. (soulangiana Lennei Alba x x veitchii). The cup-shaped white flowers open flat to slightly recurved. The 9 tepals are stained a glowing purple-red outside at the base and along a fine line up the centre of the tepal to the tip. The inside of the tepals are pure white. A bush tree-like grower with large olive-green foliage. Blooms in the late spring. New. (soulangeana Lennei Alba x x veitchii Peter Veitch) Large white long flowers striped purple. AGM (liliiflora x x veitchii). The large purple pink broad-tepalled flowers have a white inner surface with pink highlights that contrasts nicely with the reddish stamens. It is a fast, vigorous, upright.grower with large leaves and it produces many large well-formed flowers about mid-season. (soulangiana Rustica Rubra x x Pink Goblet G 66-12 superb large pink cup-shaped flowers.
Deep Purple Dream Deep purple flowers.
Luminous lavender-pink flowers, late. (liliiflora x x veitchii) Large broad white flowers, base flushed pink. (soulangiana Lennei Alba x x veitchii) Reddish pink, white inside, long narrow petals. A tall vigorous grower. (liliiflora x x veitchii). Profuse white goblet-shaped flowers slightly pink and flushed green at the base (M.x soulangiana 'Lennei' alba x M.x veitchii ) Superb pure white fragrant tulip-shaped blooms. The long tapered candle- Sweet Sixteen syn. like buds are arranged nicely on the branches. A healthy robust grower that blooms during the late spring. (soulangiana Lennei Alba x x veitchii). Large fragrant creamy-white flowers. (soulangiana Lennei Alba x x veitchii). A vigorous fast growing tree with pure white large fragrant flowers. Late. white with pink flushBroad-tepalled purplish pink flowers, white inner surface. A fast-growing tree.(soulangiana Rustica Rubra x x veitchii) Rich rose-pink.(campbellii x sargentiana var. robusta) Nigel Holman. GB.
Very large bowl-shaped blooms,flushed rose-pink, deeper in bud, creamy white inside. Flowers at an early age. (Mark Jury x soulangiana Lennei). Jury NZlarge white nodding fragrant flowers.Leaves like M. wilsonii. Flowers large white 15-20cm. across. 9 tepals and violet purple stamens. Growth, upright like M. wilsonii.(sinensis x wilsonii) Vigorous, hardy clone with flowers intermediate between parents.Inner tepals show purple blotch.(macrophylla x virginiana) Pure white flowers. (kobus x salicifolia). Big White flowers (30 cm. Diameter)with good substance (soulangiana Lennei alba x x Veitchii) Flowers bigger than those of liliiflora, similar of one of the Girls.(liliiflora x stellata Rubra) Pickard, GBHuge creamy-white blooms, blushed pink at the base, like a giant lotus blossomfloating on bare branches in early spring. (Mark Jury x soulangiana Lennei Alba) Jury hybrid, NZThe large flower buds are reddish pink and open to pink flushed flowers.(denudata x sargentiana var. robusta) Phil Savage, USAA medium large round-headed tree with large soft lavender-rose blooms, paler within (campbellii var. mollicomata Lanarth x sargentiana var. An erect neatly rounded tree of about 5 m in height and exhibits a prolific show of mid-spring blooms in milky-white shades,rose-pink towards the flower base. Fragrant flowers from an early age.(Mark Jury x soulangiana Nakamura 20 Kobato white, pink blush, small tree.
