Discover the secrets of a Mushroom Masterchef! Join Paulo Siqueira, the
charismatic Brazilian Mushroom Chef and author, and Media personality Bob Hart
(as heard on 3AW), for an extreme mushroom master class.
Paulo is an author of culinary cookbooks in his native Portuguese tongue as English and is currently seen on FOX TELEVISION - BRAZIL - 3 times a week, starring in the new gastronomical series - 'HOMENS GOURMET'.
When: Saturday 10th July 2010 at 12 noon
Where:Prahran Market square This is a free event
Decaf coffee - decaffeinated without chemicals
Many people are choosing to drink decaffeinated coffee for a variety of reasons. However, did you know not all decaffeination processes are the same? In most decaffeination methods, chemical solvents such as methylene chloride or ethyl acetate are used to strip caffeine molecules from the green coffee bean. A chemical free alternative is decaffeinated coffee using the Swiss Water Process which uses 100% pure water to remove caffeine from beans until the coffee beans are 99.9% caffeine-free, while maintaining the bean's distinctive origin and Jaspers Coffee stocks a range of Swiss Water Process decaffeinated coffee Tel:
New in! Flower cuppys
The Essential Ingredient now have in these delightful pastry cups in the shape of flowers. Make your hors d'oeuvres look like a chefs! The Essential Ingredient Tel: 9827 9047
Forget green eggs and ham (so last year) try green (emu) eggs and truffles!
Prahran Market, has fresh Emu and Ostrich eggs for sale and truffles so fresh they were in the ground in Western Australia yesterday! Emu Eggs
• Fresh eggs can be refrigerated for over a month and frozen up to a year. • The taste is very similar to chicken eggs. However, when whipped, emu eggs are lighter and fluffier than chicken eggs. A cake, quiche, omelette, soufflé etc from Emu eggs will rise higher and sauces (eg hollandaise will be • One emu egg is roughly the equivalent of 8-12 medium chicken eggs. One Emu egg will make an omelette for 6 people. Fresh Emu eggs ($12.00 each) can be bought from the Eggs+ stall at Prahran Market. Owner Ivana also sells fresh hens eggs from her family's farm and fresh Eggs+ Tel: Ivana 0409 549 322.
Why not make your Emu egg omelette gastronomic perfection by adding the very best black truffles (Black Perigord Truffle -Tuber melanosporum) just in from Western Australia? While there are over 70 edible species of truffle, this is the species that is considered the most flavoursome.
Damian Pike Wild Mushroom Specialist is getting regular shipments flown in from the Wine and Truffle Company, Manjimup, Western Australia. They are so fresh they were often in the ground only the day before! Damian Pike 0411 438 465.
Gnocci Meal Deal
The Fresh Pasta Shop has a great Gnocci Deal on at the moment. 2 tubs of home made gnocci + home made sauce and cheese = $15.00 and for 3 tubs plus sauce and cheese = $20.00! You can choose between plain gnocci and their delicious mixed gnocci - spinach, pumpkin, tomato, carrot, mushroom and capsicum The Fresh Pasta Shop Tel: 9824 1244
Sensational biscuit dough - ready to bake
It's freezing outside. What's better to warm you up than a cup of tea and a freshly If you are in a hurry or have drop in guests, Pete n Rosies now have a delicious range of "Baked by Mum" ready made cookie dough that is ready to just cut up There is seven flavours available including two gluten free doughs. Home baked Pete n Rosies Deli Tel: 9826 1260
Don't forget - free cooking demonstrations every Thursday
Ask your own personal culinary expert all your questions and learn new tricks at our fabulous weekly demonstrations and tastings. We specifically tailor our cookery demonstrations to use the best seasonal produce in the market at the time so you can enjoy the freshest and most flavoursome produce.
Location: Permanent Miele Kitchen, Fruit and Vegetable Hall (near Deli Arcade
Time: Every Thursday, 10:00am - 2:00pm FREE - come and go as you please and
1 July - Quinoa, lentils, faro and moghrabieh; salads, braises, stews and soups
8 July - Eggplant - Grilled, baked, rustic eggplant dip and eggplant salad -
15 July - Different things to do with sausages; quick meatballs, homemade
sausage rolls, stuffed cabbage leaves - Jackie Middleton 22 July - Sauces and dressings, saffron aioli, pesto, tapenade and classic
29 July - Shellfish - mussels, clams, pippies; knock-together pasta, shellfish
braise with chickpeas, remoulade with mussels, marinated - Jackie Middleton General Enquiries
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