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Table 1
Pharmacokinetic parameters in sheep given ceftizoxime alone (Group I) and meloxicam co-treatment (Group II).

* P<0.05; **P<0.01Group I, Only Ceftizoxime; Group II: Ceftizoxime + MeloxicamA, zero time drug concentration at distribution phase; B, zero time drug concentration at elimination phase; α, regression coefficient fordistribution phase; β, regression coefficient for elimination phase; Cp 0, theoretical zero time plasma drug concentration; t α, half life of distribution phase; t β, half life of elimination phase; AUC, area under the plasma concentration curve; MRT, mean residual time ; Cl total , volume of distribution in total area under curve; K rate of drug diffusion from peripheral to central compartment; K , rate of drug diffusion from the central to peripheral compartment; K / K , elimination rate constant from central compartment; P/C, drug concentration ratio in peripheral/central compartment.
Distribution of drug begins, as soon as it enters suggested that higher CZX concentration was present in to blood circulation and it is completed when the drug has peripheral compartment of animals given CZX alone. This reached all possible sites. Obviously, volume of distribution may be due to reduced tissue distribution of CZX in meloxicam co-treated animals. However, the mean values properties of the drug. In the present study, Vd of P/C ratio of CZX observed in the present investigation II was lower than group I. It may be possible that were much lower than P/C ratio for ceftriaxone in buffalo administration of meloxicam along with CZX affected the distribution of drug and most of the drug (CZX) remained From the present study, it can be concluded that in systemic circulation and was not transferred in other meloxicam co-treatment enhances the plasma body fluids. Probencid co-treatment was reported to alter concentration of CZX possibly by reducing its tissue the pharmacokinetics of CZX (Le Bel et al., 1983). It distribution. However, meloxicam administration has no increased area under the serum concentration time curve effect on half life of CZX. Further studies are required to by 49%. In the present study also, AUC of CZX was about elucidate the underlying mechanisms behind present 22% higher in animals co-treated with meloxicam in comparison to animals given CZX alone.
In the present study Cl was lower in group II REFERENCES
animals. Value of Cl depends on rate of blood flow and Ahangar, A.H. and Srivastava, A.K. (2000).
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decreased hepatic blood flow. However, in a study, Lode et al. (1983) observed much higher value of Cl Baggot, J.D. (1977). Principles of drug disposition in (151.00±33.00 ml/kg/min) for CZX in man than that observed domestic animals. In: The Basis of Veterinary in the present study. This may be due to multiple doses of Clinical Pharmacology, 1st Edn. W.B. Saunders CZX given in that experiment as well as species variation Dardi, M.S., Sharma, S.K. and Srivastava, A.K. (2005).
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