Heather West, (612) 724-8760, [email protected] Wausau and Spire Team to Provide Solar-Powered Curtainwall on Chicago’s Millennium Park Exelon Pavilions Wausau, Wis. (Aug. 2004) - Wausau Window and Wall Systems teamed with SpireSolar Chicago to provide 11,000-square-feet of SuperWall system with buildingintegrated photovoltaic (BIPV) panels for two, solar-powered Exelon Pavilions openingthis fall as part of Chicago’s new Millennium Park.
The two, black minimalist towers designed by Hammond Beeby Rupert AingeArchitects (HBRA) further the “greening” of Chicago by integrating solar technologyfor a self-sustaining, conserving energy source as funded through a grant fromCommonwealth Edison and its parent company Exelon Corp.
Steve Fronek, Wausau’s vice president of research and development, proudly notes,“Wausau brought to bear a unique combination of design and engineering disciplines toensure a safe, code-compliant, facade-integrated, photovoltaic array. At the same time,we ensured the weather resistance, structural integrity and performance standardsrecognized in all Wausau curtainwalls.” Helping achieve the goals on this fast-paced project, Wausau’s mechanical, civil andelectrical engineering team members worked closely with HBRA to maintain thePavilions’ intended design. Concurrently, Wausau’s engineers collaborated with Spireto meet the buildings’ solar power performance needs.
The certified BIPV curtainwall complies with the stringent test protocols ofUnderwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL), as well as with the National Electrical Code(NEC) and the Chicago Building Code. Once the UL listing was awarded for theapplication, Wausau manufactured and shipped its SuperWall system in factory-assembled ladder frames. The frames were painted by Linetec in Metro Black to matchthe color of Spire’s PV modules and panels.
General contractor Walsh Construction relied on Associated Glaziers of Chicago tomeet the constricted schedule and finish installation in only a few weeks time. “Walshhad confidence in us and Wausau had worked in advance with the architect, so eventhis late the game, it worked out well,” says Tony Lancia, sales manager withAssociated Glaziers.
He continues, “At our peak we had about 10 people in the field glazing nearly 1,000 PVpanels into Wausau’s SuperWall framework with the electrician following behind us. Thesolar panels are on four sides of each Pavilion and we installed 300 high-performance,low-E, clear glass units into Wausau’s system for the buildings’ entrances.” (page two/ Wausau and Spire Provide Solar-Powered Curtainwall at Millennium Park) Wausau’s research and product development manager, Tom Mifflin, explains that “inmost facade-integrated PV applications, the curtainwall manufacturer needs a detailedknowledge of PV design practices, the NEC and local codes to ensure that PVlaminates are adequately supported and compatible with all glazing compounds. Weconfirm that they are properly oriented and un-shaded to maintain power output. Wecheck that the curtainwall framing provides adequate protection and physical space forconnectors, conduits, strain relief and other facets of electrical good practice. We workclosely with photovoltaic industry consultants and manufacturers to integrate systems,as well as to bolster confidence in this emerging technology among the building teamand the end-users.” Chicago’s Exelon Pavilions are located on Randolph Street to the east and west of theJoan W. and Irving B. Harris Theater for Music and Dance. Both buildings provideaccess to parking below and the northwest Pavilion also serves as a welcome center anda venue for special exhibitions on energy, parks and other themes.
As part of Millennium Park, the Exelon Pavilions sit on 24.5 acres including the JayPritzker Pavilion, designed by Frank Gehry and deemed the most sophisticated outdoorconcert venue of its kind in the United States. In the words of Mayor Richard M. Daley,“Using solar electricity at Millennium Park is consistent with our goal as a city toexpand the use of renewable energy. Chicago is committed to leading by example andincorporating technology that will not only save money but is good for the environmentand the overall quality of life for our residents.” Building on this message, the City of Chicago’s Millennium Park Web site(www.millenniumpark.org) emphasizes that the park features an “unprecedentedcombination of architecture, monumental sculpture and landscape design” and “is thecrowning achievement of the vision set forth by the original founders of Chicago in1837. The city’s motto, ‘Urbs In Horto’ or ‘City in a Garden’ has never rung truer.
Today’s Millennium Park marks the Millennium for the ages and leaves Chicago with amarvelous venue to be enjoyed and cherished for generations to come.” Nationally recognized for its innovative expertise, Wausau Window and Wall Systems is anindustry leader in engineering window and curtainwall systems for commercial andinstitutional construction applications. For more than 45 years, Wausau has worked closelywith architects, building owners and contractors to realize their vision for aesthetic beauty andlasting value, while striving to maintain the highest level of customer service, communicationand overall satisfaction. Wausau is a part of Apogee Enterprises, Inc., a publicly held, U.S. corporation. For moreinformation on Wausau Window and Wall Systems, please call (877) 678-2983, or visitwww.wausauwindow.com.

Source: http://www.wausauwindow.com/resources/pressReleases/IL_Exelon_Aug04.pdf


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