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ADDICTION DVDs Owned by Curtin Memorial LibraryCall Number Title Nine part television series that explores the way science has looked into the mind throughout history - from psychoanalysis to neuroscience.
Within a single generation, digital media and the World Wide Web have transformed virtually every aspect of modern culture, from the way we learn and work to the ways in which we socialize and even conduct war. But is the technology moving faster than we can adapt to it? And is our 24/7 wired world causing us to lose as much as we've gained? In Digital Nation: Life on the Virtual Frontier,FRONTLINE presents an in-depth exploration of what it means to be human in a 21st-century digital world.
Bill Moyers explores the issues of drug and alcohol addiction. Each program looks at different aspects of addiction and recovery, with shared experiences of addicts and those helping them toward recovery.
[v.1]. Portrait of addiction (57 min.) [v.2]. The hijacked brain (57 min.)--[v.3]. Changing lives (81 min.)--[v.4]. The next generation (57 min.)-[v.5]. The politics of addiction (57 min.).
Many people who are mentally ill are also addicted to drugs or alcohol. These are separate problems thatrequire separate treatments, yet few people have beendiagnosed correctly for both conditions.
This program profiles a woman who is manic depressive and alcoholic, and a man with schizophrenia who is also alcoholic. Dr. Fred Goodwin, director of the National Instituteof Mental Health, explains ongoing research that may help identify and treat adolescents before they begin to experience problems.
Intended primarily for drug abuse counselors, this video provides a detailed look at the biologicalbasis of drug addiction. Through animation and interviews with experts in the field, viewers willcome to understand how the brain's reward systemoperates and how drug abuse can causefundamental changes in how the brain works.
(Produced by the National Institute on Drug Abuse) Speed. Meth. Glass. On the street, methamphetamine has many names. What started as a fad among motorcycle gangs in the 1970s has become big business, largely due to the efforts of two Mexican drug runners who began smuggling ephedrine- the same chemical used to make over-the-countercold remedies- into California by the ton.
Hundreds of illegal meth labs are now operatingin the western United States, and the effects aresweeping the nation. From coast to coast,methamphetamine abuse is on the rise, but who'sresponsible? Is the government doing enoughto crack down on this latest drug craze?Frontline, in a reporting partnership with TheOregonian, investigates America's addiction to methand exposes the inherent conflict between the illegal drug trade and the legitimate three-billion-dollarcold remedy business.
Explores the use of heroin among young, suburban women and their descent into addiction.
ALCOHOL -- Episode 9 Cristine); Episode 10 (Kelly); Episode 13 (Michael); Episode 15 (Howard) Episode 27 (Tammi); Episode 33 (Laurie)Episode 45 (Leslie ); Episode 82 (Chris) BULEMIA Episode 18 (Salina)Episode 22 (Annie); Episode 33 (Jessie) CRYSTAL METH Episode 4 (Brian); Episode 5 (Sara) Episode 18 (Troy); Episode 27 (Daniel) CUTTING Episode 3 (Tamela); Episode 18 (Salina)Episode 22 (Amy); Episode 95 (Danielle) DRUGS Episode 13 (Brooks); Episode 24 (Gina)Episode 89 (Jason--Columbine survivor) GAMBLING Episode 4 (Alissa); Episode 8 (Tina); Episode 24 (Gina); Episode 59 (Lawrence) HEROIN Episode 15 (Audrey); Episode 16 (Adam) HUFFING In-Depth Special: HuffingEpisode 68 (Allison) METHAMPHETAMINE (IV) Episode 17 (Michelle)In-Depth Special: Meth Mountain PAINKILLERS Episode 1 (Alyson)Episode 10 (Mark); Episode 33 (Laurie)Episode 63 (Sandra); Epsidoe 95 (Danielle) PLASTIC SURGERY Sharon; Episode 17 (Heidi) VIDEO GAMES Episode 7 (Peter)presentation.
Explains the dangerously addictive nature of anorexia and bulimia, and their possible effects on thecardiovascular and central nervous systems.
A nutritionist demonstrates the extremes to whichpeople with these eating disorders commonly go intheir addiction.
Each 60-minute episode of Hoarders is a look inside the lives of different people whose inability to part with their belongings is so out of control that they are on the verge of a personal crisis.
CONTENTS: Pilot: Linda, Steven. -- Jennifer and Ron, Jill. Kerrylea, Lauren. -- Parry, Bill. -- Paul, Missy and Alex.
-- Shirley, Jack.
Compulsive hoarding may be linked to obsessive compulsive disorder, or to Alzheimer's and other dementias. This engaging personal documentary profiles the families of the filmmaker and her cinematographer, whose lives have been shapedby the "packrat" behavior of a family member.
14-part series that strives to break through the myths and explain what addiction really is, what causes itand how to get the best available treatments.
Doctors from Brown University's School of Medicine and Harvard Medical School talk with hostKat Carney about the psychological, physiological, and genetic components of addiction whileconsidering treatments such as hypnotherapy,naltrexone therapy, and experimental vaccines.
Some of the medical outcomes of addiction, including lung cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, and clinical depression, are also discussed, as well asa new form of dependency: addiction to the Internet.
This program analyzes current research regarding chemical use and abuse, and the nature of addictionand dependency, whatever the substance.
Constant Craving: The Science of Addiction Chemical addiction is now being treated like a disease, and a cure appears to be on the horizon. Approachingthe topic of heroin, cocaine, alcohol, and nicotine addiction from a biological perspective, this program features new research into the meso-limbic rewardpathway and efforts to implement treatments basedon that research using Zyban, Naltrexone implants, and even a cocaine vaccine. Spectacular 3-D graphics, high-tech medical imaging, and case studies addemphasis to the findings of Nora Volkow, Anna Rose Childress, Tom Kosten, and other experts.
Footage of the first human trial of the cocaine vaccineat Yale University is included. A BBC Production.
Describes the latest developments in drug abuse treatment research. The video explains that drug addiction is a treatable disease when state-of the-artapproaches are taken.
(Produced by National Institute on Drug Abuse,National Institutes of Health) A young heroin addict in Edinburgh tries to kick the habit but his junkie friends aren't making it easy for him.
Shows how cocaine works and how it causes serious addiction, even death. Includes a quiz at end of report about all aspects of cocaine addiction.
Explains the latest research on schizophrenia, depression, and addictions. Also profiles individuals with these conditions and shows how the conditionshave affected the lives of the individuals and theirfamilies.
A presentation on various mental disorders, such as schizophrenia, Alzheimer's, depression, delirium, and psychosomatic illness. (13 volumes)v. 7 -- Obsessive-compulsive disordersv. 8 -- Eating disorders Harry, his best friend Tyrone, his girlfriend Marion, and his mother all struggle with drug addiction against abackdrop of the abandoned beaches and faded glory ofConey Island, Brooklyn.
A young, hotshot real-estate broker has a drug abuse problem he refuses to acknowledge. When he gets in trouble with his company and the law, he decides to hide out in a detox program. What he doesn't count on is that the drug rehab program will force him to face himself, admit his addiction and come clean.
A high school teacher with a drug habit finds a friendship in an unlikely source - one of his troubled students. Will their relationship help them or harm them? Depicts the rise to stardom of comedian Lenny Bruce and his fatal decline through drug addiction.
A high-flying party girl gets herself a DUI and 28 days in rehab -- and ends up discovering that real happiness must come from within.
Alice and Michael are a passionate couple whose once- marriage is rocked by her increasing dependence onalcohol. As they strive to overcome this challenge, they discover a renewed sense of love and commitment.


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