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Supplemental information Detection of Salicylic Acid in Willow Bark: An Addition to a Classic Series of Experiments in the Introductory Organic Chemistry Laboratory *Author to whom correspondence should be addressed ([email protected]) Student handout Detection of Salicylic Acid in Willow Bark Introduction: The use of willow bark to treat pain and fever dates back thou

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BIJSLUITER Duoprim, oplossing voor injectie voor runderen, varkens en paarden NAAM EN ADRES VAN DE HOUDER VAN DE VERGUNNING VOOR HET IN DE HANDEL BRENGEN EN DE FABRIKANT VERANTWOORDELIJK VOOR VRIJGIFTE, INDIEN VERSCHILLEND Registratiehouder: Intervet Nederland B.V. Postbus 50 5830 AB Boxmeer Nederland Fabrikant verantwoordelijk voor vrijgifte: Essex Animal Health Friesoy


Editorial New therapeutic perspectives in prostate cancerIrena Manea1, B. Djavan2, C. N. Manea1, V.Cristea1, I. Coman1 1 University of Medicine and Pharmacy „Iuliu Haflieganu” Cluj-Napoca, Romania 2 Minimal Invasive and Prostate Center, New York University (NYU), New York, USA Abstract Along with progresses in understanding the complex interactions between tumor cells and the immune r


REALity March/April 2009 Volume XXVIII Issue No 2 THE TRAGEDY OF NO-FAULT DIVORCE By C. Gwendolyn Landolt, National Vice President, REAL Women of CanadaNo one seems prepared to discuss or come to grips with the fundamental flaw in Canadian society, created by the1986 Divorce Act, which provided for no-fault divorce. The problems this law is creating are overwhelming. Instead of dealing wit

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RAINDROP® NEAR VISION INLAY INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE DEVICE DESCRIPTION The Raindrop Near Vision Inlay is a medical device intended to improve near vision and reduce dependence on near vision correction modalities, such as reading glasses or contact lenses, when implanted in presbyopic patients. The inlay is made of a biocompatible hydrogel material and is packaged within the Raindrop In

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true blue N e w s l e t t e r o f t h e F r i e n d s o f S t G e o r g e ’s Confronting Neglected Tropical Diseases Grenada came to the House of Lords in June with afundraising dinner for the Windward Islands Research andEducation Foundation (WINDREF) in aid of the fight againstNeglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) in the smaller states Message from RODNEY CROFT, Commonwe


Rochester Brain and Spine Emily Lapp PA-C Nathaniel Brochu PA-C Elizabeth Jefferson PA-C Cynthia Larson PA-C 400 Red Creek Drive, Suite 120; Rochester NY 14623 (585) 334-5560 Discharge Instructions – Lumbar Fusion  Medication: You may be prescribed a narcotic pain medication as well as a muscle relaxant. Take these on an as- needed basis. Prescriptions for both pain medicatio


F O R T B I L D U N G Wie Übelkeit und Erbrechen verursacht werden und was man dagegentun kann Neben Schmerzen gehören Übelkeit und Erbre- M e r k s ä t z e einer Krebserkrankung. Sie können im Rahmen■ Durch die 5-HT3-Serotonin-Rezeptorantagonisten undder Therapie als unerwünschte Arzneimittel-tant wurde die antiemetische Behandlung wesent-lich verbessert. ■ Ein besseres Ver

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Making Stuff and Doing Things: Bricolage and the Making of a Local Public A few months ago, Dave Tell asked if I would consider giving the Keynote Address at the 2013 RSA Summer Institute. I was, needless to say, deeply honored by this request, but before I agreed, I felt the need to have a little more information. So, I asked Dave what he was looking for, what exactly it was he wanted


1. Shore Leave The sun was melting the tarmac on the pavement orsidewalk. The taxis growled through the traffic like parcheddogs. The omnipresent police cars were emblazoned withthe NYPD motto, “courtesy, professionalism, respect”, butinside them the officers looked sweaty and dangerous. The upshot was that Richie suddenly loved shopping. “Hey, 25% off all shoes. Let’s have a look,”


Email: [email protected]—Recently, several research papers in the area ofcertainly are not as fundamental to humankind such as, forinformation security were published that may or may not beexample, stem cell research or other issues in natural science,considered unethical. Looking at these borderline cases is relevantwe still feel the need to address these ethica

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WASH HANDS/ALCOHOL GEL SNEEZE IN ARM STAY HOME WHEN SICK H1N1 Partner Briefing From: Director of Health, David R. Gifford, MD, MPH Re: Local Influenza Activity Level: Regional1, H1N1 predominant circulating strain Rhode Island2: 2 hospitalized cases, 0 deaths National Report3: 16,174 hospitalized cases, 1,379 deaths Sentinel Surveillance (% of visits due to influenza-like ill

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Prostate Diet Advice Sheet DIET IS KEY The main environmental factor has to be diet, which has dramatically changed in the last century. For example, we know that vegetarians get prostate cancer at half the rate of meat-eaters and that soya beans and tomato products can be protective". This is an unusually strong statement from an expert in the field on the effects of our lifestyle on


Intended use The measurement of CRP is intended as an aid in the detection and evaluation of infection, tissue injury, and inflammatory disorders and associated diseases. SummaryC-Reactive Protein (CRP) is an acute-phase protein consisting of five identical polypeptide chains that form a five-membered ring with a molecular weight of 120,000 Daltons. CRP belongs to the pentraxin family of prot


What Is Cholesterol-Lowering Medicine? If your doctor has decided that you need to take medicine to reduce high cholesterol, it’s because you’re at high risk for heart disease or stroke. Usual y the treatment combines diet and medicine. Most heart disease and many strokes are caused by a buildup of fat, cholesterol and other substances cal ed plaque in the inner wal s of your arteries. The


PROTOCOLO PERITONITE INFECÇÕES DE TUNEL E DO LOCAL DE SAÍDA DO CATETER (LSC) Serviço de Nefrologia da Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Marília/Instituto do Rim de Marília Baseado no Guidelines da ISPD (International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis) 2005. 1. Prevenção das infecções relacionadas à diálise peritoneal.3 2. Infecções de túnel e do local de saída de catet

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RT-BPO-50 Page: 1 of 5 Revised: 02.25.10 Product Name: RT-BPO-50 Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS) Rating HEALTH -1 PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION Dibenzoyl peroxide, BPO-50 with phthalate Product and/or Components Entered on EPA’s TSCA Inventory: This product is in U.S. commerce, and is listed in the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Inventory of C

Coffee, adora2a, and cyp1a2: the caffeine connection in parkinsons disease

European Journal of Neurology 2011, 18: 756–765Coffee, ADORA2A, and CYP1A2: the caffeine connection inParkinsonÕs diseaseR. A. Popata, S. K. Van Den Eedenb, C. M. Tannerc, F. Kameld, D. M. Umbache, K. Marderf,g,R. Mayeuxf,g, B. Ritzh, G. W. Rossi,j, H. Petrovitchi,j, B. Topola, V. McGuirea, S. Costellok,A. D. Manthripragadah, A. Southwickl, R. M. Myersl,* and L. M. NelsonaaDivision of Epidemi


CAFFEINE 1. Chemical Product And Company Identification Company's Name: REAGENTS, INC. Company's P. O. Box: 240746 Company's City: CHARLOTTE Company's State: NC Company's Country: US Company's Zip Code: 28224 Company's Info Ph #: 704/554-7474, 800/732-8484 Date MSDS Prepared: April 16, 2003 Synonyms: 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine CAS No.: 58-08-2 Molecular Weight: 194.19 Che

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Multifocal ERG in chloroquine retinopathy:Revised version reveived: 1 February 1999gional variance of retinal dysfunction troretinogram. In the multifocalnopathy, ophthalmologic evaluations rounding the center. In all three pa-fields and full-field electroretinogram l Conclusion: Chloroquine retinopa-The authors have no proprietary interest inwas indicated by color vision distur- characteris


Les sociétés contemporaines sont engagées dans des Françoise Clerc (Professeur en sciences de Chères et Chers Col ègues de la CRoTCES, mutations technologiques, économiques et sociales l’éducation à l’Université Lyon 2) rapides. El es doivent faire face à des défis d’importance. Dans la confrontation à ces défis, l’école est un enjeu Bernard Crettaz (Docteur en s

