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https://set.kuleuven.be/phd/form/doctoraatsopleiding/entry.php Please complete the form below. By clicking on ‘submit’ below, the supplied information will be saved in the database of the administration. We apologize forasking you to fill out the same information twice; we are currently looking for a solution.
Please note: after you click on 'submit', you will receive a completed version of this form. This form must be signed by the appropriate persons. Hand in thesigned form at the administration of your faculty. You will also receive an e-mail with a link to the completed version. Please provide a valid e-mail address. You can check if you filled out the form correctly by clicking the preview button.
(please provide a valid e-mail address!) (*optional, if you are already a student at the K.U.Leuven) Previous university studies (Study year or Diploma | Country | University | Date | Study result) (You must send a copy of all certificates not acquired at K.U.Leuven to the administration of your faculty) 2002-2003 1 Ba Physics2003-2004 2 Ba Physics2004-2005 3 Ba Physics2005-2006 1 Ma Physics2006-2007 2 Ma Physics Title of the doctorate: working title doctorate project Short description of the intended doctoral research: research about the subject of my doctoral project Please provide the u-numbers of the supervisors/assessors. Based on the supervisor’s u-number, other information will be filled in automatic ly (name,department, department chair, etc.). If your supervisors and assessors do not have u-numbers, then you can fill in their names. Your supervisor with the finalauthority always has a u-number. You can look up this u-number on the K.U.Leuven website.
You have to register an supervisory committee within 3 months afterapproval of your application. You can do it now with the fields below or laterafter you are enrolled with the form onhttps://set.kuleuven.be/phd/form/forms.htm (change supervisorycommittee) https://set.kuleuven.be/phd/form/doctoraatsopleiding/entry.php preferably register them immediately and at the latest 3 months after registration. In casethey are not yet known you can register them later with the "Changesupervisory committee"- form) (*) If a u-number is provided, no name needs to be filled out.

Source: https://set.kuleuven.be/phd/doc/formspdf/requestIN.pdf


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Labor Bamberg Diagnostik und Therapie nach erfolgloser Helicobacter pylori -Eradikation In Deutschland sind ca. 20-30 Millionen Menschen mit Helicobacter pylori infiziert (ca. 30 %). Bei etwa 4-6 Millionen der Infizierten ist im Verlauf der Infektion mit Kom-plikationen wie einer Ulkuskrankheit (ca. 20 %), einem Magenkarzinom (< 1%) oder dem sehr seltenen MALT-Lymphom (

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