Flexible, loose-laid, stabilising and damp-proofing underlay Description:
Flexible, fibre-glass underlay laid loose on the subfloor as astabilising, isolating and moisture impervious interlayer forbonding new textile, PCV, cushioned vinyl floor coveringsand linoleum** in interior locations. Physically separates thecovering from the substrate. For use as an exterior water-proofing membrane* only in conjunction with the UZINBalkoRapid System.
high dimensional stability, even under relatively heavy point-loading. Old floor coverings that contain asbestos can be left 3 all adequately sound and level surfaces intact, avoiding the need for extensive and cost-intensive 3 old and new surface finishes such as PVC and cushioned renovation work. Impervious and water-resistant, therefore vinyl, linoleum, parquet, stone and ceramic flooring, suitable for normal cleaning methods used on the surface 3 on surfaces unfit for direct installation (e. g. oil contam- ination or excess residual moisture) where damaging Composition: Polymer-bonded glass-fibre fleece.
interaction between subfloor and covering must be 3 when the covering must be bonded, but the surface of the subfloor must not be damaged and must be later 3 new textile, PVC and cushioned vinyl flooring with suit- able dispersion adhesives onto the stabilising underlay 3 Resistant to water and cleaning systems 3 as a waterproof membrane for balconies and terraces in 3 Provides impact-, sound- and thermal- insulation 3 domestic and commercial loacations and also exhibitions 3 conjunction with appropriate floor covering, for area ex- posed to castro wheels in accordance with DIN EN 12 529 Technical Data:
Not suitable for use on warm water underfloor heatingsystems.
Product Properties / Benefits:
Flexible, stabilising and isolating underlay sheet with cross- shaped latex-foam studs on the underside. The studs pro- vide an air-layer of approx. 1 mm thickness between the stabilising underlay and the substrate – the underlay serves as the surface for the new, bonded covering. It has an in-herent, stabilising stiffness for good load distribution and Other technical information available on request.
* Waterproofing membrane in the BalkoRapid System.
** When installing linoleum on, obtain technical advice.
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Substrate Preparation:
The substrate must be level, sound and clean. Cracks must Type of Covering
Trowel Notch Open Time
not be moving, Residual moisture must not exceed 2.0 CM% for calcium sulphate screeds and 5.0 CM% for cement screeds. Test the substrate in accordance with applicable standards and notices and report any deficiencies.
Existing coverings must be fully secured and free from maintenance materials or separating agents. Joints in cera- When using as a waterproof membrane in the UZIN Balko- Rapid System, refer to the special installation instructions.
Professionally prepared uneven surfaces (levels must meet Important Notes:
the requirements of DIN 18 202) and, if necessary, applyprimer and smoothing compound. Before laying out the 3 Store rolls standing. Protect the sides of the rolls from impact underlay, light abrasion and thorough cleaning of the sur- 3 Optimum working conditions are 18 – 25 °C / 64 – 77 °F, floor temperature above 15 °C / 59 °F, relative humidity below 75 %.
Always allow primers and levelling compounds to dry thor- Low temperatures and high humidity lengthen, high tempera- oughly. Refer to the Product Data Sheets for the UZIN tures and low humidity shorten the working-, setting- and products used, as well as the instructions of the covering 3 On wooden floors, and floors with high residual humidity, ensure adequate ventilation at the junction with walls, e. g.
using ventilated skirtings (source: WESER-Bauprofile GmbH,Tel: 05101-2057, 30966 Hemmingen.) Installation:
3 The maximum point-loading must not exceed 3 N / mm2. Cas- 1. Installing the underlay: Lay out and cut in the underlay
tor wheels must meet DIN EN 12 529. Goods handling vehiclesmust have pneumatic tyres of be equipped with ”Vulkollan” sheet parallel with the proposed direction of the new or solid rubber wheels. Fork-lift trucks, pallet trucks or electric covering but with joints off-set (min. 50 cm). Cut in any butt-joins as necessary. Side seams can, as a rule, be left 3 Not suitable for carpets with a distinct pattern repeat or seam untrimmed. Leave a gap of at least 3 mm against any zipper-effect and also textile coverings that do not have ade- fixtures, including other floor coverings. For cutting, use quate dimensional stability, especially natural fibre carpets.
3 For installation of linoleum onto UZIN RR 185, please obtain 2. Lay a paper strip under the joints of the underlay so as
technical advice. Composition linoleum products, with bondedunderlay, cannot be installed on UZIN RR 185.
to avoid adhesive contamination getting onto the sub-floor or bonding of the edges of the underlay. At junc- 3 During later floor renovation, the floor covering can be uplifted and disposed along with the attached underlay. Onto the tions between areas, and between rooms and hallways, exposed subfloor, a new installation on the stabilising underlay a trim must be fitted to separate the underlay and to allow movement on both sides of the junction.
3 Depending on the local lighting properties, a slight visibility 3. Bonding the surface covering: Installation of the new
of the joints in the stabilising underlay, in the case of floor covering onto the underlay is carried out according to coverings with visually sensitive surfaces or relatively thincoverings, cannot be completely excluded.
normal trade practice for „floor covering work”. Lay outboth underlay and covering and allow to acclimatise for 3 The following standards and notices are applicable and espe- cially recommended: DIN 18 365 ”Working with floor cover- 24 – 48 hours. Stresses in the covering should be neu- ings” / publication of the Federal Association for Screeds and tralised by back-rolling, including on the long edges, to Coverings (BEB) ”assessment and preparation of substrates – counteract the potential for lifting.
installation of resilient and textile floor coverings, laminates, parquet and wood-blocks – heated and unheated floor con- The underlay is not absorbent. To bond relatively im- pervious coverings (such as carpets with latexed orfoam backings, and PVC or cushioned vinyl), an UZINflooring adhesive is recommended that is suitable for Protection of the Workplace and the Environment:
non-absorbent surfaces. That is, e. g. Universal-Pressure- No special measures are required. Refer to the notes on protection of the workplaceand the environment in the Product Information Sheets for the other installation Sensitive Adhesive UZIN KE 2000 S or 2-Component Epoxy Adhesive UZIN KR 421 for PVC and cushionedvinyl. For carpets, Special Textile Adhesive UZIN UZ 90 Disposal:
or Universal Textile Adhesive UZIN UZ 57.
All product residues are treated as normal construction waste.
The above information is based on our experience and careful investigations. The variety of associated materials and different construction and working conditions cannot be indi-vidually checked or influenced by us. The quality of your work depends, therefore, on your own professional judgement and product usage. If in doubt, conduct a small test or obtaintechnical advice. Observe the installation recommendations of the covering manufacturer. The publication of this Product Data Sheet invalidates all previous Product Information.


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