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* The 4th International Conference on Biobased Polymers (ICBP2013)
[Oral Program]
(1) September 26, 2013 Thu

Registration (HIT 6F, Hanyang University) Chair: Yong Hwan KIM
Chair: Seung Soon IM
(PL01) Future Sustainable Materials from Pure Monomer as well
Ann-Christine ALBERTSSON
Chair: In-Joo CHIN
(PL02) Synthesis and Characterization of Biobased Copolyester
Seung Soon IM
S1-1 Biobased Polymers via Biological Routes
S3-1 Biocomposites
Chair: Sunghoon PARK, Alexander STEINBÜ CHEL
Chair: Donghwan CHO, Koichi GODA
(INS1-01) Development of Recombinant Microorganisms for the (INS3-01) Why Do Natural Fiber-Reinforced Composites Attract 10:40-11:00 Production of 3-hydroxypropionic Acid from Glycerol Sunghoon PARK
Koichi GODA
(INS1-02) Progress of Implementation of 1,3-propanediol (INS3-02) Plant Fiber Reinforced Composites-Fundamentals to Dehua LIU
Yan LI
(INS1-03) Microbial Systems for Production of Polyesters (INS3-03) Ammonium Polyphosphate-Based Flame-retardant 11:20-11:40 Consisting of 3-hydroxypropionate Alexander STEINBÜ CHEL
Donghwan CHO
(INS1-04) Engineering Escherichia coli as a Platform for the Co- (INS3-04) Electrospinning of Biopolymers: A New-born Area in 11:40-12:00 production PHA and other Biochemicals Qingsheng QI
(INS1-05) New Insights into Chain Transfer Reaction during PHA (INS3-05) Fundamental Material Properties of Nanocellulose Tsuguyuki SAITO
Takeharu TSUGE
(INS1-06) Production of Biobased Monomers from Lignocellulose (INS3-06) Poly(lactic acid)-based Composites towards Jie BAO
Yu-Zhong WANG
(INS1-07) Properties of Newly Biosynthesized Lactate-based (INS3-07) Characteristics and Permeation Properties of Modified 12:40-13:00 Polymers and Related Polymers Graphene Oxide/Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) Composite Membrane Seiichi TAGUCHI
Yi-Ming SUN
Chair: Seung Soon IM
14:30-15:00 (PL03) State of the Biopolymers Industry Marc VERBRUGGEN
S1-2 Biobased Polymers via Biological Routes
S3-2 Biocomposites
Chair: Seiichi TAGUCHI, Kumar SUDESH
Chair: Seung Goo LEE, Yan LI
(INS1-08) An Unconventional but Easy Method for The Recovery (INS3-08) Preparation and Characterization of Ramie Fiber 15:00-15:20 of Polyhydroxyalkanoate from Cupriavidus necator H16 Reinforced Modified Soy Oil-styrene Biocomposites Kumar SUDESH
Seung Goo LEE
(ORS1-09) A Novel Approach for Polyhydroxyalkanoates (ORS3-09) Impact Damage Initiation in Flax Fibre Reinforced 15:20-15:35 Synthesis in the Aqueous Two-Phases System John Chi-Wei LAN
(ORS1-10) Production of Polyhydroxyalkanoate from Waste (ORS3-10) Bio-based Composite of Stereocomplex Polylactide Cooking Oil by using Ralstonia Eutropha H16: Effect of Oil-liquid Purba PURNAMA
Heng-Chou LIN
(ORS1-11) Ionic Liquids based Biological Pretreatment of Woody (ORS3-11) Weight Reduction of Automobile using Biomass: A "Green" Approach for Separation of Structurally Unaltered Cellulose Fibers for Biobased Materials Byung Kook NAM
(ORS1-12) RNA-seq Analysis and Rubisco-mediated CO2 (ORS3-12) Migration Structure in Ramie Twisted Yarn and Fixation into Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) under Heterotrophic Influence on Tensile Properties of Bio-Composite Conditions in Ralstonia Eutropha H16 Shohei SAKURADA
(ORS1-13) Biosynthesis of PHA Copolymers from Methanol by (ORS3-13) Deposition of Chitin Butyrate Layer on the Surface of Methylobacterium Extorquens AM1 and the Engineered Strains Hem Raj PANT
(2) September 27, 2013 Fri
