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The Ayurvedic system of Medicine is Prevalent in India since the Vedic period or in fact from the dawn of the human civilization itself. The herbal formulations generally have no side effects if the herbs are grown organically in a healthy soil. Several herbal products are available in the market but it has been seen that these products are not as effective as claimed. The reason behind it is not maintaining the quality of the products properly. The herbal section of MGIRI has developed some herbals products, good in quality and proved to be very effective. The booklet gives a brief description of the method of preparation and formulation of ƒ Herbal Mehendi: The product is suitable for conditioning of hair.
ƒ Herbal Hair Tonic: It prevents hair fall and removes dandruff.
ƒ Herbal Hair Oil: It prevents hair fall.
ƒ Vatnashak Oil: Useful in all types of joint pains, backache, Sciatica.
ƒ Herbal Tea: Good for heart and provides an overall tonic effect to the body.
(1) Equipments
Pulverizer, Mixer, Iron & Steel Vessels, spoon, oven, etc. (2) Capacity: 5 kg
(3) Raw Materials:
Sr. no. Common Name
Part used
The raw materials for the herbal formulation could be collected from the forest or (4) Method:
All the raw materials should be dried in Sun for 1-2 hrs and than grinded in a mixer grinder to make into a powder. Sieve the powder. Mix all the raw materials properly. Product may be packed in 100-200 gm packets. 100 gm Mehendi powder is mixed with 200 ml water in an iron pan (kadahi). Then it is kept for 5-6 hours and applied on the hair by using a brush and washed off after 2- HERBAL HAIR TONIC & HERBAL HAIR OIL
Loss of hairs is usually associated with aging effect. In modern times, for various reasons, this problem is being faced even by youth. Hair tonics and herbal hair oil help (1) Equipment:
Pulverizer, Mixer, Gas cylinder, Iron & Steel vessels, Spoon, Oven, etc. (2) Capacity: 5 liters
(3) Raw Materials:
Common Name
(4) Method for preparation of Hair Tonic:
All the raw materials should be dried in sun for 1-2 hours and then grinded in a mixer to make a coarse powder and soaked in 3 liters of water for 10 hours in an iron pan (kadhai). Boil the content for 30 minutes. Filter the contents with the help of a fine cotton fabric. Keep the filtrate. Repeat the process three times with the materials left after filtration on the fabric. All the filtrate materials mixed well and boiled to reduce Two grams each of Methyl-p-hydroxybenzoate and Methyl-4-hydroxybenzoate added to the final solution as preservative. The preservative is water based only. (5) Use of Hair Tonic:
The liquid is applied to hair using raw cotton, left for two hours and then washed off (6) Method for preparation of hair oil
Take 5 liters of hair tonic as prepared above without preservative. It is heated to 1000C along with 5 liters of coconut oil. Heat the contents continuously until the water gets evaporated. It can be checked by dipping raw cotton in the liquid and burning the cotton on a flame. If the cotton burns without clerking sound, it means water is removed. (7) Use of Hair Oil:
The oil is applied on hair and left for a maximum of 24 hours, then washed with HERBAL VATNASHAK OIL
(1) Formulation
The formulation is based on Sarangadhara Samhita. The ingredients divided into three sub-heads in accordance with the method of preparation, viz. Base constituents, Kvath Dravya and kalka Dravya as given below: (2) Capacity: 1.5 Ltrs.
(3) Raw Materials:
(a) Base Constituents
Common Name
Common Name
Common Name
(4) Method:
(a) Step I
750 grams of dried Shatavari is added to 6 liters of water. It is boiled (1000C) and reduced to 1.5 liters. The solution is filtered and kept separately. (b) Step II
The kwatha dravyas are collected, cleaned and grinded in a mixer grinder to make a coarse powder. The entire mixture of fourteen kwattha dravya ingredients (each 50 gms) is boiled (1000C) along with 5600 ml of water. The mixture is boiled to reduce (c) Step III
Heat the Til Oil for 5-10 minutes (temp. 800 C) and add 50 gms of Manjistha powder in the warm oil. This process is called murchana. This procedure helps in cleaning (d) Step IV
All the ingredients listed under the list of kalka dravyas are collected and grinded in a grinder. The grinded material is soaked in 500 ml water. (e) Step V
The Murchit oil+kalka+kwatha+cow milk+shatawari rasa are mixed together. The whole mixture is heated together on low flame temp. 800 C (Mrudu agni). This process of heating is continued until the water content is completely evaporated. The oil is said to be ready when the kalka i.e. the solid part inside the oil rolls in between the fingers and forms into a pencil shape or Batti. It can also be checked by dipping raw cotton in material and burning the cotton on a flame. If the cotton burns without cracking sound, it means water is removed. Finally when the oil cools down, it is Apply over the affected part and lightly massage. It can be used for all types of joint (6) Field Trials
Feedback from various arthritis patients is very encouraging. It has been done with around 50 persons. It has been found very effective in comparison to the similar HERBAL TEA
(1) Equipment
Pulverizer, Mixer, Iron & Steel Vessels, spoon, oven, etc. (2) Capacity: 5 kg
(3) Raw Materials:
Sr. No. Common Name
Part used
(4) Method:
All the raw materials should be dried in Sun for 1-2 hrs; grinded in a mixer grinder to make powder and then sieved. Mix the all the ingredients properly. Product may be Take one gm of herbal tea powder and pour in 1 cup of milk, boiled for 5 to 10 minutes. Add sugar as required. Filter the tea and use. The Herbal tea is healthy, refreshing and helps maintain normal blood pressure. For further information please contact


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