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The Hebrew University, Israel’s leading academic institution, carries out more than
1/3 of all academic scientific research in Israel and 43% of its biotech research.
Yissum Research Development Company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem was
founded in 1964 to protect and commercialize the University’s intellectual property.
Ranked among the top technology transfer companies in the world, Yissum has
collaboration with industry leaders such as Novartis, Johnson & Johnson, Roche,
Merck, Teva, Adobe, Google, Nestle, Phillips, Syngenta, Vilmorin, Monsanto and
many more.
Products based on inventions of Hebrew University's researchers, commercialized by
Yissum, generate over $2 billion in worldwide sales every year. To date, Yissum has
registered over 7,000 patents covering 2023 inventions and has licensed out 530
technologies in many fields, including nanotechnology, medicine and
pharmaceuticals, agriculture and nutrition, water and environmental technologies,
computer science, chemistry, physics, homeland security, and more.
In addition, the technology transfer company has produced more than 68 spin-off
companies, among them Mobileye, BioCancell, Chiasma, BriefCam, Intec Pharma,
Collplant, Nasvax, Tiltan and Novagali – each of which is a success story in its
respective field.
Success stories:
1. The long shelf life and cherry tomatoes success story involves the development of
the world’s most popular cocktail hybrids for greenhouse production of Cherry
Tomatoes by Prof. Nachum Kedar and Prof. Haim Rabinowich from the Hebrew
University of Jerusalem‘s Faculty of Agriculture. With 2009 sales of over $70 million
and a total of over $1 Billion in sales over the past 20 years, they formed the basis for
the success of Israel’s top two seed companies, Hazera and Zeraim Gedera. Both, in
turn, were acquired by leading multinationals – Vilmorin and Syngenta, respectively –
and continue to maintain significant operations in Israel employing many graduates of
the very same faculty of Agriculture. Yissum is proud of its role in establishing Israel
as a leading centre in the world market for seeds.
2. Exelon®, a cholinesterase inhibitor developed by Prof. Marta Weinstock-Rosin of
the Hebrew University’s department of Pharmacology, treats the symptoms of
Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Licensed to world leader Novartis, 2009
sales were $954 million. A new once-a-day patch formulation is now being launched
around the world, providing further relief to patients and caretakers.
3. DOXIL®, the only cancer medication of Israeli origin currently on the world
market, was developed by Hebrew University researcher Prof Yechezkel Barenholz
and his colleague Prof Alberto Gabizon, currently Head of Oncology at Shaarei
Tzedek Medical Centre in Jerusalem. The Doxorubicin HCI liposome injection is
Alza’s lead product for oncology and provides relief to many ovarian and breast
cancer patients around the world. 2009 sales were ~$500 million.


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