Early purpleDark green leaves with white flowers in late spring, very fragrant. (hypoleuca x virginiana). Deep reddish purple buds open to long tepals of uniform purple which slowly pales.Flowers white inside, quite weather tolerant. Compact bushy habit.(liliiflora x stellata). Pure white flowers.Sister seedling of ‘Starwars’ ( campbellii x .liliiflora) Blumhardt, NZVery hardy beautiful large pink flowers, outstanding.(x soulangiana pink Lennei seedling x sprengeri Diva) Galyon, USA = nr. 338 A hybrid raised at Caerhays by the head gardener whose name it takes. Enormous pink tulip-shaped flowers early in the season ( Medium-sized fragrant pink flowers. (.x soulangiana.'Picture seedling ) White with fine rose flush and spots. (.x soulangiana.'Picture seedling ) Ivory-white with faint purple-pink flush (.x soulangiana.'Picture seedling ) Deep purplish wine-red, fragrant. (.x soulangiana.'Picture seedling ) Very deep wine-red (outstanding colour) (.x soulangiana.'Picture seedling ) Wine-red fading to white, fragrant (.x soulangiana.'Picture seedling ) Purple-pink shading to white, fragrant. (.x soulangiana.'Picture seedling ) White, purple base, good form. (.x soulangiana.'Picture seedling ) Pickard, Red-purple striped effect. (.x soulangiana.'Picture seedling ) Pickard, GB Fragrant white with red-purple base of petals (.x soulangiana.'Picture Pastel pink on white, fragrant. (.x soulangiana.'Picture seedling ) Pickard, Deep purple-red, one of the best. (.x soulangiana.'Picture seedling ) Fragrant elongated wine-red flowers, large tree. (.x soulangiana.'Picture large pure white flowers, 6 tepals. late blooming excellent cultivar (.x soulangiana.'Picture seedling ) Pickard, GB fragrant white narrow tepals standing upright flowers.( kobus seedling Creamy white flushed pink, very good grower.(.x soulangiana.'Picture Superb large red purple, dark outside and white inside.
Large white flushed pink, vigorous grower (M.x soulangiana selection) White slightly flushed pink, vigorous grower. (M.xs oulangiana selection) Wada, JapanCup and saucer type campbellii. Named and selected by Graham Rankin, formerly head gardener of David Clulow. Flowers red purple outside, inside fading from red purple rim to pale chamois. Very attractive and unusual. ( M.campbellii selection), Rankin, GBVery nice fragrant, porceaine white flowers. (globosa x virginina). Tom A vigorous groving hybrid with upright, absolutely pure white flowers, multi- tepalled. (denudata Gere x stellata Waterlily) Developed by Joe McDaniel.
a showy, small, deciduous, pyramidal tree with fragrant, white flowers that are produced before the leaves emerge in the spring. (salicifolia x stellata) Proctoriana (salicifolia x Stellata) AGMx a splenditd, fast growing, small tree with many fragrant white flowers ( Fragrant white flowers which are larger than those of M. kobus and borne in abundance( kobus x salicifolia (=M.x kewensis ), Wada, Japan Very dark purple flowers, larger as 'Lennei' but not so globular.(liliiflora Darkest Purple x soulangiana Lennei).Galyon, USA Fragrant purple, easy blooming, very hardy and easy to grow.(liliiflora x Fragrant dark reddish purple flowers, white inside, midseason Upright Reddish purple outside and white inside, late blooming.[ liliiflora x Latest flowering of Kosar Hybrids.Soft pink with deeper pink near the base. Small tree. Excellent.(liliiflora x stellata) Red-purple, inside white, mid-late blooming. (liliiflora x stellata) Fragrant red-purple flowers, mid-season blooming.(liliiflora Nigra x Fragrant red-purple flowers, mid-season blooming.(liliiflora Nigra x stellata). Deep purple bowl-shaped flowers; fastigiate growth. Late.(liliiflora x Mark Jury) Jury, NZFast-growing tree-like plant with handsome pink and white flowers.(denudata x sargentiana var. robusta) Grey Gossler A fine , late flowering, upright grower from Kehr with simply gorgeous, very fragrant, bright rose-pink flowers.(brooklynensis Woodsman x Tina Durio)narrower leaves reminiscent of its virginiana parent. The creamy white flowers in summer with their prominent red stamens are a real joy.( Genesisx Virginiana sieboldii 'Genesis' x virginiana) (denudata x ?) Large white flowers stained purple at base. AM.