Registration (HIT 6F, Hanyang University) Chair: Seung Soon IM
(PL04) High Performance Materials from PHA and
Tadahisa IWATA
S2 Production of Biobased Polymers through Chemical
S4 Materials Design and Characterization of Biobased
Chair: Jonggeon JEGAL, Hiroshi UYAMA
Chair: Seung Hun KIM, Masao KUNIOKA
(INS2-01) Development of Stereo-Block Polylactides: An (INS4-01) Utilization of Lignocellulosic Biomass as Feedstock for Approach to High-Performance Application of Polylactide Yoshimitsu UEMURA
Yoshiharu KIMURA
(INS2-02) Preparation and Characterization of Biomass based (INS4-02) 1,4-Butanediol as Biomass-based Monomer Jonggeon JEGAL
(INS2-03) Chemical Syntheses and Characterization of (INS4-03) Molecular Designs and Approaches for Novel Copolymers of 3-Hydroxybutyrate and Lactate with Different Suwabun CHIRACHANCHAI
Hideki ABE
(INS2-04) Isosorbide based Copolycarbonate (INS4-04) Control of Biodegradation of Polyesters 10:50-11:10 Doe KIM
Atsuyoshi NAKAYAMA
(INS4-05) Synthesis and Characterization of Carbonydrate (INS2-05) Ultrahigh-Performance Bioplastics Derived from Biomass-based Photo-polymerizable Compounds as Alternatives Tatsuo KANEKO
Seunghan SHIN
(INS2-06) Fabrication of Functional Porous Materials of Biobased (INS4-06) Molecular Design of Functional Polymers for Hiroshi UYAMA
Zhihua GAN
(ORS4-07) Preparation of Modified-PLA for Controlling the 11:50-12:05 (INS2-07) Printed Electronics on Nanopaper Masaya NOGI
Wan-Keun KIM
(ORS4-08) Proteinase K -catalyzed Synthesis of Oligo-L- [12:10-12:25]
Phenylalanine:Tris(2-aminoethyl)amine Conjugates in Aqueous 12:05-12:20 (ORS2-08) Healing Properties of Bio-based Furan Polymers Naoko YOSHIE
Jose Manuel AGEITOS
(ORS4-09) Syntheses of Bio-based Aromatic Polyamides on (ORS2-09) Polysaachride-Poly(1,4-Dioxaonone) Copolymers: Itaconic Acid with Diamines via Aza-Michael Addition/Amidation Mohammad Asif ALI
(ORS4-10) Evaluation Methods for Biobased Contents of (ORS2-10) Crosslinked Aqueous Dispersions based on Masahiro FUNABASHI
Chair: Seung Soon IM
(PL05) Metabolic Engineering for the Production of Natural and
Sang Yup LEE
S8 Biomonomer Synthesis
S5 Biomedical Applications of Biobased Polymers
Chair: Sangyong KIM, Nicholas M. THOMSON
Chair: Hyoung-Joon JIN, Jun LI
(INS5-01) Biomimetically Mineralized Nanoparticles for Therapy (INS8-01) Biosynthesis of Diacids as Monomer Precursors Sangyong KIM
Sang Cheon LEE
(INS5-02) Fabrication of Silk Proteins by Electrospraying for (INS8-02) Catalytic Synthesis of 1,4-BDO from Succinic Acid Kwan-Young LEE
Ki Hoon LEE
(INS8-03) Direct Conversion of Cellulose into Sorbitol using Dual- (INS5-03) Block Copolymers based on Polyesters and their Self- 15:40-16:00 Functionalized Catalysts in Neutral Aqueous Solution Assembly Structures for Biomaterials Applications Hyunjoo LEE
Jun LI
(ORS8-04) Metabolic Modification of an Isolated Lactic Acid [16:00-16:20]
Bacterium and Its Production of Optically Pure Lactic Acid (INS5-04) Stimuli-Sensitive Polysaccharide Nanoparticles as Qiuqiang GAO
Jae Hyung PARK
(ORS8-05) Effects of Indole on Escherichia Coli Carbon (INS5-05) Glycol Chitin as a New Thermogelling Polymer for 16:15-16:30 Metabolism and Development of a New Cell Factory Nicholas M. THOMSON
Kang Moo HUH
(ORS8-06) Studies on Substrate Specificity using a Short-Chain- 16:30-16:45 Length/Medium-Chain-Length Polyhydroxyalkanoate Synthase Jo-Ann CHUAH
(INS5-06) Fully Return to Nature Biocomposites
(ORS8-07) Esterified Bacterial Biomass and Chitosan Composite Seong Hun KIM
16:45-17:00 Beads for Removal of Reactive Dyes Sok KIM