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This list of the vascular plants of the Gothic area was developed as a result of studies of specimens of the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory (RMBL) Herbarium, literature searches plus extensive field activity and collecting by the authors. The list covers the following geographic area in Gunnison County, CO: From the highest point west of Queen Basin along the ridge to White Rock Mountain and

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Author's personal copy a v a i l a b l e a t w w w . s c i e n c e d i r e c t . c o mh t t p : / / i n t l . e l s e v i e r h e a l t h . c o m / j o u r n a l s / c l n uNutrition in care homes and home care: How toimplement adequate strategies (report of theBrussels Forum (22e23 November 2007))M. Arvanitakis a, A. Beck b, P. Coppens c, F. De Man d, M. Elia e,X. Hebuterne f, S. Henr

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A List of Major Psychological Sequelae of Abortion Fact Sheet Courtesy of the Elliot Institute, PO Box 73478 Springfield, IL 62791-7348 REQUIREMENT OF PSYCHOLOGICAL TREATMENT: In a study of post-abortion patients only 8 weeks after their abortion, researchers found that 44% complained of nervous disorders, 36% had experienced sleep disturbances, 31% had regrets about their decision, and 11% had


JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY, Sept. 1997, p. 5827–58340021-9193/97/$04.00ϩ0Copyright © 1997, American Society for MicrobiologyA Tn 10 Derivative (T-POP) for Isolation of Insertions withConditional (Tetracycline-Dependent) Phenotypes Department of Biology, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah 84112 Received 29 January 1997/Accepted 14 July 1997 A new Tn 10 -based transposon has been con


Dr. Naseem Rahman d) The attitude of health workers in sterilizing a female with out partner’s consent. Often after this happens-the husband uses this excuse to re-marry. 1) Pills - Irregular, usage causes DUB and is 2) IUCD - After Insertion in multipara,IUD may be lost .Even the patient may not be aware of it- resulting pregnancy. Husband complains about painfu


Efecto de la administración de albendazol en los niveles de hemoglobina deniños entre ocho y doce años con enterobiasis intestinal. Effect of albendazol administration in the levels of hemoglobin in children between 8 and 12years old with intestinal enterobiasis. Nelson LarreaA, Fátima TorresB, Mercedes TelloC,D, Ericson GutierrezA,C RESUMEN Objetivos: Determinar el efecto de la admin


Listeriosis: a resurgent foodborne infection1) Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES), Binational Austrian–German Listeria Reference Centre, Vienna and 2) Institute for Milk Hygiene,Milk Technology and Food Science, Department for Farm Animals and Public Veterinary Health, Vienna, AustriaListeria monocytogenes is the causative agent of human listeriosis, a potentially fatal foodbor


Trabajos de Revisión Depresión y Epilepsia ¿Una bi-direccionalidad? Dr. Juan Salinas Hospital Barros Luco-Trudeau Email [email protected] Abstract nuyen el umbral convulsivo y pueden ser usados con seguridad para tratar la depresión en personas Mood disorders are the most frequent psychiatric comorbidity in epilepsy, for a long time, depressive disorders were considered to


Post Natal Depression (PND) Prevention Program Guideline Adopted: Feb. 2005 Revised: Feb. 2007; Oct 2013 Reviewed: June 2011 Physician Contact: Virginia Maxanne Flores, M.D., Michael Hawkins, MD Depression is very common during pregnancy and the postpartum period. Based on data from the Pregnancy RiskAssessment Monitoring System (PRAMS), reported by the Centers for Disease Control (CD


iNFo sHeet Prescription Brand Names / comprehensive drug test panel aNtidepressaNts Butalbital: Axocet, Axotal, Bucet, Bupap, Butex Forte, Cephadyn, Dolgic, Esgic, Esgic-Plus, Fioricet, Fiorinal, Fiormor, Fiortal, Fortabs, Amitriptyline: Elatrol, Elavil, Endep, Laroxyl, Saroten, Trepiline, Laniroif, Margesic, Marten-Tab, Medigesic, Phrenilin, Phrenilin Forte, Bupropio

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Nanotecnología Farmacéutica Departamento de Farmacia de la Escuela Nacional de Ciencias Biológicas, Instituto Politécnico Nacional de México. Carpio y Plan de Ayala s/n, Col. Santo Tomas, C. P. La importancia de la nanotecnología farmacéutica para la terapia con fármacos reside en la posibilidad de suministrar tanto fármacos de bajo peso molecular así como macromoléculas como lo


Attendance/Guests: Our Speaker Last Week: Total attendance last week was 34: 32 Optimists and 2 guests; Jerry Larson, guest Cindy (Cid) Skaalrud , Ma spoke to our Club about Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s disease is a neurological disease that of Doug Waller and Dick Hughes, guest of Jay Hermann. Singing was led by Robert leads to a lack of the brain chemical called dop

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1. a) “Contest Period” begins Tuesday September 3 , 2013 at approximately 12:01am MT and ends on Sunday October 27, 2013 at 11:59pm MT (the “Contest Closing Date”). There are three (3) ways to enter: (i) visit www.rock106.ca and sign up for the ROCK Rewards CLUB, for free by fully completing the sign up information and then redeem 2500 points for an entry into the Contest, to be submit


Apotex Inc. ( Appellant ) ( Respondent ) AB Hassle, AstraZeneca AB and AstraZeneca Canada Inc. ( Respondents ) ( Applicants ) The Minister of Health ( Respondent )( Respondent ) INDEXED AS: AB HASSLE v. APOTEX INC. (F.C.A.)Federal Court of Appeal, Décary, Evans and Sharlow JJ.A.—Toronto, November 24, 2005; Ottawa, February 10,2006. Patents — Practice — Appeal from Federal Cou


Rebates Lab Rebate Overview Note rebate code and statusautomatically assignedAny invoices prior to thisdate will not load against therebate. Make sure this is the firstday of a period (eg 1st of themonth for monthly rebates)Any invoices after this datewill not load against therebate. If there is no end daterequired, set this to a distantdate eg 31/12/19OwnerResponsibilityNext ActionAction D

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Internationales Zivilverfahrensrecht und anwendbares Recht bei Urheber- und Wettbewerbsverletzungen im Internet A. Einleitung Mit zunehmender Nutzung des Internet erhöht sich auch die Anzahl der Urheber- und Wettbewerbsverstöße im Netz der Netze. Die Frage der Zuständigkeit österreichischer Gerichte nach Internationalem Zivilverfahrensrecht (IZVR) sowie die Frage, welches R


DOWNOV SINDROM DOWN'S SYNDROME Downov sindrom jedan je od naj~e{}ih uzroka du{evnog zaostajanja. Down’s syndrome is one of the most common causes of mental retar-Premda je etiologija njegova nastanka jo{ nedovoljno poznata, u zad-dation. Although the understanding of its pathogenesis is still incom-nje je vrijeme napravljen zna~ajan napredak u spoznaji o spektru medi-plete, there has

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© 2010 by Kösel-Verlag, a division of Verlagsgruppe Random House GmbH, Munich, Germany Karen Christine Angermayer Seduction, Sex and Sentences 33 Quickies for Successful Writing (Verführung mit Worten) 176 pages March 2011 English sample translation by Michaela Leithner In Cooperation with Chris Davidson Seduction, Sex and Sentences Table of Contents Prologue: &


AQT90 FLEX analyzerClinical sheet D-dimerIntended use The D-dimer test is intended as an aid in the diagnosis of venous thromboembolism (deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism). SummaryUnder normal physiological conditions, the hemostatic system maintains the balance between two opposing processes: • The coagulation process leads to the formation of thrombin, which converts fibrinogen to

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Thyroidectomy – an operation to remove all or part of the thyroid gland Information for patients What is the thyroid gland? The thyroid gland is a butterfly shaped gland which is found on the front of the neck just below the Adam’s apple (Figure 1). What does it do? It produces hormones which play a major role in regulating the body’s metabolism. Abnormal condition

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Confidential Fertility Questionnaire JAN RYDFORS MD FACOG, ARON SCHUFTAN MD FACOG 401 Warren Street, Suite # 300, Redwood City, CA 94063 Please complete and bring this questionnaire with you to your first visit. MEDICAL ALLERGIES Which drugs or medicines are you al ergic or sensitive to? PATIENT INFORMATION Name:__________________________________________________________