= Wada`s Snow White. Snow white flowers that are exquisitely fragrant.(denudata x salicifolia) K526+K525 One of the eight little Girls with white inside and red purple outside flower,compact growth, floriferous, late.(liliiflora Nigra x stellata) flowers are similar to those of M. hypoleuca, but smaller with 10 spoonshaped white tepals. The stamens are crimson (wilsonii x obovata) Small but vigorous tree with 'spruce' shape, dark green, very coriaceous leaves. Flowers small but very shaped, light pink with brilliant wax-like cerice spot at tepal base that is unfading.(cylindrica x denudata Sawada`s Pink) A large dark red-purple flower almost the same colour as Galaxy, more red, less purple. Has 9-12 tepals and measures up to 8 inches across. It opens flat and reflexes later. Rather slender tree.(Anne Rosse x liliiflora) Tetsuo Magaki, Japan, named after his mother This hybrid has large flowers with nine broad tepals. The flower exterior is a vivid rosy pink and the interior is a solid, medium pink, a shade darker than M. 'Daybreak'. The tree blooms at a young age, is very floriferous, and blooms for up to six weeks. Excellent seed fertility. Zone 5. ('Pink Surprise' x 'Daybreak') From Dennis LedwinaFlowers are smaller than M. 'Big Dude', but with a deeper red color. This magnolia is much hardier than M. 'Big Dude'. Excellent seed fertility. Zone 5 ( acuminata x 'Big Dude')From Dennis Ledwina This hybrid has six or seven tepals which are a rich lavender pink on the outside and a lighter pink on the inside. The tepals are very broad and retain there upright form. A fertile hybrid that easily sets viable seed. The foliage is semi-glossy with a rugose texture. Excellent seed fertility. Zone 4 (liliflora 'O'Neill' x kobus var. kobus 'Norman Gould') From Dennis Saucer Magnolia. Good large tepaled pink clone. AGMA white form of x soulangiana with tulip-shaped milky-white flowers, with More vigorous than x soulangiana. AGM. Flower larger, 9 petals, dark purplish pink and white on the inside of the petals.Saucer-shaped when fully open. Blooms two weeks later than x soulangiana.
An attractive variety with large white fragrant flowers with concealed rosy- purple flush near the base. Upright bushy habit.
= nr 629 Big flowers with thick waxy tepals, inside glistening white, outside white with a good pink base. Flowers are fragrant with a lily of the valley scent.(xsoul.'Amabilis' x 'Mark Jury'),.Gottschalk Germany Very fine, late blooming ,with bowl shaped flowers that are rich pink outside and white within.
A late variety with pure white flowers flushed lavender at the tepal bases. AGM, FCC.
Deep pink flowers which fade to almost lavender pink. Unique colour. Weather-resistant flowers.
Very beautiful, many deep lavender saucer-like flowers, fast growing, early Attractive purple-pink flowers. (Shinbanishi, Japan) Deep reddish purple buds open to clear red-purple, bowl-shaped flowers. Upright habit.(soul.'Rustica Rubra' x campb.ssp. mollic.'Lanarth), NZ Huge well-formed lavender-pink flowers with broad tepals.
Large pure ivory-white globular shaped flowers. AGM.
Flowers white with some purpleDeep reddish-purple buds open to clear red-purple bowl-shaped blooms which slowly fade to silvery purple. Upright vigorous habit. Blooms after 5-7 years.( Seedling of Lennei from Boskoop Holland 1893 (F2 soulangeana Large cream flowers shaded pastel rose pink, deeper at the base. AM.
Many beautiful pure white flowers. Late blooming.
A dwarf habit and reduced flower size. The goblet-shaped blooms are not as dark as in Lennei but the colour is very even from the base to the tepal margin. Tepals are slightly pointed and pure white inside. Lightly fragrant.
pink, white inside, late blooming.
Large loose growth with large nicely formed deep red-purple flowers. Late. Darker that soulangiana AlexandrinaBig pink flowers, produced at a young age. Could be a seedling of 'Lennei', but a bit earlier flowering(Kehr)(Semmes, Alabama) Smallest of x soulangiana cultivars. Late flowering with an abundance of small, light pink flowers.
