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Origin: AGRICHEM Australia
Exclusive distribution for Greece: FARMA-CHEM S.A

Dense suspension of calcium, silicon and potassium
• to increase plant tolerance to salinity,
• increases post-harvest life of fruits and vegetables and improve their quality,
• increases resistance to various plant diseases and pests.
• Mild reaction of plants to salinity and high levels of sodium chloride in the soil.
• Decreasing the requirements of plants in water in dry soils while increasing crop yield.
• Increase the post-harvest life of fruits and seeds and improves their quality because of
the strongest cell walls generated. For the same reason, and increase resistance to
• Increase of systemic acquired resistance (systemic acquired resistance-SAR) against
pests and diseases.
• Neutral pH compared with other formulations of silicon, making it more compatible
with other formulations.
• Controlled release from the suspension.
• Preparation of free-flow, making it easy to transfusion to spray equipment, mixing
tanks and irrigation networks.
Silicon, and is not usually necessary element plays an important role in altering the
physiology of the crop so as to help better address both the biotic (systemic acquired
resistance / systemic acquired resistance-SAR) and the abiotic pressures such as salinity
- reducing the sodium intake. Silicon enters and accumulates in plants around the
epidermis of roots, stems and shoots, which gives strength and stability in plants. Silica
creates a gel (jelly) in association with calcium and pectins stabilize the cell walls and
increase the ability of plants to withstand stressful conditions. Silicon is therefore also
has the potential to improve post-harvest shelf life and fruit quality. Silicon enhances the
resistance of fruits and vegetables in post harvest rot.
THE ROLE OF CALCIUM Calcium is necessary for the creation of cellulose is the basic substance to form the cell wall. Also stabilizes cell membranes and protects them (an important feature under conditions of stress). In fruit crops require large quantities and is important for fruit quality and harvest time life. It is well known that when plants are threatened by an infection, calcium binds to a protein called CaM pushing the plants for the production of salicylic acid (SA), a close chemical relationship akin to aspirin. The salicylic acid molecule acts as a "signal" to begin a series of reactions that help defend against external threats (SAR-response). THE ROLE OF POTASSIUM Potassium regulates the water, electrolytes and turgor of plant cells. In combination with silicon, two elements act worked by controlling water balance, reducing the requirement of the plant in water and increase resistance to drought. Potassium is also vital for cell division, protein and carbohydrate formation and therefore the quality of fruits. The lack of potassium when the plant is new can not be compensated later. PRODUCT FEATURES Specific gravity 1.21 INSTRUCTIONS Stir contents thoroughly before use Suitable for application: Foliar, fertigation quality, resistance to plant diseases (and reduce seed production by infectious diseases such as Fytofthora). Field crops (cereals, rape,
corn, rice etc )
silicon can reduce the bending and the lodging of plants. Pepper, tomato
Flowers and bulbs
2 weeks after emergence (mushrooming). Continue if the flower stalk is weak. Can be applied foliar to enhance resistance to disease and pests such as thrips. Fruits trees
disease (and reduce seed production by infectious diseases such as Fytofthora). Can be applied foliar to enhance resistance to disease and pests such as thrips. diseases and pests such as thrips. Also can be applied to reduce the symptoms of soil salinity. Potatoes
and increase plant resistance to salinity. Strawberries
needed to enhance the resistance against pests and diseases. And wine grapes
life. The strengthening of the fruit peel will also reduce the susceptibility to diseases such as botrytis. It can also be applied to enhance foliar resistance to pests and diseases.

- Recommended doses are purely indicative and vary depending on climatic conditions,
- Good agricultural practice requires to avoid applications under adverse weather conditions such as temperatures above 28 ° C, high relative humidity, rain, etc. - In foliar applications should use the lowest level when the temperature and sunshine are high.


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