S9 Physical Properties and Functionalization
S6-1 Applications of Biobased Polymers
Chair: Hyun-Joong KIM, Zhaobin QIU
Chair: Kang Moo HUH
(ORS6-01) Preparation and Characterization of PPC and its (INS09-01) Property Modification and Processing of PLA for Bio- Jae Myoung SON
(ORS6-02) The Effect of Arcylic Acid and Acrylamide Graft (INS9-02) Preparation, Crystallization Behavior and Properties of Copolymerization on the Properties of Sodium Alginate based 17:35-17:50 Biodegradable Polymer Nanocomposites Zhaobin QIU
(ORS6-03) Light Stabilizer Conjugated Stearylate ChitosanNanoparticle: A Bio-based Additive for Radiation Sterilized 17:50-18:05 [18:00-18:20]
(INS9-03) Fabrication and Characterization of Bacterial Cellulose Wanvimol PASANPHAN
based Nanocomposite and Its Applications
Hyun-Joong KIM
(ORS6-04) Regenerated Cellulose Fibre Reinforced Casein Films: Effect of Plasticizer and Fibre Content
Chair: Yong Hwan KIM
(3) September 28, 2013 Sat
Registration (HIT 6F, Hanyang University) Chair: In-Joo CHIN
09:00-09:30 (PL06) Perspective of Thai Bioplastics Industry Pipat WEERATHAWORN
Chair: Soo Hyun KIM
(PL07) Bacterial Inclusions as Nanodevices for Applications in
Bernd H. A. REHM
S6-2 Applications of Biobased Polymers
S7 Industrial Production of Biobased Polymers
Chair: Dae Young LIM, Daniel HEBERT
Chair: Hee Jong LEE, Nariaki ISHII
(INS6-05) Biodegradable Polymer Performance made (INS7-01) Industrial Production of Biobased Polymers at SK Daniel HEBERT
Tayoung KIM
(INS7-02) Highly Functional Bioplastics Used for Electronic (INS6-06) New Polymerization Process for Biobased Products: Polylactic Acid Composites and Cardanol-Bonded 10:40-11:00 Poly(trimethylene terephthalate) using Kneader Reactor Chang Hyeon KIM
Masatoshi IJI
(INS6-07) Enzymatic Application on Biobased Textiles (INS7-03) Synthesis of Polyamides using Bio-based Monomers 11:00-11:20 So Hee LEE
Hee Jong LEE
(INS6-08) Nanocellulose and Its Thermoplastic Nonwoven (INS7-04) Recent Bio-based Polymers Developed by UNITIKA; Dae Young LIM
Nariaki ISHII
(ORS6-09) Dye Sorption and Swelling of PVA Hydrogels in (INS7-05) Synthesis of Poly(ethylene terephthalate-co-ethylene Katmiwati ENDANG
Sang-Hyun PARK
(ORS6-10) Rapid Gene Delivery System for Plant using Fusion (INS7-06) The Bio-based Plastics Business Situation in Japan and the JBPA Biobased Plastics Products Certification System Keiji NUMATA
(ORS6-11) Technology Development for the Production of Lactic (ORS7-07) Preparation of Cellulose Acetate Aerogels using CO 12:10-12:25 Acid and Poly Lactic Acid using Agricultural Waste Jongwon KANG
Nguyen Thi MAI



20. Nisbet AP, Foster OJ, Kingsbury A, Eve DJ, Daniel SE, Marsden40. Berkowitz BA. The relationship of pharmokinetics to pharmaco-CD, Lees AJ. Preproenkephalin and preprotachykinin messengerlogical activity, morphine, methadone and naloxone. Clin Pharma-RNA expression in normal human basal ganglia and in Parkinson’sdisease. Neuroscience 1995;66:361–376. 41. Ngai SH, Berkowitz BA, Yang JC

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High purity catechol is used as a semiconductor photoresist remover or stripper with a very low metal content. CAS 120-80-9, MITI 3-543, EINECS 204-427-5, TSCA registered * High purity hydroxylamine sulfate (High purity HAS) High purity HAS is used as a semiconductor photoresist remover or stripper certified for extremely low metal content (Na, Ca; less than 100 ppb; Fe, less than 50 ppb

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