Very hardy, outstanding coral pink flowers with up to 16 tepals, with first- class fragrance. Tree requires several years of growth to bloom floriferously. Fair seed fertility. Zone 4 (acuminata 'Fertile Myrtle' x sprengeri var.'Diva) Savage, USA Flowers similar to M. 'Caerhays Belle', but much hardier. The deep pink exterior and lighter pink interior shows no traces of yellow. The tree bloomed after 20 degrees below. No seed fertility. Zone 5 From ('Yellow Bird' x .'Caerhays Belle') Dennis Ledwina This magnolia with gorgeous, coral pink flowers, has been a rather scanty bloomer thus far. Excellent hardiness. Good seed fertility. Zone 5 From Angelica has nine round, cup shaped tepals that measure over 3 inches in diameter. The color is a pure white. The flower retains its bowl shape and does not flop with age. Angelica will develop into a medium sized tree. The bloom time is intermediate between m. cylindrica and m. soulangiana. The seed of this hybrid was collected from the original cross made by Phil Savage. Good seed fertility. Zone 5 ( cylindrica x soulangiana 'Sawada's This tetarploid cross of m. acuminata x M. 'Norman Gould' has medium yellow flowers with six, very wide, cupped shaped tepals, that cascade downward. This vigorous, tall growing magnolia has shown tremendous hardiness. Good seed fertility. Zone 4 From Dennis LudwinaA loebneri selection made by Joe McDaniel at the University of Illinois From Dennis Ludwinais a seedling of 'Yellow Lantern' with it's pollen parent suspected to be 'Big Dude' From Dennis Ludwina Large fine reddish-pink, flowers young, fast grower. (liliiflora Nigra x sprengeri Diva) Dennis Ledwina USA Large red pink flowers, campbellii type, growth fast, flowers young, Long flowering period. 2-3 times are flowering (campbellii x liliiflora) Blumhardt, NZ.
Large furry decorative buds in winter-time. Flowers large brillant rose-red,without purple shading. Early. A darker Caerhays Belle (sprengeri Fragrant creamy-white flowers. Blooms in summer.
Fragrant creamy-white flowers.Probably hardier than Thompsoniana.
(hypoleuca Bloomfielt x tripetala Wada).
Dark green leaves that are tinted purple while young and very large, white flowers (having a pink tinge at the base) produced in abundance before the leaves emerge in the spring.(campbellii x denudata) Satin white flowers, with some pink. Short spreading habit, wind tender.
Rich rosy-red cup-shaped flowers. Fully hardy to Frost tender (Clarke`s Elegant nicely shaped pure light pink flowers.
x Denudata Clone 2 Elegant nicely shaped pure light pink flowers.
Dark red, large 25 cm wide heavy flesh-textured rounded blooms of great substance and rich ruby red colouring. Flowers appear early in the season from late winter. Tree habit is erect, open- branched and narrowly rounded at maturity growing to 6 m.(campbellii var. mollicomata Lanarth x liliiflora hybrid) Jury New Zealand.
(hypoleuca x sieboldii) AM. Very powerful fragrance, blooms over a long period. Saucer-shaped creamy-white flowers with prominent rosy-crimson anthers. A large shrub or small rounded tree.
(hypoleuca x (x wieseneri)). Sir Peter Smithers. Strong grower, large tree; flowers like hypoleuca, but scented.
Watsonii Seedling E (hypoleuca x (x wieseneri)). (Eisenhut) Leathery green leaves and heavily scented multi-tepalled white flowers. ex Michelia. Flowers at a very early age. A small to medium-sized tree. Very fragrant white flowers which are generally produced in great profusion.
(Villa Carlotta) Very fragrant, creamy-yellow flowers edged purple. Blooms large, evergreen shrubs or small trees with dark green-black leaves and many attractive, fragrant, whitish flowers. (Michelia dotsopa x Michelia figo)ex Michelia. Large handsome white flowers and heavy foliage. A strong and delightful fragrance. Flowers when small.
ex Michelia Medium to large white flowers bordered purple-pink. Fragrant. Flowers when small.(M. doltsopa x M.figo), Savage, USA Many large fragrant cup-shaped white flowers. A large evergreen tree with thick leathery glossy dark glabrous leaves.
ex Michelia A bushy evergreen shrub with flowers to 7 cm.,white with a bit pink.This plant looks hardier than its parents.(M.doltsopa x M.figo) campbellii seedlingBig Flowers outside yellow-green, inside rose-yelllow-orange Wildform of quinquepeta, deep purple flowers.