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rédaction médicale et scientifique News des revues biomédicales 1 octobre 2013 Chers Collègues, En septembre, 25 billets mis en ligne sur le blog de la rédaction médicale ! Le peer review congress est le 'must' des congrès de rédacteurs. Le peer review aveugle n'est pas éthique Très bon congrès début septembre à Chicago,

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Patient Assistance Program PO Box 181640 Louisville, KY 40261 Phone: 866-310-7549 Fax: 866-441-4190 PLEASE BE SURE TO COMPLETE BOTH PAGES OF THIS FORM. Incomplete applications will be returned . Submit the completed application with photocopies of the required proof of income to FAX 866-441-4190. Faxed requests must be sent from the healthcare practitioner’s office. Please


Pharmaceuticals BUY (maintain) September 2 6 , 2001 (12:50) Yunjeong Cho / (822) 2003.1868 / [email protected] Additional upturn expected as market leader ᮣ Biggest beneficiary of medical reform: Yuhan produces a number of original medicines, the sales of which have surged since medical reform. In line with its enhanced image, the company enjoys strong synergy in its

!framtidens l−kemedel

© Författaren och Reforminstitutet 2002Sättning: Ateljé Typsnittet L&R AB, StockholmTryck: Larserics Digital Print AB, Bromma, [email protected] www.reforminstitutet.nu Försäkring med valfri självrisknivå Introducera valmöjligheten att lägga livsstilsläkemedel till försäkringen Något ökade kostnader för en mer flexibel försäkring Läkemedelsförmånen bö


Capping The GST Risks With Robust Internal Controls Framework On 5 April 2011, the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) announced a new GST initiative known as Assisted Compliance Assurance Programme (ACAP). It sets out what is expected of a company’s framework for good GST risk management and governance. What are the salient points and how will this in

Shock / trauma / unconscious / unresponsive / altered mental status

SHOCK / TRAUMA / Unconscious / Unresponsive / Altered Mental Status / Hypotension / Hypoglycemia / Abdominal Complaints (non traumatic) / Seizures / Syncope Acute Adrenal Insufficiency or Addisonian Crisis Assessment Identify if the patient is at risk for acute adrenal insufficiency or Addisonian crisis by either the presence of a medical alert bracelet, designation in patient records o


ONCOLOGY Epidemiology Leading causes of death Percentage of T rcentage of otal Deaths, US Heart Diseases Cerebrovascular Diseases Chronic Obstructive Lung Diseases Accidents Pneumonia & Influenza Diabetes Mellitus Homicide HIV Infection Adapted from Greenlee RT, et al. CA Cancer J Clin. 2000:50;22. ONCOLOGY Epidemiology Known cancer causes Trichop


-Génération 1 : 1.1 : DGR-LPL Malonyl x IND Cookie (pages 2-3)1.2 : DGR-LPL Malonyl x RTQ Liouba (pages 4-5-6) -Génération 2 : 2.1 : RMM Liola x IND Milhouse (pages 7-8) 2.2 : RMM Nastia x IND-RMM Mushroom (pages 9-10) -Génération 3 : 3.1 : RMM Danaé x IND-RMM Mushroom (pages 11-12)Raterie Dragara (Opaloune) et "Les pti' loups" Particulier sur Paris (Amandine) (Wul

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MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET IDENTIFICATION PRODUCT NAME: DuraSeal Powder CHEMICAL NAME: Poly Ethyl Methacrylate MANUFACTURER: Reliance Dental Mfg., Co., 5805 W. 117th Place, P.O. Box 38, Worth, IL 60482 TELEPONE: For Product Information: 708-597-6694 For Medical Information: 800-535-5053 SECTION II - HAZARDOUS INGREDIENTS OF MIXTURES HAZARDOUS COMPONENT CAS REG. NO. SE

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Rec Rec Neuheitenliste Dez. 2009 / Jan. 2010 Rec Rec ACID MOTHER GURU GUR Psychedelic Navigator (07) 62:03/5 w. Mani Neumeier ALGERNON Ghost Surveillance (10) 51:26/10 (Cuneiform) CHATHAM, RHYS The Bern Project (09) 43:43/6 Prod: Reto Mäder COYNE, KEVIN I Want My Crown/Anthology (73 -80/10) 4CD Many Unreleased! COYNE, KEVIN Marjorie Razorblade (73/10) 79:06/21 + 69:3


also use Staphylococcus aureus and see ListerioseActinobacillus a potentially pathogenic bacteria found in mammalsActinomyces israelii a bacterium normally found in the bowel and throat that can cause deep, pusfilled holes in tissue. Also see Streptothrix. epithelial tumour of the cervix that can be either benign or malignant. Also seea virus that can cause colds/flu and infections in the lun


DOWEX Ion Exchange Resins Powerful Chemical Processing Tools Table of Contents Introduction to Ion Exchange Resins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2Applications - Ion Exchange Resins in Chemical Processing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4General Considerations for U


Participant Information and Agreement Participant Name ___________________________________________________ Age___________ Home Phone___________________Address__________________________________________ City___________________________________ State_________ Zip________Email Address____________________________________________________________________________________________________Outing/Trip Na

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FRANK B. VASEY, M.D., F.A.C.P. Detroit, MI 48201 (313) 577-1133 EDUCATION: 9/1966-5/1968 MD Degree, University of Pennsylvania Medical School, BS Degree, University of North Dakota Medical School, BA Degree, Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, Iowa TRAINING: 1/1975-6/1975 Teaching Fellowship, Internal Medicine Royal Victoria Hospital, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec Rheumatology

Ramah day camp in nyack

RAMAH DAY CAMP in NYACK CAMPER Winter Address Summer Address PHOTO New York, NY 10027 PART I. (A parent or legal guardian should complete this page of the form) ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Camper Last Name ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Add


Partnerships for Older People Project Domiciliary Medicine Use Review by Medicines Management and Pharmacy Team, July 2007-Mar 2008 October 2008 Cathal Doyle, RDC ([email protected]) & Bola Sotubo, Medicines Management and Pharmacy Team, Southwark Health & Social Care 1. Introduction This report analyses the data collated from the


hiv building BUILDING BLOCKS: Comprehensive Care Guidelines for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS in the Americas SUMMARY REPORT June 2000 PAHO/WHO in collaboration with UNAIDS and IAPAC Acknowledgements The text of this document was prepared by the Regional Program on AIDS/STI, Pan AmericanHealth Organization (PAHO), Regional Office of the World Health Organization. It is

Farrukh Awan , Swaytha Ganesh Intra-Pulmonary Shunt: An Uncommon Source of Paradoxical Emboli Kathi Bickel , Raquel Buranosky Robert Evans , Larry Gerber David Harris , Adam Gordon Not All Drug Overdoses are Narcotic or Intentional David Harris, Nizar Younas , Adam Gordon “D.A.R.T.ing” to Plasma Exchange for Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome Beth Kaplan , Carla Spagnoletti Susa


Parálisis periódica hipopotasémica tirotóxica asociada a hipertiroidismo a T3 Mariana Orive, Maximiliano Sicer, Diego Bértola, Damián Carlson, Mariana Lagrutta, Roberto Parodi, Alcides Greca Primera Cátedra de Clínica Médica, Universidad Nacional de Rosario. Carrera de Postgrado de Especialización en Clínica Médica, Universidad Nacional de Rosario. Servicio de Clínica M


Grey squirrel, Sciurus carolinensis , populations have been subjected to various degrees of control in thewoodlands of Ireland and Britain since their introduction. The populations readily recover, but therecolonisation rates and other ecological effects of the culls have not been fully examined. Monthlylive trapping programmes were used to monitor the grey squirrel populations in two woodlands. C

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Ministry of Defence Defence Standard 61-19 Issue 2 Publication Date 22 August 2003 Guidance to the Transportation, Storage, Handling and Disposal of Lithium Batteries. DEF STAN 61-19/ ISSUE 2 AMENDMENT RECORD Text Affected Signature and Date REVISION NOTE The standard has been revised to update its content HISTORICAL RECORD This standard supersedes the foll

Academic cv

CURRICULUM VITAE ROBERT KAPLAN MBCHB FRANZCP MA [JOURN] Forensic Psychiatrist Clinical Associate Professor Graduate School of Medicine Wollongong University NSW Australia DATE OF BIRTH: 13/04/50 REGISTRATION Medical Board of Australia: current to April ’12. PROFESSIONAL INDEMNITY MDA Indemnity Insurance #133407H registered to Nov ‘12 SPECIAL INTER


