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Builder - friend or enemy or frenemy?Interact with Prestige teams & decide! Builders construct houses which wechoose to make our homes, sweethomes. Builders are our best friends.
Builders delay the project, finishes areunsatisfactory, facility management is pathetic. Builders are our worst enemies.
Resolve issues
Ratify regulations
Interact with Prestige
Meet your Neighbours
Know your Association
Promote the Community
Saturday 4 June 2011
Make SN a ‘wow’ habitat
1000h onwards
Shantiniketan Clubhouse
*Members with their spouses and dependentsonly. Children below 18 years not encouraged.
For more details contact any Vice President Ashok Mishra
Ravi Pandey
Veeren Mishra
Not a member of the Shantiniketan Owner’s Association? Download the White Paper and Application Form.
Fill in and submit with 1,000/- entrance and 1,000/- annual fees as per instructions given in the Application Form PSAOWA Managing Committee Members - October 2010 to September 2011 (in alphabetical order)
Praveen Patel Chairperson - Tower05
Anuraag Rai Kochhar Chairperson-Tower17
V Purushotham Hon. Secretary
Arvind Padhi Chairperson-Tower10
Rajesh Bansal Chairperson - Tower15
Arun Kumar Chairperson-Tower20
K Ramesh Kumar Chairperson - Tower12
Ashok Mishra Hon. Vice President & Chairperson-Tower19
Ravi Pandey Hon. Vice-President & Chairperson-Tower16
Deviah MA Chairperson-Tower02
Sajid Khan Chairperson - Tower13
Jithesh KV Chairperson-Tower14
Sandeep Mittal Hon. President - Chairperson-Tower08
Joydip Majumdar Chairperson-Tower09
Vikram Bichal Chairperson - Tower04
Kshitij Sharma Hon. Jt. Secy & Chairperson - Tower18
Vamsi Krishna Hon. Treasurer, Chairperson-Tower03
Mahesh Agarwal IP President & Chairperson-Tower07
Veerendra Mishra Hon. VP, Chairperson-Clubhouse
Muthu Venkatachalam Chairperson - Legal
Venugopal Shetty Chairperson-Tower06
Narayanan M Hon. Joint Secretary & Chairperson-Tower23
Vishal Bansal Chairperson-Tower21
Neelam Agrawal Hon. Jt. Treasurer, Chairperson-Tower22
Vishesh Kumar Hon. Jt. Secy & Chairperson - Tower01
Parveen Ruhal Chairperson - Tower11
Wow! is a Shantiniketan inhouse hardcopy newsletter conceptualised by PSAOWA MC and planned for release once PSN tops 500+ residents.
E-wow is the e-version of Wow! as well as a e-newsletter prior to Shantiniketan Events being looped to owners and residents who are members of PSAOWA. E-wow! is looped on a casual, need-to-know basis.

Source: http://www.prestige-shantiniketan.com/wow/e-wow_B_3of12.pdf


Directeur(trice) Le Centre de santé et de services général(e) sociaux de Gatineau (CSSSG) est une organisation dynamique offrant une gamme complète de services de santé et sociaux à Les principaux défis plus de 230 000 personnes à Gatineau ainsi Vision  : Établissant la planification stratégique 2011-2015, le titulaire développera que des services spécialisé


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