syn.'BBG '11/60',very similar to ‘ Elizabeth’ but more intense yellow colored flowers and a later flowering season. The flowers are a bit smaller than those of ‘Elizabeth’ (acum. X (acum. X denudata)), USA (Kehr) =nr. 372 Yellow-green flowers, inside yellow. About 15 cm. across.(acuminata x denudata), David Leach, USAWhite flowers with pink tones on lower half.(denudata Sawada`s Cream x x veitchii Peter Veitch) 'Phil Savage' 1989 bi-generic hybrid Magnolia acuminata Miss Honeybee x Michelia figo (Iolanthe' x .xsoul.'Rustica Rubra)', Blumhardt, NZ (Iolanthe' x .xsoul.'Rustica Rubra)', Blumhardt, NZEnormous pink cup and saucer shaped flowers (sargentiana var. robusta x Star Wars) Blumhardt, NZ one of the most beautiful Magnolia! Large rose petals with a dark red center (Iolanthe' x campb.'Charles Raffill'), Blumhardt, NZ An evergreen tree, fragrant white folwers and pupescent foliage.
ex Michelia, original from Chinaex Michelia, Closely spaced leaves and purple-pink flowers that are super fragrant.
ex Michelia, a compact grower with very fragrant, purplish flowers that is hardier than the typical form.
A large, evergreen tree with glossy , coriaceous leaves that are glaucous beneath and many conspcuous, ivory white flowers.
a super pink dawsoniana (dawsoniana selection), Windsor Great Park, GB Tree # 14612 .campbellii alba seedling from Caerhays.
A hardier, compact clone with glossy, deep green leaves having undulading margins, flowers as a small tree.(M.grandiflora selection), Louisiana Nurseries, USALeaves 30-40 cm long, 20 cm across. Many flowers pure white with 11-12 tepals.,20 cm diam. Stamens very dark red. Very good scent. Vigorous, good grower, very hardy, single trunk.(obovata x sieboldii), Kalleberg, NorwegenLarge cup and saucer type flowers with nine very large creamy-white tepals of thick texture, acute, not rounded, and twisted. Early flowering, 6 metres tall at 10 years of age. Very of best white flower (campbellii var. Alba x Pegasus)A gorgeous pink magnolia flower which retains it's upright form until the tepals fall ('Daybreak' X 'Pink Royalty') Dennis Ledwina USA Ivory colored flower (Woodsman' x 'Big Dude) Ledvina, USA =nr. 544 Darker that Rustica Rubra and two times bigger, inside white (soul.'Rustica Rubra' x 'Iolanthe'), GottschalkGermany Deep reddish-purple flowers are 10-11" across. Rarely offered.Flowers 8-9 tepals, outside red purple deeper and more red than xsoulangeana 'Deep Purple Dream'.(xsoul.'Deep Purple Dream' x 'Paul Cook'), Dr.Galyon, USABig flowers with thick waxy tepals, inside glistening white, outside white with a good pink base. Flowers are fragrant with a lily of the valley scent.(xsoul.'Amabilis' x 'Mark Jury'),.Gottschalk GermanySimilar to ‘ Elizabeth’ but more intense yellow(Miss Honeybee' x 'Gold syn.'BBG '11/60',very similar to ‘ Elizabeth’ but more intense yellow colored flowers and a later flowering season. The flowers are a bit smaller than those of ‘Elizabeth’ (acum. X (acum. X denudata)), USA Large flowers with more numerous petals than other varieties. As 'Centennial', with 32 tepals, strong growing.(kobus var. stellata selection)syn.'Wada's Snow White',Pure white, fragrant flowers (denudata x strong yellow, first yellow Magnolia of smaller stature(acuminata.ssp. subc.'Miss Honeybee' x M.(acum.xdenudata)), Leach, USAStrong yellow flowers of heavy substance. The flowers appear before the leaves and open almost flat. The tree is very floriferous.(acuminata x.denudata), Leach, USA = nr 334 Sister seedling of 'Sun Spire' similar to 'Sun Spire' but grows faster.(Woodsman' x.'Elizabeth'),.Kehr, USASister seedling to Old Port with more rounded purple goblets (soul.'Sweet Simplicity' x liliiflora 'Nigra'), Hooper, NZDwarf plant. Flowers are lighter than ‘Black Tulip’.(soul.'Sweet Simplicity' x 'Black Tulip') Hooper, NZCurious tubular or cornupia shape of the new leaves as they emerge. After various contortions over three months they eventually become normal leaves. The flower color is pink.(sargentiana var. robusta Selection), excellent hybrid with many upright blooms of good colour and substance (liliiflora 'Nigra' x .xsoul.'San Jose'), Hooper, NZsyn. Michelia chapensis another syn. is Michelia Tsoi, South China, Vietnam . USDA zone 8a Evergreen tree with fragrant pale yellow flowers. It takes a long time before it flowers.