Facelift Instructions This handout provides information on how to prepare for your facelift operation and what to expect as you are healing after your operation. Please read the handout carefully. Feel free to ask questions at any time. Important information about preparing for your facelift operation: 1. Do not take products containing aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin),Vitamin E or

1\) molécules tensioactives – concentration critique micellaire – etat colloïdal

Licence de Chimie – LCU8-2 2ème session 2002/2003 Chimie et physico-chimie des substances naturelles Cours et Travaux Dirigés de la partie J.F. Pilard et A. Laguerre. A rédiger sur une copie séparée L’acide poly-L-glutamique est un polymère de synthèse préparé à partir de a) Donner une représentation en «perspective» permettant de voir la configuration d

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Prostate Enlargement BENIGN PROSTATIC HYPERPLASIA The Prostate Gland The prostate is a walnut-sized gland that forms part of the male productive system. The gland is made of two lobes, or regions, enclosed by an outer layer of tissue. As the diagrams show, the prostate is located in front of the rectum and just below the bladder, where urine is stored. The prostate also surroun


From the Archives: Snowdrops By Dr Keith Lamb For those who grow snowdrops the garden is never without interest. No sooner has the garden year ended in October than it begins again with the first snowdrops. Yes, you can have snowdrops in October if you are lucky enough to have Galanthus reginae-olgae. We had it in our Malahide garden but it did not re-establish here in the midlands, so we

Roaccutane (istretinoin) consumer medicine information (cmi)

Roaccutane® contains the active ingredient isotretinoin Consumer Medicine Information What is in this leaflet Your doctor, however, may have Vibramycin®, doxycycline prescribed ROACCUTANE for hydrochloride, Doryx®, another purpose. Frakas®, Minomycin®) Ask your doctor if you have any 5. you have severe liver disease questions about why 6. yo


Till dig som behandlas med Relanio Elpenhaler Relanio förebygger andningsproblem vid astma och kroniskt obstruktiv lungsjukdom (KOL). Relanio innehål er salmeterol och flutikasonpropionat. Salmeterol är en långverkande luftrörsvidgare. Luftrörsvidgare verkar på luftvägarna i lungorna så att de hål s vidgade och gör det lättare att andas. Effekten varar under cirka 12 timmar. Fluti

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Purpose: To provide protocol driven respiratory therapy to treat reversible airway obstruction in patients who do not improve after the administration of the "standard dose" as specified in the Small Volume Nebulizer Protocol. Therapeutic Effective Dosage is an extension of the Small Volume Nebulizer Protocol. Scope: Practitioner (RCP) members of


SCHOOL TAX DEBATE As you know, Tuesday, April 20th, between 2PM and 9PM our Clubhouse is a polling location for the 2010 School Election. There is a public question that you will have the right to vote on which deals with the school budget. There has been information circulated to the community so please read it. The information shows two positions on the public question of whether or not t

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ECOL 182 – Spring 2008 Dr. Ferriere’s lectures Lecture 5: Animal reproduction and development Quiz All questions below pertain to mandatory material: all slides, and mandatory homework (if any). Answers: 1d, 2a, 3c, 4b, 5e, 6e, 7c, 8a, 9b, 10d, 11b, 12d, 13d 1. What is not true of gametogenesis? a. Germ cells proliferate mitotically. b. Germ cells mature into gam


Pierre N. Rossier, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Bruno Schefer, Chief Executive OfficerZüblin Immobilien Holding AG recorded a loss of CHF 15 million in the first semester of 2013/2014 (2012/2013: loss of CHF 22 million). In order to finance upcoming commitments, the Board of Directors has decided to dispose of strategic properties. In addition Züblin's organization is being brough

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Worship Illustration: Storybook Commander Cosmos Prophets & Promises Part 1: Acts - Revelation Unit 1, Lesson 3 Peter and the Acts 2:1-8; 12-17; 21; 36-39 “Dr. Sominex,” Commander Cosmos called from outside of the Research Lab. Small sensors inside the door noticed his presence and activated opening the door. Using the wall for support, he limped into the roo

Mifepristone in south australia – the first 1343 tablets

professional Ea Mulligan Hayley Messenger Mifepristone in South Australia The first 1343 tablets completed the steps required to obtain a licence Background to market mifepristone in Australia. One avenue for medical practitioners to access Mifepristone has recently become available in Australia but its use is restricted. an unlicensed drug is to gain the support of a Human Res


La protection des droits et libertés fondamentaux est, aujour-d’hui, considérée comme un standard constitutionnel, voire un inté-rêt commun de l’Humanité (1). Ce souci universel rend impérieusel’intégration des instruments internationaux de protection desdroits de l’homme au sein des ordres juridiques étatiques. Au niveau européen, la Convention européenne des droits del’ho


RUCOZID Holzwurmbekämpfungsmittel ( mit Pilzschutz / bindemittelfrei / Zulassungsnr.: CHZB1031 ) Allgemeine Beschreibung Produktbeschreibung Spezialprodukt zur Bekämpfung von Holzschädlingen, sowie zum vor- beugenden Schutz gegen Erst- und Neubefall; kombiniert mit Pilzschutz. Lösungsmittel: Testbenzin + polare Löser (gute Penetration) Fungizid/Insektizid: Perm

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National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS-AP) - Horticulture- Scheme of Coffee Plantation in Paderu- implementation Arrangements-Orders-issued. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PANCHAYAT RAJ AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT (RD-II) DEPARTMENT 1) G.O.Ms.No.27, PR&RD (RD-II) Dept, dated: 28.01.2006 2) Minutes of meet


DIARY DATES : 31.10.2008 Nosh Up Night at Okori Teppan-Yaki Restaurant 14-20 Station Street East, Harris Park—parking available and licensed—not 27.10.2008 Guest speaker Surgeon from China who invented the bird flu The Rotary Club of Cabramatta Inc serum—partner’s night 6.30—7.00pm. 02.11.2008 Chrysler Day Fairfield Showground 6.30 am gates open—all 02.1


Social Work Well-being Bill Jordan The moral right of Bill Jordan to be identified as the author of this work has been assertedby him in accordance with The Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrievalsystem or transmitted in any form, or by any means, electronic, mechanical,photocopying, recording

Chemwatch australian msds 22746

RAMSET POWDER LOADS Chemwatch Independent Material Safety Data Sheet Issue Date: 30-Jul-2012 CHEMWATCH 22746 9317SP(cs) Version No: CD 2012/2 Page 1 of 8 Section 1 - CHEMICAL PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION PRODUCT NAME RAMSET POWDER LOADS SYNONYMS "Product Code: .38 calibre charge", ".27 calibre charge", ".25 calibre charge", &

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Clinical staff use only: If PA Assessment by RN was required tick sign_____________Director of Nursing sign___________ This centre is owned and operated by Dr M. Stergoulis, Dr J. Cannon & Dr A. Theodore email: [email protected] Please answer ALL questions, printing clearly, and RETURN THE FORM TO THE DAY SURGERY AT LEAST ONE WEEK PRIOR TO YOUR ADMISSION. All informa

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Merkblatt Nr. 1/2008 Das Churg-Strauss Syndrom Das Churg-Strauss Syndrom ist eine ent- sich durch Bauchschmerzen oder Durchfall Welche Symptome zündliche Gefässerkrankung (Vaskulitis), äußern. Die Nieren sind deutlich seltener als treten auf? welche fast ausschliesslich bei Patienten mit einem Asthma bronchiale auftritt. Das Churg-Strauss Syndrom verlä

Diptico urbact.cdr

DIÁLOGO EUROPEO SOBREGOBERNANZA METROPOLITANAViernes 17 de abril de 9.30 a 13.00 h. Salón de Actos de EMASESA metropolitana. C/ Escuelas PíasViernes 17 de abril de 9.30 a 13.00 h. Salón de Actos de EMASESA metropolitana. C/ Escuelas Pías. Venue: EMASESA headquarter. C/ Escuelas Pías, 1. Representantes de las ciudades de Lille, Florencia, Cracovia, Brno, Enindhoven,Representat


