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Ondrej rudavsky bio

558 WEST 21ST STREET NEW YORK, NY 10011 917.226.3851
Selected Biography


College of Fine Arts and Crafts, Graphic Studio, Bratislava, Slovakia University of Fine Arts and Crafts, Studio of Animation, Prague, Czech
Solo Exhibitions
K forum- Association for Contemporary Art & Culture, Vienna, Austria Connections, The University of Arizona Museum of Art, Tucson, AZ XLVII Venice Biennale, Castillo Gardens, Pavilion of Slovakia Mirbach Palace, Bratislava City Gallery, Slovakia
Group Exhibitions
Intenational Triennial Print Art Krakow, Katowice, Poland Museum of Photography, Los Angeles, CA, USA LACA “2009- Top 40”, Los Angeles, CA, USA Tolerance in Art, Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum, Cunovo, Slovakia Inaugural Exhibit, MOCA, Brooklyn, New York, USA Virtual Gallery, Museum of Computer Art, New York, USA Trencin 08, Galeria M. A Bazovskeho, Trencin, Slovakia Art Prague, Manes, Prague, Czech Republic Gallery Artists, Scultpure to Wear Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, USA Digital Art, Farmani Gallery, Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles Art Biennial, Los Angeles, CA, USA Euro Grafik, Maneg Center, Moscow, Russia Kunst – Kult, Haltburn Castle, Austria La Croce e il messagio umano, Galleria L Agostiniana, Roma italy Art Fest98, Museum of Folk and Craft, Los Angeles, USA Slovak Art, The International Monetary Fund Building, Washington D.C Trencin 95, Galeria M. A. Bazovskeho, Trencin, Slovakia Gallery Artists, Stuart Levy Gallery, New York, USA Millenum, Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA A.I.M. Bronx Museum of Arts, New York, USA
Film Festivals
Planete Documentary Film Festival, Warszaw, Poland Pubilkum Traveling Film Festival, Slovakia Anima Mundi, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Brazil Columbia Film Festival, Chatham, New York Biennial of Animation, Bratislava, Slovakia Annual Kodak Animation Screening, New York Monstra Lisbon Animated Film Festival, Portugal Give Me a Minute Film Festival, Brooklyn, New York 39th Seattle International Film Festival, Bumbershoot, Seattle KROK International Animated Film Festival, Kiev, Ukraine Focus on Animation, Milano Film Festival, Italy 11th Wiesbaden International Weekend of Animation, Germany Cinematic International Film Festival, Piestany, Slovakia ART for Art, Multimedia Jam, Bratislava, Slovakia Canada International Film Festival, Vancouver, Canada Victoria Film Festival, British Columbia, California Memphis International Music and Film Festival, Tennessee Engineering Cinemateque, Hollywood, California Ottawa International Animation Festival, Canada Kino Na Granici, Cesky Tesin, Czech Republic Platform Film Festival, Portland, Oregon Philadelphia Film Festival, Pennsylvania 4th Calgary Underground Film Festival, Canada Nemo Film Festival, Le Cinema des Cineastes, Paris, France Annecy Animation Film Festival, Paris, France 49th International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film M&A Gallery, Silver Lake, California Anima Mundy Animation Film Festival, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Data Transfer 6th Annual Festival of Contemporary Visual Styles, Czech Hermosa Beach Short Film Festival, California TriBeCa Underground Film Festival, New York Anima Mundi Animation Film Festival, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil International Film Festival, Bratislava, Slovakia Walter Reade Theater, Lincoln Center, New York CalArts University, Valencia, California Yahoo First International Online Film Festival Sundance Film Festival, Salt Lake City, Utah Palermo International Video Art and Media Festival Cine Golden Eagle Awards Screening, Washington D.C. International Film Festival, Bratislava, Slovakia International Festival of Short Film, Bilbao, Spain Tampere International Film Festival, Finland Mirbach Palace Museum, Bratislava, Slovakia The International Animation Festival, Hiroshima, Japan Black Maria Film Festival, Nationwide Tour International Animation Festival, Hiroshima, Japan United Nations Environmental Conference, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil International Animation Festival, Cardiff, Wales Bombay International Film Festival, Bombay, India Museum of Modern Art, Millennium, New York 28th New York Film Festival, Lincoln Center, New York Black Maria Film Festival, Nationwide Tour Unusual Places from Another Time, Gallery K, Washing D.C.
Large Venue Projections
Linkin Park Dark of the Moon World Tour, Moscow, Russia Dance on Camera, Lincoln Center, New York Electronic Billboard on Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA L.A. International Biennial Art Invitational International MTV Awards, Los Angeles, CA
Golden Palm Award, Mexico International Film Festival Best Director in Arts Achievement, CINE Golden Eagle Award Best Breakthrough Video, MTV Awards International Nomination for Best Music Video, 35th Annual Grammy Awards Environmental Film Fellowship, MTV International


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Case: 12-35221 08/22/2013 ID: 8753103 DktEntry: 160 Page: 1 of 15 IN THE UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE NINTH CIRCUIT ________________________________________________________________ STORMANS, INC., DOING BUSINESS AS RALPH’S THRIFTWAY, ET AL. , MARY SELECKY, ET AL. , Defendant-Appellants , ________________________________________________________________ On Appeal from the

Esatta denominazione del progetto

Dipartimento Pesca Servizio Disciplina Comunitaria – Gestione Progetto MeSFiDE MEDITERRANEAN SMALL CRAFT FISHERY AND DEVELOPMENT Breve sintesi del progetto L'industria della pesca artigianale nel Mediterraneo rappresenta un'attività storica, ricca di tradizioni, che tuttavia ha oggi un ruolo molto marginale da un punto di vista socio-economico. Questa situazione

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