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Technology in much of the industry is seriously Letters to the Editor cont.
dated, other participants noted. Some of the largest entities in racing, including the Japan Racing I have been training for over thirty years and feel that Association, the HKJC and Australia's Tabcorp, rely on if we do not clean our own house and do it in a hurry, betting systems developed 15 to 30 years ago, said we are going to lose more of our precious horses and Christophe Leray, PMU's chief information officer.
fans. I think that the biggest issue that we al face is There is no market standard in terms of software, he the drug problem with racing and the biggest drug issue concerns the use of lasix. The lasix issue is a very While there were no breakthrough advancements complicated issue and even though people claim to announced at the forum, two totalizator companies know the truth, no one real y knows. I took a couple of operating in North America revealed some new horses off of lasix this summer to try and find out where I stand and to feel confident that they would not Keith Johnson, vice president of marketing/technical bleed, I also did not give them any of the pre-race sales for AmTote International, said that company has meds, bute, banamine, azium ect. I feel that the pre- finished testing with PMU and is readying to provide race meds set a horse up to bleed. I had surgery this France's jackpot wager, Quinte Plus, to its customers.
past year and the doctor real y stressed not to take any AmTote plans to fol ow with Sweden's jackpot V75 bet nsaids within a week of the surgery due to the risk of bleeding. We al ow our horses to get the NSAIDS 24 Meanwhile, Sportech has signed a strategic out from the race and then scratch our heads and agreement with Longitude LLC to develop sports wonder why they bleed!! The two horses that I did this betting in single pools. Longitude, with servers in New with, Herculon and Mad Dancer, did not bleed. It is a York, is relying on patented calculations developed by trade off, as both horses did have minor problems that financial traders that can assemble al bet types in a the pre-race meds might have helped and you have to single pool and calculate odds for each type.
wonder if the 20 to 30 pounds that the horses lose Ian Hogg, chief executive of Sportech in the United because of the lasix would make a big diffrence. The Kingdom and online, said the company considered sad part is that on the days that they ran, they were working with Longitude on horse racing, but the only horses for the whole day that ran without determined there were too many organizations to deal lasix. In hindsight and thinking it through, I feel that with in the sport to make it likely to succeed. Herculon would have run better with the pre-race meds "We'l go live with single pools and see if it works," and lasix and Mad Dancer was better off without it.
Hogg said. "It fits with our ideas of innovation." Both horses recovered from the races much better than Sportech also has signed a strategic relationship with they did when they got the lasix, so I felt very good about that and could bring them back on a quick return if needed. My honest opinion is that only about 25% of the horses would bleed if they were not given any of the pre-race meds and if the pre-race meds are in play then 75% wil bleed. My opinion as wel as al the other trainers, owners, vets and gamblers means nothing without proof so I came up with an idea that I feel wil resolve the issue and let us know the direction we need to take within three months. The idea is to have 10 As Rob Whiteley's commentary (click here) explained racetracks across the country have 2 races per day that in depth, since 2007, the chal enges which commercial are drug free or limit the drugs. These races wil either breeders face have steadily expanded to the point that have a bonus for the trainers or simply enhance the it is rapidly becoming a "rich man's' game.@ Salvaging a purses so we get the maximum parcipitation. Have 2yo, break even position year after year via a breakout sale 3yo, 4yo and up, fil ies and colts, long and short. Have on 15% of production is not a viable business plan, it's races where pre-race meds are al owed but no lasix, have races where nothing is al owed at al . After each race, every horse in the race is scoped by a Racing Commision Vet and have the records very wel documented. In three months we wil have a 10,000- 12,000 horse research project that wil let us know exactly where we stand and let us know for sure what needs to be done. We wil not be counting on some smal study that was done in South Africa years ago. I know that this wil be a very expensive experiment but My name is Glenn Thompson and I am a trainer and feel that it is the most important thing we can do and the author of the book "The Tradition of Cheating in the hope that the racing community can pitch in and get it


Very preliminary program

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CANINE DISTEMPER IN FERRETS This handout reviewed by Dr. Mark Burgess of Southwest Animal Hospital in Beaverton, Oregon (503) 643-2137. Transmission Canine (dog) distemper is an airborne virus that can be transmitted from direct or indirect contact with an infected animal. It can be transmitted from your clothing, shoes, or from your skin for at least 8 hours after exposure. In other

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