Dernière mise à jour le 05/01/2011 Les dépôts et les retraits de visa s’effectuent sur rendez vous Délai d’obtention normal Délai d’obtention urgent Frais de visa euros 6 mois simple entrée : Délai normal : 50 euros Le visa à multiples entrées ne peut être obtenu qu’après avoir reçu une autorisation de l’immigration indonésienne. Validité de visa : d


RENEWAL MINISTRIES REPORT ON HAITI 2009 Renewal Ministries was invited by Haiti Missions to add a “spiritual dimension” to their humanitarian work in Haiti—a kind of melting together of proclamation and demonstration of the Gospel. We flew from Texas to Miami and met the team who were mainly from Louisiana. We were here with a pharmacist, Deacon Lloyd Duplantis and his wife Faie who are


Metabolic danger of high-fructose corn syrup Americans are being poisoned by a common additive present in a wide array of processed foods like soft drinks and salad dressings, commercially made cakes and cookies, and breakfast cereals and brand-name breads. This commonplace additive silently increases our risk of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and atherosclerosis. The name of this toxic ad


11 February 2013 MEDIA SUMMARY REPORT HEALTH ISSUE : Investor Daily : 11 February 2013 : 11 February 2013 Circulation : 60,000 Tone : Neutral Understand the facts and myths of cancer This year’s World Cancer Day commemoration is focusing on the fifth target of the World Cancer Declaration, which is to dispel misleading myths about cancer, through a


CODEX STANDARD FOR HONEY CODEX STAN 12-1981 The Annex to this Standard is intended for voluntary application by commercial partners and not for application by Governments. Part One of this Standard applies to all honeys produced by honey bees and covers all styles of honey presentations which are processed and ultimately intended for direct consumption. Part Two covers honey for industria

Ps8151 - vendita farmaci on line

PS8151 - VENDITA FARMACI ON LINE Provvedimento n. 23632 L’AUTORITÀ GARANTE DELLA CONCORRENZA E DEL MERCATO SENTITO il Relatore Professor Piero Barucci; VISTA la Parte II, Titolo III, del Decreto Legislativo 6 settembre 2005, n. 206 e successive modificazioni (di seguito, Codice del Consumo); VISTO il “ Regolamento sulle procedure istruttorie in materia di pratiche commerciali scorre

Media brief

Army Media & Communication Army Headquarters IDL 25, Blenheim Building Marlborough Lines Monxton Road Andover Hampshire SP11 8HT Tel: 94393 6118 [email protected] Ref: 20131011-MediaBrf-U.doc Date: 11 Oct 13 AM&C Media Brief – 11 Oct 13 Slide 1 – Media Update There was widespread media coverage of the Transfer of Authority between 1st Mechanised


Aufklärung über die Kontrastmittelgabe bei Computertomographie Arzt / MTA: ………. / …………. Sehr geehrte Patientin, sehr geehrter Patient!Ihr behandelnder Arzt hat Sie zur Durchführung einer Computertomographie an unsüberwiesen. Abhängig von der jeweiligen Fragestel ung kann es erforderlich sein, einintravenöses Kontrastmittel zu verabreichen. Hierdurch werden krankhafte Proz

1 – 1989

1 – 1989 Presentazione , 7. L’Accademia Pascoliana , 9. SAGGI: Giuseppe Nava, Cellule di Myricae nelle poesie massesi del Pascoli , 13-22. Giacomo Magrini, L’ordine di Myricae 1 , 23-31. Cesare Garboli, Canti di Castelvecchio: L’«inverno mistico , 33-38. Maurizio Perugi, Psiche e il fiore notturno (Tessere di ottocento minore per due motivi pascoliani) , 39-

Ewcm 400 family a4 5-04

EWCM 400 (412-415-418) cod. 9IS43018 compressor pack controllers rel. 4/04 • “Copy Card” (fast parameters program- PROGRAMMING PARAMETERS see Table of Parameters For further information, see the technical GENERAL DESCRIPTION TECHNICAL DATA The “EWCM 400 family” is a series of low-cost controllers specially designed for the USER INTERFACE control of the machine


12 Medizin Kosmetik & Lifestyle Pharmaceutical Tribune • 2. Jahrgang • Nr. 12 • 28. Juni 2010Cellulite ist eine biologische Notwendigkeitdien eingeteilt:u Stadium 0: Po und Oberschen-len aufmerksam machte. Tatsache Cellulite ist hauptsächlich ein kosmetisches Problem, unter dem nur die weibliche Schönheit „leidet“. Dies liegt daran, dass ist, dass jede Frau Cel ulite

Minutes 8.3.1

RACKENFORD AND CREACOMBE PARISH COUNCIL A meeting of the Parish Council was held at Rackenford School, on 8th March 2011. Present: Cllr S Child (Chairman), Cllr M Lane (Vice Chairman), Cllr J Cox, Cllr G Lamb, Cllr B Morrison, Cllr F Phillips, Cllr A Stone Cllr S Warne. Parish Clerk Olwen Smith: Tel: 01398 341764 Anstice Cottage, East Knowstone, EX36 4DZ Apologies Minutes 2.1

Guide to products containing aspirin, and aspirin-like products


Sida : menaces sur les génériques

Sida : Menaces sur les génériques Extrait du ReSo - Réformistes et Solidaires Sida : Menaces sur les génériques - AGIR - Nos autres campagnes - Archives - campagnes - Une promesse est une dette - Date de mise en ligne : mardi 8 mars 2005 ReSo - Réformistes et Solidaires Sida : Menaces sur les génériques SIDA : MENACES SUR LES GENERIQUES Chaque jour dans le monde, 8500 m

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Report for Brighton and Hove Health and Wellbeing Board (HWBB) and Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) 9.8.13 By John Kapp, 22, Saxon Rd Hove BN3 4LE, 01273 417997, [email protected] CURING THE NHS AND DEPRESSED PATIENTS BY MASS-COMMISSIONING THE MINDFULNESS COURSE The crisis in the NHS is caused by the following factors, which can be solved locally by councillors initiating culture change

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Riksförbundet för Social och Mental Hälsa 2008-06-12 Socialdepartementet 103 Remissyttrande över Vårdval i Sverige(SOU2008:37), delbetänkande av utredningen om patientens rätt. Riksförbundet för Social och Mental Hälsa, RSMH, har med remiss 2008-04-30, S2008/3670/HS inbjudits att lämna synpunkter på rubricerade betänkande. Vi får med anledning därav anföra följande. RSMH


I am 42 years-old and have been bipolar since I was 18. That was when I had my first manic experience. I was put in the state hospital and given the usual medications. I got out, but never took the medications because I was recovered and didn't consider myself sick . When I had this breakdown I was a freshman in a very good college and because of my illness I had to leave school. The next si

Managing medicines summer 2012

Reinwood Infant & Nursery School Supporting Children with Medical Needs and Managing Medicines Policy Summer 2013 Introduction The purpose of this Policy is to provide clear information on how Reinwood Infant & Nursery School support children with medical needs and how medicines are managed and administered in our school. We ensure that the document is shared within our


RUSSIA AND THE GLOBAL NATURAL GAS MARKET Russia is the world’s largest reserves-holder, producer and exporter of natural gas and is playing a significant role in development of the European gas market and as an important player in gas deliveries to Former Soviet Union countries. Russia has the world’s largest natural gas reserve base. The estimates for the country’s proved natural ga


In light of the current modernisation of the Defence Forces, Dara Fox and Robyn Hessinger ask several TDs with major defence centres in their constituencies about their record of representing defence issues. Minister for Public Enterprise, Mary O’Rourke Sean Power TD, “Following consultations with both represen-good example whereby members of the local Fianna Fáil, K

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• Mould is a fungus that grows as a mass of microscopic threads with small lollypop like spore-producing bodies. It is present everywhere in the indoor and outdoor environment and has been in existence for millions of years. • Mould spores are abundant in the air, so they can easily infect and decay damp materials, or cause plant or animal • Mould produces both useful and poisonous chemic


