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Make sure the frame suits your build and that you try it on with an added heavy load to make sure it is comfortable. It is possible to use a suitcase or duffel bag instead of a backpack. Consider any post-project travel as well… Will be used when you take day trips, or are spending your workday away from your home base. You may also want to bring a shoulder bag for going to the market or work. Some projects take place in areas where it gets very cool at night An alternative to a sleeping bag for warmer areas, or used to Even when you have a bed (which you may not), you’ll find them much thinner than what you are used to. Used for clotheslines, hanging your net, etc. Should be sturdy enough to last through the length of your Used only in the case of emergency or for post-project travel Biodegradable. You may want to bring a laundry brush as well. Either liquid or wipes Used to help keep hands clean at all times Headlamps are useful for night-time bathroom trips Change into local currency during a layover or upon arrival in You will hand wash often, so bring clothes that are easy to wash and quick to dry - white clothes are not recommended. Wear loose-fitting clothing and remember, it’s better to dress conservatively and modestly out of respect for local dress customs. Local community members usually take great pride in their dress and expect the same from you! Silk is a great material to keep cool and to keep warm – especially great for a sleeping bag liner/sleep sheet but they can get expensive. As far as footwear is concerned, walking around in sandals can make your feet very dirty and at night, if the mosquitoes are out, you’ll want to be able to tuck your pants into your shoes for extra protection. Sun hat and bandana Essential for sun protection Tank tops are not acceptable for women to wear in the communities. You can wear tank tops for sleeping or around the house. Your shoulders should be covered and the shirts should fit loosely. Shorts should be as long as where the ends of your fingers reach on your thighs. Capri-style pants are recommended for women. Lightweight cotton is recommended for longs at night. Alumni recommend jeans for going out, but Think business casual or what you would wear to 1 or 2 professional or Nice pair of pants/skirt & a job interview or important events or workshops. You may also want a nice top for dressier occasions. Pair of hiking/running Should be broken in Flip flops may also be available Must hold up to water exposure Other Items to Bring
So that you don’t hurt your hands with the work In case you don’t want your hiking/running shoes Keep in mind that you will not always be able to charge battery packs. Bring extra batteries with waterproof container with silica you from Canada – lithium batteries have been gel. Many volunteers have brought digital cameras without problems. It’s useful to have your own USB storage device for saving documents to move around to different Instant oatmeal, herbal tea and hot chocolate are great and of course, chocolate, candy or chips! It’s also nice to bring your favourite spice for flavouring. To compensate for a low-protein diet especially if you are a vegetarian, you may want to bring protein bars. Depending on how light a sleeper you are, you’ll want to consider bringing these. contacts require cleaning, bring solution with contact lenses. Frisbee, footballs, jacks, play dough, markers, hacky sack, deck of cards, crossword puzzles Good to combat homesickness and show community members where you are from, your family members, etc Volunteers often enjoy having a sketchbook or journal. Also bring your own notebook for work purposes. translation dictionary Gifts or donations for Stickers, pens or tattoos for kids. Canada flag pins community members & could give away doing or small coins, etc. Arts & crafts supplies or sports equipment always come in handy. Disposable cameras, youth/children's books, beads and You will be expected to provide your own personal medical kit to meet your everyday needs. PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE ALL OF THE ITEMS LISTED BELOW.
Either prescription or over the counter medications that you use on a regular basis. It is recommended that you bring a sufficient supply for the duration of your entire period of travel. Please discuss this with your doctor well in advance of departure, especially if you need to obtain any prescriptions. i.e. Imodium, Pepto-Bismol, Lomotil, Gastro-stop i.e. Gastrolyte (ask the pharmacist if you need help finding this item) i.e. Betadine, Provodine, Hydrogen peroxide (Individually wrapped alcohol swabs are NOT sufficient) Minimum SPF 30, sweat/water proof recommended


Abordaje farmacolÓgico del paciente agitado

ABORDAJE FARMACOLÓGICO DEL PACIENTE AGITADO Comisión de Farmacia y Terapéutica X.A.P de Santiago 1. AGITACIÓN ORGÁNICA Deben extremarse las precauciones por los riesgos que supone administrar a un paciente médicamente grave un depresor del SNC. Mientras se resuelve la causa de la agitación, se puede recurrir a la sedación - De primera elección: Haloperidol , 2.5-5 mg IM, re


Verbum Analecta Neolatina XI/1, pp. 167–187Italiano, Lingue Europee, Lingue Orientali (CLIEO) Abstract: This paper first presents some facts about the cultural background of young Italian people, showing subsequently a selection of the well-established characters of spoken and written juvenile Italian. Then it moves over to discuss the technological situation of Italy, also presenting a choic

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