Minutes 8.3.1

A meeting of the Parish Council was held at Rackenford School, on 8th March
Present: Cllr S Child (Chairman), Cllr M Lane (Vice Chairman), Cllr J Cox, Cllr G
Lamb, Cllr B Morrison, Cllr F Phillips, Cllr A Stone Cllr S Warne.
Parish Clerk Olwen Smith: Tel: 01398 341764 Anstice Cottage, East Knowstone, EX36 4DZ
2.1 To sign (if approved) the minutes of the 11th January 2011 meeting
After amendment the Chairman signed the minutes as correct. 2.2 To sign (if approved) the minutes of the 27th January 2011 Joint The Chairman signed the minutes as correct. Matters arising from the minutes (not on the agenda)

The clerk to check with the parishioner whether or not NDH had carried out
the required repairs to the adjoining property


Declarations of Interest
No declarations received.
The Bank Reconciliation was shown to the Parish Council with balances standing at: Proposal to pay the account as presented, al agreed. 5.3 Ratify chq re Rubber chipping for Play area Proposal to pay the account as presented, al agreed. Cl r Morrison advised that there would be further invoices to come. The chair wished to thank Cl r Morrison and Cl r Phil ips for the work that had been carried out so far. 5.4 HMRC new rules for payment of the Parish Clerk. The clerk explained that as from the new tax year 2011/12 the Parish Council would be required to register as an employer. The existing rules governing payments to the parish clerk wil be changed so as to come within the scope of PAYE. Planning
48021. Discharge of Conditions re Creacombe Parsonage Farm 51709 Erection of Agricultural workers dwel ing at Cob Castle Barton. After discussion it was agreed to write a letter of support for the application; however, two points of concern were raised for the attention of the case officer. First, it was noted that two units of measurement had been used in the application (Acres and Hectares) and this needed to be clarified. Second, two different maps showing the boundary appeared to differ in detail and again this needs clarification. 6.3 Applications received after agenda has been posted. Report from District Councillor
None received.


Highways & Footpaths
Cl r Warne reported that some work has been carried out on the The school to be asked to remove stickers from the main map area of Common: No concerns were raised regarding the area of the common. Children’s Play Area: Repairs wil need to be carried out at the Children’s Play area and the Hard Court. Cl r Child mentioned that Carolyn Cranch would be co-ordinating the Correspondence
The correspondence received since the last meeting was discussed and


Shop/Post Office
It was reported that the shop was doing very wel .


11.1 Review Election Procedure and Timetable The forthcoming election procedures and timetables were discussed. It was agreed that posters, advising parishioners how they could apply to stand for Parish Council or, would be distributed around the parish. Once the clerk received the application packs they would be distributed to any
of the existing council members as required.


Matters of Urgency raised by the Chairman
None reported.
Meeting closed at 9pm

Next Meeting Tuesday May 10th 2011 at 7.30.pm

Source: http://www.rackenford-devon.co.uk/parishcouncil/downloads2011/files/Minutes%208.3.11%20Draft.pdf

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