Jean's the Right Plant PlaceNew Perennials for 2013Achillea 'Sunny Seduction'Alcea Halo Series - BlushAlcea Halo Series - CeriseAlchemilla sericata 'Gold Strike'Allium 'Blue Eddy'Anemone 'Queen Charlotte'Anemone x 'Pamina'Aquilegia 'Colorado Violet and White'Arabis caucasica 'Variegata'Armeria maritima 'Alba'Astilbe chinensis 'Little Vision in Purple'Astilbe chinensis 'Mighty Red Quin'Baptisia D


by Burkhart and Burkhart demonstrated that tacrolimus hasInternational Cosmetic Dictionary) such as deionized water,superior efficacy to alclometasone dipropionate which,zinc oxide, magnesium oxide, calcium oxide, isopropanol,according to several classifications, is a mid-potent cortico-triethanolamine and benzoic acid. This composition has lowsteroid similar to hydrocortisone butyrate. s


VIH et grossesse : généralités De nombreuses femmes se posent des questions sur l’impact d’une éventuelle grossesse surl’infection par le VIH, et craignent de transmettre le virus à leur bébé. De récentes études ontdémontré qu’avec de bons soins prénataux, le recours à des médicaments anti-VIH et un bonsystème de soutien de santé, les femmes qui vivent avec le VIH on


Written by Ian Maber Educational Consultant for PolyVision EMEA (Europe Middle East & Africa) June 2009 • Introducing the IWB (again!) In a world of technological advancements the adoption of IWB’s into the classroom is becoming an integral part of the everyday work of an educationalist/teacher. Advisors and consultants who fully understand the education market will always agre


ROANOKE COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS FLEXIBLE BENEFIT July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012 EMPLOYEE GUIDE © Copyright 1992 - Flexible Benefit Administrators, Inc. INTRODUCTION FLEXIBLE BENEFIT PLAN: THE BETTER YOU PLAN, THE MORE YOU SAVE! It's more than a slogan. The Flexible Benefit Plan is a real solution to issues facing all of us. Simply stated, by taking advantage of


Diciembre, 2011 El año en que el Gobierno reveló sus intereses…. y la Ciudadanía también Premio al aporte medioambiental: Premio Especial Desarrollo Insustentable: A la ciudadanía que se manifestó en las calles en contra de A la mala gestión ambiental del gobierno del Presidente Sebas- proyectos eléctricos. 2011 será recordado a nivel mundial como el tiá


J Antimicrob Chemother 2011; 66: 2308 – 2311doi:10.1093/jac/dkr293 Advance Access publication 15 July 2011Primary antibiotic resistance of Helicobacter pylori strains isolatedfrom Portuguese children: a prospective multicentre studyMo´nica Oleastro 1*, Jose´ Cabral 2, Paulo Magalha˜es Ramalho 3,4, Piedade Sande Lemos 5, Eleonora Paixa˜o 6,Joa˜o Benoliel 1, Andrea Santos 1 and Ana Isabel

Antimicrobial resistance in swine production

Animal Health Research Reviews 9(2); 135–148Antimicrobial resistance in swine productionFrank M. Aarestrup1*, C. Oliver Duran2 and David G. S. Burch31National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, Bulowsvej 27, DK-1790 Copenhagen V,Denmark2Moss Veterinary Partners IDA Estate, Monread Road, Naas, Co. Kildare, Ireland3Octagon Services Ltd, Old Windsor, Berkshire, UKReceived 15 Septem


Fellow of the American College of Gastroenterology Faculty Lecturer, Mount Sinai School of Medicine You are scheduled to have an endoscopy on ___________________ at ___________ AM/PM PLEASE MAKE SURE TO REVIEW THESE INSTRUCTIONS A WEEK BEFORE YOUR PROCEDURE! THE WEEK BEFORE YOUR ENDOSCOPY • Make sure to arrange for an escort for the day of the procedure. Discuss with Dr Gutman a


ADMINISTRACIÓN PÚBLICA DEL DISTRITO FEDERAL SECRETARÍA DE SALUD JOSÉ ARMANDO AHUED ORTEGA, SECRETARIO DE SALUD, con fundamento en lo dispuesto en los artículos 16, fracción IV y 29, fracción I de la ley Orgánica de la Administración Pública del Distrito Federal; 24, fracción XXII de la Ley de Salud del Distrito Federal; 5, fracción I, 26, fracción X, 33 Ter, fracción IV


Taken from http://prozactruth.com/clomipramine.htm Anafranil (Clomipramine) Anafranil. Anafranil side effects, warnings, precautions, adverse effects, overdose, withdrawal symptoms and Anafranil natural alternatives. Before you begin the spiral down with these drugs, try giving your body what it really wants. Pharmacology Clomipramine is a tricyclic agent with both antidepressant and antiobs

Radiology imaging associates

Radiology Imaging Associates Patient Name: _____________________________________ Date: ______________________ Patient #: _________________________________________ Time: _______________am / pm Your doctor has requested an examination that requires the injection of contrast media in a vein in your arm. This will enable us to image specific internal structures of the body. The contras


ET DE MÉDECINE D’URGENCE http://www.rarmu.com/ Toxicité des anesthésiques locaux Toxicity by local anesthetic drugs ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Points essentiels à retenir : Actuellement, la prévention du risque toxique par les anesthésiques locaux repose sur: • le respect des posologies, • et la sur

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ICCS literature update service, February 2009 Below are listed articles that various ICCS members have recommended. The comments and the recommendations are the members’ own, although they have been edited/shortened by the General Secretary for uniformity of style and extent (Please remember that you, as a paying ICCS member, are encouraged to submit material to the ICCS literature upd

Informational bulletin no

Date: March 15, 2011 NOTICE TO INTERESTED PARTIES Bob Buster, Riverside County Board of Supervisors- District 1 John Tavaglione, Riverside County Board of Supervisors-District 2 Jeff Stone, Riverside County Board of Supervisors-District 3 John Benoit, Riverside County Board of Supervisors-District 4 Marion Ashley, Riverside County Board of Supervisors-District 5 California Depart

Microsoft word - publications based on the copenhagen mother.docx

Publications based on the Copenhagen Mother-Child Cohort (last updated January 2014) Original papers 1. Tinggaard J, Aksglaede L, Sørensen K, Mouritsen A, Wohlfahrt-Veje C, Hagen CP, Mieritz MG, Jørgensen N, Wolthers OD, Heuck C, Petersen JH, Main KM, Juul A: The 2014 Danish references from birth to 20 years for height, weight and body mass index. Acta Paediatr 2014, in press


Postop Instructions: Myringotomy and Tubes After surgery , your child will be ready to go home about 15 minutes. Your may bring a bottle or snack. All effects of anesthesia will wear off quickly, often after a short nap. Routine activity is allowed as soon as your child is acting normally. We will give you eardrops immediately after surgery. Floxin Otic and Ciprodex are


What is a tick bite? A tick is a small brown bug that attaches to the skin and sucks blood for 3 to 6 days. The bite is usually painless and doesn't itch. The wood tick (or dog tick) which transmits Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Colorado tick fever is up to 1/2 inch in size. The deer tick which transmits Lyme disease is the size of a pinhead. After feeding on blood, both of these ticks beco

Fiche comité baclofene



Prüfung: 9A W.: Prog. Punktespringen + Joker Samstag, 09.07.2011 Beginn: anschl. Preis der Landi Michelsamt und HyponaPferdefutter, SurseePreise:Landi Michelsamt, Herr Bruno MeierHypona Beratungsdienst, Herr Hans HuberHirt AG, Uhren/Schmuck/Augenoptik, ReinachHeidi und Fredy HirtTruttmann AG, Kühlanlagen, Oftringen,René Steinmann QUINTO ZK CH Ulrich Monika, Einsiedeln

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The following is an excerpt from Ice Making and Painting Technologies, Ontario Recreation Facilities Association 2001. IMPORTANCE OF WATER QUALITY IN ICE MAKING The 3 Important Ingredients in Making Ice An icemaker that does not have specific knowledge and application of their water make-up, ice paint ingredients and professional application skills of both identified items is vu

Profume gas fumigant sds

SAFETY DATA SHEET Emergency Phone: 1800-033-882 (24 hrs) +61 3 9663 2130 (24 hrs) Dow AgroSciences Australia Ltd. Frenchs Forest NSW 2086 PROFUMETM GAS FUMIGANT 1. PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION: PRODUCT: ProFumeTM Gas Fumigant In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately (show the label PURPOSE: Fumigant for insect control.

