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ADRIANO CANZIAN studied sculpture and graphics, and then painting and
contemporary art at Accademia delle Belle Arti in Rome, the city where he
moved at 19. In 1995, he began exhibiting his work at various art galleries in
Rome, London, Paris and New York. In the meantime, he moved to Paris in
2000 and started a parallel career as a music producer, working with the
fashion world and experimental theatre. In 2003, he signed his first music
contract with a German label, DJ Hell's International DJ Gigolo Records,
becoming the first and only Italian producer in Hell's «factory». Released in
August 2003, his first single Macho Boy became a fashion-world
instant classic
. The 12" was included in many CD compilations related to the
world of style (Givenchy, Versace, Colette Paris, Nag Nag Nag London, etc.) A
few months later, with the release of his second 12" My Boyfriend Is Very Sexy,
all the international magazines proclaimed Canzian "inventor" of a new style,
. In May 2005 his debut album "Pornography"
was released, on CD and 12", gaining him appreciation by giant DJs like Dave
Clarke, Laurent Garnier, Richie Hawtin. Canzian starts performing live all over
the world, bringing along with him his background as a visual/visionary artist,
creating shows with actors and performers and using video installations he
recorded and created. The 2005 album The Best Of Hell features the track Let
no man Jack - Adriano Canzian Remix, along names like Villalobos, Tiefschwarz,
Abe Duque, Peter Kruder, Thomas Andersson. In October 2006, Canzian
releases the 12" Transfigurations on David Carretta's Space Factory label,
followed by the 12" Turkish Testosterone, taken from the album
(feat. T. Fixmer and others) and by third single Amyl
, which includes a remix by The Hacker. In the meantime, Canzian also
produces remixes for many international artists. In 2009, the EBM Spanish
label Properproud Record publishes the previously unreleased Halim The
, one of the tracks most played by Dave Clarke on his famous radio
broadcast WhiteNoize. 2012 sees the re-release of Pornography in a Deluxe
version (on Space Factory)
, featuring the 16 original tracks remastered plus
14 new remixes. At the same time he published several self-produced EPs
available on his BANDCAMP
Adriano Canzian is never exhausted, and 2013 will be the year of the
"Macho Boy Females Reworked Edition 2013”, featuring Anna Patrini,
Yasmin Gate, Plasman, and Cani Giganti, released in both DIGITAL and
12” (distributed by by 51BEATS.

Also planned soon a new album, which is announced as a new art project by Adriano Canzian: CANZIAN_ZOMBIES …. cant wait !



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