syn. Manglietia insignis original from China, Nepal, Burma, Vietnam, N.E. India . USDA zone 8a Evergreen tree with fragrant brownish green flowers on the outer side. There is a reddish flush on the tepals.
(‘Sweet Simplicity’ x ‘Black Tulip’), Hooper, NZrich red, early, good cut flower.(‘Sweet Simplicity’ x ‘Black Tulip’), Hooper, wine red goblets and pure white interior - a really striking contrast. Healthy foliage and compact habit.(soul.'Rustica Rubra' x ?), Hooper, NZPure white cup and saucer flowers, light fragrant. Flowers very late.(Gresham-Hybrid x ?), USARed outside Flowers, rose-white inside. Shrub has a very compact growth habit and is very floriferous. (M.xsoulangiana) Upward-facing fragrant flowers with a strong yellow colour, flushing to orange pink at the base. (xbrooklynensis (#11-64))Scotts Arboretum USAlate flowered with yellow green colour (acuminata x denudata), David Leach, USATiny flower buds develop into large tepaled, bright pink flowers (Galaxy' x 'Toro'), Ledvina, USAa vivid rose-pink with a medium pink inner colour (Pink Surprise' x Pure white flowers (denudata x cylindrica) Savage USAblack-red buds open to small globular tulip-shaped blooms, (soul.'Old Port Sister' x 'Sweet Valentine'), Hooper, NZ M.kobus selection, Savage, USA same crossing as Spectrum and Galaxy but mor intense (liliiflora 'Nigra' x six pale yellow tepals('Miss Honeybee' x xloebneri 'Ballerina'), inside with huge, outside beautiful red-purple flowers ( Lennei' x 'Toro'), Ledvina, USA White flowers with reflexed margins flushed with purple at the base. (cylindrica x denudata )Deep rich purple very luminouse shapely goblet flowers, flowering quite early (Dark Shadow’x campbellii mollicomata) Foster, GBorange-yellow flowers, small tree ((Yellow Bird’ x ‘ Sundance’) x Yellow cylindrica hybrid from karl Flinck Sweden Yellow Sea (syn. Min = 376 yellow flowers (acuminata x Denudata) Ferris Miller, arboretum ex Michelia foveolata, evergreen original from China with big leaves ex Mangletia conifera var. Chingii whith white flowers evergreen foliage and fragrant white flowers yellow flowers (Woodsman' x ? ) USA Good deep purple flowers , upright small tree. Good purple(J.C. Williams white fragrand flower for many weeksBeautiful big pink flowers ((Sweet Simplicity xBlack Tulip) x campb.'Sir very Dark purple flowers (liliiflora 'Nigra' x 'Vulcan) Jury NZDark wine purple with inside white flowers ,smaller than soulangeana( Sweet Simplicity’x liliiflora ‘Nigra ) Hooper NZ Big white flowers Selection of M.cambbellii var. Alba very dark red (xsoul.'Sweet Simplicity' x 'Cameo), Hooper NZpurple uniform big flowers (xsoul.'Sweet Simplicity' x 'Black Tulip) Hooper, fragrant with cyclamen colour ( xbrooklynensis Hybrid ) Fragrant , many purpur flower, erect habitat ('O' Neill x 'Pegasus')Tommy x wieseneri selection, Kalleberg, Npink uniform big flower (sargentiana var robusta x mollicomata)Caerhays ex Michelia foveolata, evergreen original from China with big leaves Alex (syn.'Columnar Very upright growing pink flowered (xsoul.'Lennei' x spreng.'Diva) Forster GBA perfume-like fragrance, The highly scented flowers are light pink . M.stellata seedling from the Indiana garden of William BrinckaFlowers large and a rich pink colour (sargent.var.rob. X camp.mollic.) outside dark inside light pink (Atlas' x Vulcan) Gottschalk GermanyCreamy white upright flowers, late,(soul.'Lennei Alba' x ?) Ph. de Spoelberch, Belgiumnice big pink flowers, dark leaves ('Star Wars' x 'Norman