2 dys print qrg update

National Institute for Clinical Excellence Issue date: August 2004 Quick reference guide Dyspepsia – management of dyspepsia in adults in primary care In June 2005 the recommendations on referral for endoscopy in the NICE guideline ondyspepsia were amended in line with the recommendation in the NICE ClinicalGuideline on referral for suspected cancer ( NICE Clinical Guideline

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Appetizers Fresh field salad in potato dressing with roasted Serrano ham and winter leaf salad in white balsamic dressing € 11,90 Smoked salmon rosette and smoked fillet of trout with orange-horseradish-sour-cream and field salad in shallot dressing Soups Clear beef soup with vegetable strips, dumplings and fine Sherry Potato-horseradish soup with croutons Veg

Broadening the application of metacognitive theory and therapy to physical health populations

Symposia Titles and Contributors Symposium 1: Broadening the application of metacognitive theory and therapy to physical health populations Convenor & Chair: Peter Fisher, University of Liverpool Metacognitions and negative emotions as predictors of severity of symptoms in chronic fatigue syndrome L Maher-Edwards, Fatigue Service, Royal Free Hospital, B. Fernie, Fatigue

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J. Med. Chem. 2004, 47, 4975-4978 Interaction between an Amantadine Analogue and the Transmembrane Portion of the Influenza A M2 Protein in Liposomes Probed by 1H NMR Spectroscopy of the Ligand Antonios Kolocouris,† Raino K. Hansen,‡ and R. William Broadhurst*,§ Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, School of Pharmacy, University of Athens, Panepistimioupolis, Zografou,Athens 15


Resolution of Upper Gastrointestinal Symptoms Associated With Chronic Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug Therapy has a Positive Impact on Patient-Reported Productivity Peter Wahlqvist,1 Klas Bergenheim,1 Göran Långström,1 Jørgen Næsdal1 1Clinical Science, AstraZeneca, Mölndal, Sweden Table 1. Productivity results for all patients at baseline and for responders/non-responder


A Newsletter from Harvard Business School Publishing Will Project Creep Cost You—or Create Value? by Loren Gary For reprint and subscription information For customized and quantity orders of reprints: Call 617-783-7626 Fax 617-783-7658 Call 800-988-0866 or 617-783-7500 Will Project Creep Cost You—or Create Value? Strict rules that limit a project�


Wednesday Date:- 27th November 2013 Ind. Stableford Friday Date :- 29th November 2013 I.P.S.(Meat Comp) 4 Ball Alliance Saturday A.M. Date :- 30th November 2013 2 to Count A Dolan / Y Makda / F De Lange / G Green B Donnelly / G Ellwood / H Herman / P Kurten J Pillay / K Padayachee / V Govender / A Jordaan 4 Ball Alliance Saturd


A N e w s l e t t e r f o r P h y s i c i a n s Spring 2011 Giving you compassionate care Regional Psychiatry welcomes board-certified psychiatrist, Sunil K. Bhatia, M.D. The practice will expand services and offer outpatient appointments for patients age 18 and older. Dr. Bhatia attended medical school at Maulana Azad Medical College in Delhi, India and completed his residency

Ca formulary master version 5a. 2013.xlsx

AIDS DRUG ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (ADAP) CALIFORNIA FORMULARY FORMULARY BY CLASS Effective 5/29/2013 P: 888-311-7632 www.ramsellcorp.com F: 800-848-4241 Version 5a 2013 Generic Name Brand Name Restrictions ADAP mandates the use of generic products whenever possible in accordance with applicable law or regulations. Dispensing a brand name product when a generic is availab

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Arch Iranian Med 2005; 9 (2): 173 – 174 HOW TO MANAGE ASYMPTOMATIC LIVER HYDATIDS stage of the parasite Echinococcus granulosus in man.2 Mebendazole has been used for many years C countries. Only rarely now, and in India as an effective vermifuge with low primarily because of increased international travel, liver hydatids surface as clinical curiosities at accumulated to show that

Notat 11 11_nye_og_rev_prioriterede_stoffer

Referencelaboratorium for Kemiske Miljømålinger, Eurofins Miljø A/S Naturstyrelsen, Miljøministeriet Notater til opdatering af analysekvalitetsbekendtgørelsen Notat 11.11 EKSISTERENDE, NYE OG REVIDEREDE PRIORITEREDE STOFFER - BETYDNING FOR IGANGVÆRENDE REVISION AF BKG. OM ANALYSEKVALITET 1 Baggrund Arbejdsgruppe E om Kemiske aspekter (Kommissions DG Miljø, Direktorat D - Vand,


CASE STUDY: SALICYLATE TOXICITY One in a series of case studies developed to stimulate enhancement of problem-solving techniques for physicians and nurses when challenged by patients who presentwith unusual or complex clinical syndromes. These case studies are intended primarilyfor the medical, nursing and paramedical staff. A 48-year-old male is brought to the Emergency Department by

Rapport semestriel

HALFJAARVERSLAG op 30 juni 2012 RECORD TOP PENSION FUND FCP Belgisch gemeenschappelijk beleggingsfonds erkend in het kader van de wettelijke bepalingen inzake derdeleeftijds- of pensioensparen Geen enkele inschrijving mag worden aanvaard op basis van dit verslag. Inschrijvingen zijn slechts geldig als ze worden uitgevoerd na kosteloze overlegging van het vereenvoudigd pro


Does Irrelevant Information Play a Role in Judgment? Boicho Kokinov ([email protected])12 Penka Hristova ([email protected])1 Georgi Petkov ([email protected])1 1Central and East European Center for Cognitive Science, Department of Cognitive Science and Psychology,New Bulgarian University, 21 Montevideo Street2Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Science

Distribution gratuite de moustiquaires imprégnées, d’albendazole et de vitamine a aux enfants de moins de cinq ans au benin


Oral presentations, fc14

determine whether cutaneous perfusion alterations are aVenlafaxine alters cutaneous microvascularperipheral response to central control or local changes. Inperfusion, Beta-CIT binding and BDI scores inaddition, Beta CIT reduction predicts variance in reduced BDI IIscores, in a group of women not diagnosed with depression, whenflushes are improved with venlafaxine. Sassarini, J1; Krishnadas,


An Update on Local Anesthetics in Dentistry • Daniel A. Haas, BSc, DDS, BScD, PhD, FRCD(C) • Local anesthetics are the most commonly used drugs in dentistry. This article provides a brief update on thepharmacology, adverse effects and clinical applications of these drugs, as well as the role of vasoconstrictors. MeSH Key Words: anesthesia, dental; anesthetics, local/adverse effects;


SOMMARIO: 1. Lo spostamento dalla teoria delle fonti alla teoria dell’interpre-tazione. – 2. Il giudice Hercules e il demone di Laplace. – 3. La costitu-zione e il cambiamento del grado di definizione. – 4. Interpretazione eapplicazione. – 5. Che cos’è la disposizione? – 6. Principio di sovrappo-sizione. – 7. «Shut up and calculate»? Per una conclusione non scettica. Lo spo

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Towards a Theory of Open Innovation: Three Core Process Archetypes Oliver Gassmann*, Ellen Enkel* *Institute of Technology Management, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland Open Innovation is a phenomenon that has become increasingly important for both practice and theory over the last few years. The reasons are to be found in shorter innovation cycles, industrial research and develo

Lncs 3496 - enhanced fuzzy single layer perceptron

Enhanced Fuzzy Single Layer Perceptron Kwangbaek Kim1, Sungshin Kim2, Younghoon Joo3, and Am-Sok Oh4 1 Dept. of Computer Engineering, Silla University, Korea 2 School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Pusan National University, Korea 3 School of Electronic and Information Engineering, Kunsan National University, Korea 4 Dept. of Multimedia Engineering, Tongmyong Univ. of Information

Scottafbd_519_index 1.10

SCOTT AFB OUTPATIENT FORMULARY Alphabetical Listing by Therapeutic Category The availability of formulary items is subject to change. ACETYLCHOLINESTERASE INHIBITOR Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitor Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitor (Central) Analgesic, Topical Acne Products Analgesic, Urinary Clindamycin and Benzoyl Peroxide . Erythromycin (Topical) . Androgen Anesthet

Susan little, dvm, diplomate abvp (feline)

Susan Little, DVM Diplomate, American Board of Veterinary Practitioners, Certified in Feline Practice Infertility in the Queen June 2006 Record KeepingŠ Health and breeding records are very important; breeders of pedigreed cats need a simple but complete system to record data for each breeding cat a. Call name and registered name; registration number; microchip number b. Complete d

Microsoft word - 2012 flexscripts formulary.docx

2012 FlexScripts Administrators Preferred Formulary List The following is a list of the most commonly prescribed FORMULARY drugs only. It represents an abbreviated version of the drug list (formulary) that is at the core of your pharmacy benefit program. The list is not all-inclusive, does not guarantee coverage and is subject to change. In addition to using this list, you are encoura


ZEP MANUFACTURING COMPANY Acuity Specialty Products Group, Inc. Material Safety Data Sheet and Safe Handling and Disposal Information Issue Date Supersedes Product Name Product No. SECTION I - EMERGENCY CONTACTS For MSDS Information: Acuity Specialy Products Group, Inc. Compliance Services 1-877-I-BUY-ZEP For Medical Emergency: INFOTRAC (877) 541-2016 Toll Free

Avaliação radiográfica da ação da ciclosporina na.

