New Listings
Change in insulin pump model
Pharmac has recently started to fund insulin pumps and
consumables. Prior to the listing of these devices, it was up to each
DHB to decide how and indeed if they would fund them. The first
pump to be listed was the Animas 2020; however this has now been
upgraded to the Animas Vibe insulin pump and will be listed fully
subsidised in the Pharmaceutical Schedule from 1 November 2012
for patients with a valid Special Authority approval. This model will
replace the currently listed Animas 2020. All Animas insulin pump
consumables listed are compatible with the Animas Vibe pump. Further details of this change are available on the PHARMAC website
From 1 November 2012, the Special Authority criteria applying
Overactive bladder
to Sutent (sunitinib 12.5 mg, 25 mg and 50 mg capsules) will be From 1 November 2012, the Arrow-Tolterodine brand of tolterodine amended to include full funding for patients with imatinib refractory, 1 mg and 2 mg tablets will be listed in the Pharmaceutical Schedule. or intolerant, unresectable or metastatic malignant gastrointestinal Tolterodine tablets will be fully funded subject to Special Authority criteria for patients with overactive bladder and a documented intolerance of oxybutynin.
Azithromycin amendment of restriction
From 1 November 2012, the restriction applying to azithromycin
granules for oral liquid (Zithromax) will be amended to remove the The Loniten brand of minoxidil 10 mg tablets will be listed in the subsidy by endorsement. This will be replaced by restriction of 5 days Pharmaceutical Schedule from 1 November 2012. The tablets will be subsidised supply, which can be waived by endorsement for patients fully funded subject to Special Authority criteria for severe refractory with cystic fibrosis or have received a lung transplant and require hypertension which has failed to respond to extensive multiple treatment for specified infections. The five day dose is particularly Voriconazole
The Vfend brand of voriconazole 50 mg and 200 mg tablets and
powder for oral suspension 40 mg per ml will be listed in the Pharmaceutical Schedule from 1 November 2012. Vfend will be Cephalexin oral liquid
fully funded subject to Special Authority criteria for invasive fungal The current supplier (Sandoz) of cephalexin oral liquid (125 mg per infections in immunocompromised patients.
5 ml and 250 mg per 5 ml) has exhausted its stock in New Zealand. There are no other registered suppliers of cephalexin oral liquid in Valganciclovir
New Zealand, so this antibiotic will be unavailable until further stock From 1 November 2012 valganciclovir 450mg tablets (Valcyte) will be listed in the Pharmaceutical Schedule. Valcyte will be fully funded Cephalexin oral liquid is anticipated to be out of stock until the end subject to Special Authority criteria for the prophylaxis and treatment of 2012. We will alert you when stock becomes available. of cytomegalovirus (CMV) in immunocompromised patients and patients receiving a solid organ or bone marrow transplant.
Discontinuation of Surgam tablets
Sanofi has provided advanced notice that it is discontinuing the
supply of the Surgam brand of tiaprofenic acid 300 mg tablets. Seven strengths of the Fragmin brand of dalteparin sodium injection Sanofi anticipate that Surgam will be discontinued on or before will be listed in the Pharmaceutical Schedule from 1 November 2012. 1 May 2013 as the current stock expiry date is 31 October 2013. Dalteparin sodium will be fully funded subject to Special Authority There are a number of alternative non-steroidal anti-inflammatory Pharmaceutical Management Agency - Clinicians’ Newsletter - November 2012 Since the 1st of July PHARMAC has become responsible for the management and prioritisation of funded vaccines. The Ministry of Health remains responsible for the immunisation targets and your local DHB is responsible for the immunisation benefit. We intend to set up an Immunisation Subcommittee of PTAC which will be made up of members of the Ministry of Health’s Immunisation Therefore funding for vaccines is included in the general The PHARMAC Seminar Series provides high quality educational Pharmaceutical Budget and vaccines will compete against other seminars for a range of health professionals. The seminars are held in Wellington and the cost to attend is $100 + GST. PHARMAC covers the cost of travel, including flights, to and from the seminar and provides The current Tender for vaccine supply (run by the Ministry of Health) remains in place and is due for renewal from 1 July 2014. PHARMAC will likely run a Tender process for vaccines in June of 2013 (as per the
Feedback from delegates attending the seminars include: As clinicians you should not notice any difference in your day to day immunisation claiming and there are no changes to the existing immunisation schedule.
“A dynamic and
insightful seminar.
“Very well
Well prepared and would
organised -
thoroughly recommend it
good short and
“An excellent overview,
to other colleagues.
‘punchy’ topic
valuable for heads
I probably would have taken
Both presenters’ delivery
of clinical care”
a year to gain this much
of topics excellent”
knowledge on the job”
Endocrine Update: Managing Your
GP’s, Pharmacists and other front line health professionals dealing with Challenging Patients in Primary Care
This seminar is aimed at GPs and hospital doctors but nurses and Advanced Dermatology
pharmacists are welcome if they have a basic understanding of diagnosis.
Diabetes and Pregnancy Complications
This seminar is aimed towards LMC practitioners or practitioners providing care to women during pregnancy.
Practical Management of Childhood
Anyone involved in child health in both primary and secondary settings – GPs, practice nurses, Plunket nurses, public health nurses, paediatricians.
ISSN 2230-4703 (Print)ISSN 2230-4711 (Online) Special Authority Queries: 0800 243 666 General Questions: 0800 66 00 50 (9am – 5pm Monday to Friday)Online version of Prescriber newsletter: newsletter:
Newsletter feedback: email [email protected]Please note this is not a complete reference to all changes occurring from 1 November 2012, for the full reference; please consult your Update to the Pharmaceutical Schedule.



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