Gould) John = nr. 715 large pink similar size to cambellii with many fruits (Big Dude' x .Vulcan)Gottschalk Germanysyn. (Manglietia decidua) Deciduous tree with yellow flowers. Very = nr. 358 red-lilac-pink, waterresistent flowers (Wespelaar 98132 C)Deeper yellow and larger than M. ‘Yellow Bird' (M.'Yellow Bird' x M.xbrookl). F2 Hybrid, Ian Baldig NZWhite whith light pink light fragrant ('Atlas' x 'Big Dude') Gottschalk liliiflora 'Little Geisha' a small M.liliiflora Selektion from Gottschalk Germany A selection from Louisiana. Leaves and flowers longer than Selektion Wespelaaryellow Magnolia from Phil Savage with 6 tepals, starry bright yellow flowers,small tree (Miss Honeybee x M.xloebneri'Merrill')dark outside and a little lighter at inside (M.'Bjuv' x M.'Purple Breeze)Wespelaar, BelgiumBeautiful light pink a little hardier then campbellii (M.Galaxy x late May and on into June. The light bulb-shaped buds open pink and then fade to creamy-white, fragrant (M.obovata x M.globosa(?)Forster GBBig white flower, very good new variety (M.'White Giant' x M.'Leda) from Spoelberch Wespelaar, BelgiumErect habitat, large bowl shaped flowers darker outside, inside light pink(M.Vulcan x M.Apollo)White in centre with dark,columnar grow, (M.'Woodsman' x M.'Big Dude) LedwinaWhite base light rose-pink, Wespelaar, gift from Karl Flinck (M. denudata x complex hybrid from Belgium, light rosa-lilla, very frost resistentlight yellow, slightly fragrant with many flowers, a sister variety of (Black Tulip x Deep Purple Dream) planted in Palmengarten Frankfurt (ex Michelia yunnanensis) very hardy selection slow growing stellata type magnolia with pink flowers Very powerful fragrance, blooms over a long period. Saucer-shaped creamy-white flowers with prominent rosy-crimson anthers. A large shrub or small rounded tree.(hypoleuca x sieboldii) AM.
yellow flower is much more intensely coloured than ‘Elizabeth’being larger (M. acuminata ssp. subcordata 'Miss Honeybee' x M. ‘Elizabeth’)whilst perfectly shaped than its other parent. A worthy addition to our burgeoning yellow collection!White flower very interesting, with rose stames (M. gresham‘David Clulow’x M. sprengeri elongata)Seedling of M. acuminata x M.’Norman Gould’, origin of Arboretum Wespelaar, jellow to lime colour late with small petal, becoming more yellow as they open . Seedling of M.xbrooklynensis. Erect habitat, special colour yellow to orange, small petals, dark leaves = nr. 512 Flowers are pure white, more tepals than denudata, erect habit. (M. stellata cv. Waterlily x M. denudata).


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Hypertrofische Cardiomyopathie (HCM) bij de kat Cardiomyopathie is een aandoening van de hartspier en betekent letterlijk ‘hartspierziekte' . Het woord hypertrofisch geeft de vorm van de hartspierziekte aan en betekent: verdikking (hypertrofie). Bij cardiomyopathie kunnen we onderscheid maken tussen twee vormen. Ten eerste de primaire cardiomyopathie , deze vorm wordt ook wel idiopathische car

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El día después … de la píldora Era de esperar el aluvión de comentarios y posicionamientos frente a la declaración de la Ministra de Sanidad (acompañada de la Ministra de Igualdad) de la liberalización del uso de la píldora del día después y su libre acceso en farmacias, sin restricción de edad ni necesidad de prescripción médica. Los argumentos esgrimidos para realizar esa l

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