Science Contest in Taiwan

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_____1. It is a process whereby a fluid spreads from a more concentrated area to a less Answer: A. diffusion
_____2. When masses of cold and warm air meet, they form a/ an ________. Answer: A. front
_____3. The transfer of pollen grains from one flower to the stigma of another flower of the same A. cross-pollination B. self-pollination Answer: A. cross-pollination
_____4. A neutral atom consists of charged particles. The negatively-charged particle surrounding Answer: A. electron
_____5. Lymphocytes are one of the major types of white blood cells. Which endocrine gland stimulates the production of lymphocytes? Answer: B. thymus
_____6. A person gets infected by hepatitis A – causing bacteria. Which part of the body does Answer: B. liver
_____7. A blood vessel that carries mostly deoxygenated blood towards the heart is the ________. Answer: D. vein
_____8. What do you call the position of the moon farthest from the Earth? Answer: A. apogee
_____9. In plants, fertilization takes place when ________. A. the sperm nucleus unites with the egg cell of the volume. B. seeds begin to germinate. C. pollen grains fall from the petals D. fruit begins to form Answer: A. the sperm nucleus unites with the egg cell of the ovule.
_____10.If sound waves were to travel from one end to the other of each block at the same starting time, where will the sound reach the other end first? Answer: B. railroad track
_____11.Atoms of the same elements have the same atomic numbers but may have different mass numbers. This species is called ________. Answer: C. isotopes
_____12.It is the imaginary line that divides the earth into two halves: the northern and the southern Answer: D. equator
_____13.All planets revolve around the sun in a certain path called ‘orbit’. The sphere of the earth’s Answer: B. elliptical
_____14.A waling-waling is attached to a tree. It is example of a relationship known as ________. Answer: D. commensalism
_____15. The attraction of the molecules of a substance to the molecules of the same substance is Answer: C. cohesion
_____16.More than 300 years ago, Robert Hooke used a primitive microscope to observe the box- like cavities in slices of cork. These compartments are found to be the structural and functional unit of life. They are now called ________. Answer: B. cells
_____17.Scientists have found that the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased significantly in the past years causing a rise in the global temperature. The trapping of heat radiation in the earth’s atmosphere is known as the ________. Answer: C. greenhouse effect
_____18.It is a state of matter that is composed of electrically charged atomic particles. Answer: plasma
_____19.The rhythmic expansion and contraction of blood vessels caused by the pressure of the Answer: D. pulse
_____20.The moon and the sun exert a gravitational pull on earth causing a change in the water level of the oceans. What do you call this rise and fall in water level? Answer: D. tide
_____21. In females, what do you call the hormone whose function is important for the occurrence Answer: C. progesterone
_____22. The hormone responsible for the development of secondary male characteristics is Answer: C. testosterone
_____23. It states that the Earth’s crust is broken into small pieces. This theory is ________. Answer: C. Plate Tectonic Theory
_____24. It is the ability of a substance to scratch another substance. Answer: C. hardness
_____25.When food is swallowed, it is involuntarily pushed along the esophagus. What do you call the ‘wavelike’ motion of the muscles in this tube? Answer: A. peristalsis
_____26. Liza fills a drum with water. If she makes three equal holes on the side of it at different heights, which of following best represents the situation? Answer: A.
_____27. If after the first heating the substance is said to exhibit the same chemical properties as the original one, what could have been the cause of the decrease in mass? Answer: C. it gives off water vapor
_____28. What kind of change occurred after the second heating? _____29. A positively charged atom is called a (an) ________ Answer: B. cation
_____30. Which of the following is NOT an example of matter? Answer: C. light

Source: http://imso.ph/pdf/2004/imso/2004IMSOScience-ans.pdf


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