Avaliação radiográfica da ação da ciclosporina na. Neste estudo foi avaliado, através da análise de radiografias, o efeito da ciclosporina, que é um imunossupressor seletivo para linfócitos T, na evolução da doença periodontal indu-zida em ratos. Foram utilizados 31 ratos Wistar machos dividos em 2 grupos: GRUPO I recebeu sacarose e irritante; GRUPO II, sacarose, irritante e c


LISTE DES PUBLICATIONS Articles originaux publiés dans des journaux à politique éditoriale 1. Rabe E, Guex JJ, Morrison N, Ramelet AA, Schuller Petrovic S, Scuderi A, Staelens Y, Pannier F. Treatment of chronic venous disease with flavonoids: recommendations for treatment and further studies. Submitted 2. Lapp A, Furrer P, Ramelet AA, Aubort C, Aubort P, Laurent P, Applegate LA. Cellu

November 20, 2008

Scheduling, Common Oral Conditions, and Tissues Around Implants As with all dental practices, we are experiencing interesting times and therefore we have continued to increase our focus on serving your patients well. The addition of Dr. Erik Badger to our practice is a continuation of our desire to treat your patients with a high level of care and skill. Many have already worked with him an

Study skills project

PRESENTATION SKILLS 1 Exercises: Body vs Brain; Prompting; Breaking Stones Exercise 1: BODY vs BRAIN (SOMA vs CEREBRUM) QUESTION : How much of your presentation is BRAIN (content, information, ideas) and how much is BODY (posture, breath, gestures, eye contact, body language)? Give each of them a mark out of ten for importance. Now compare your marks . Discuss them. Here a


Comparação antropométrica e do perfil glicêmico de idososdiabéticos praticantes de atividade física regular e não praticantes Anthropometric comparison and the glycemic profile in elderly diabetics practitioners and non-practitioners of regular physical activity ResumoO objetivo do estudo foi comparar os parâmetros antropométricos e perfil glicêmicode idosos diabéticos tipo 2 pratican


Sergio Rojas, Ph.D.([email protected]) Dpto. de F´ısica, USBMULTINOMIAL (FINITE BETHE) TREES AND THE NUMERICALSergio [email protected]. de F´ısica, Universidad Sim´on Bol´ıvar, Ofic. 220, Apdo. 89000, Caracas 1080A,Venezuela. Abstract. Accurate valuation of financial instruments via efficient computational methodsis among the most important and challenging problem in the modern financi


l ‘aratro quel giorno era rincasato prima del solito sentiva la primavera l’aria era dolce quasi calda e si era stancato di lavorare i campi lui con il suo aratro se ne andava su e giù per i campi per i suoi campi lui era fiero dei suoi campi arati arati da lui e lui guardava il terreno lui sì guardava la terra e ne era fiero guardava la terra che si alzava ogni zolla di terra si alza


The Dual Effects of Intellectual Property Regulations: Within- and Between-Patent Competition in The US Pharmaceuticals Industry1 1 We are thankful for comments on the paper by numerous seminar audiences and in particular by Stephen Propper and Ernie Berndt. Both authors are thankful for financial support from Pfizer Inc, Astra -Zeneca, and Merck & Co., and Philipson from The George


MISUSE OF DRUGS ACT PENALTIES NOTE: If the offence is not listed then you do not have jurisdiction to “determine” the charge (s3 Criminal Procedure Act) IMPRISONMENT Defn. – “Prohibited drug or plant as provided in s4” 5(1)(a)(i) Occupier permits premises to be used for manufacture or preparation of prohibited drug 5(1)(a)(ii) Occupier permits premises to be used f

Far forest

PUNCHING WELL ABOVE ITS WEIGHT by Beth Whitaker Far Forest is too small a place to feature on most road atlases. Located in the heart of rural Worcestershire, on the edge of the Wyre Forest, you can drive through it without blinking. And so a casual observer could really wonder where all the customers for the local Far Forest Stores are coming from. On the outside, the shop does not look any


PAXIL AND IXEL TRADE-MARKS: NO RISK OF CONFUSION FOR THE ANGLOPHONE CONSUMER, FEDERAL COURT RULES 1001 Square-Victoria - Bloc E – 8th Floor Tel.: (514) 987 6242 - Fax: (514) 845 7874 Further to an appeal launched by the Appel ant pursuant to subsection 56(1) of Canada's Trade-marks Act , (R.S.C. 1985, c. T-13), the Trial Division of the Federal Court of Canada overturned the Registrar’s



Indications succintes des explorations isotopiques

INDICATIONS SUCCINCTES DES EXPLORATIONS ISOTOPIQUES. Docteur Roland AMIR – Centre Médical Bonsecours 21, rue de Bonsecours, 5500 DINANT I – ENDOCRINOLOGIE. A – THYROÏDE. 1- Scintigraphie thyroïdienne au Tc-99m : Suspicion biologique de dysthyroïdie. Suspicion clinique de thyroïdite. Mise au point nodule thyroïdien détecté par exploration échographique ou


Using Business Intelligence to Discover New Market OpportunitiesUsing Business Intelligenceto Discover New MarketOpportunitiesJanice FratesCalifornia State University Long BeachMany companies have customers of which theyBusiness Intelligence, Marketing, Competition,are only minimally aware, people who started using agiven product while seeking a solution for an appar-ently unrelated need. Th

Accord national médico-mutualiste 2009-2010

Accord national médico-mutualiste 2009–2010 ACCORD NATIONAL MEDICO-MUTUALISTE 2009–2010 En vertu des articles 26, 50 et 51 de la loi relative à l’assurance obligatoire soins de santé et indemnités, coordonnée le 14 juillet 1994, la Commission nationale médico-mutualiste (dénommée ci-après CNMM), sous la Présidence de M. Johan DE COCK, a conclu le 17 décembre 2008, l’accord


Institute of International Relations and .S. Wars Japan’s Passive Support for U.S. Wars: Examining the Case for Humanitarian Intervention in Libya and Syria Abstract This paper examines Japanese Foreign Policy in regards to claims that it is both passive and unfailingly supportive of US Foreign Policy even when the latter’s military actions clash with Japan’s professed commi

Microsoft word - paket mcu juli 2009.doc

Metropolitan Medical Centre Jl.H.R.Rasuna Said Kav.C-21, Jakarta Selatan 12940 Tel : 5203435 (hunting), Fax : 5203417, Unit Gawat Darurat : 5273473 E-mail : [email protected], Homepage : www.rsmmc.co.id DASAR / BASIC. 1. Riwayat kesehatan / Medical history. 2. Pemeriksaan fisik / Physical examination. 5. Pemeriksaan Laboratorium / Laboratory test : a. Darah Perifer Lengkap

Microsoft word - handling precautions and guideline user manual.doc

For Lipo (Lithium-ion Polymer) Rechargeable Batteries Thank you for choosing products manufactured by R/C INDUSTRIES INTERNATIONAL LTD. Before using the product, Please read and follow the instructions below and safety precautions carefully. End Users must contact R/C INDUSTRIES INTERNATIONAL LTD in there first instance if they need to use the battery in conditions which are not mentioned in t

Microsoft word - march 201

Aimee Seidman, M.D., FACP & Marcia Goldmark, M.D. Annual Health Assessment NEWSLETTER How long has it been since you had your annual health assessment? If We hope you and yours are doing well. Please do not hesitate to call our office at the it's been 10 months or longer we onset of any illness so we can examine you and prescribe the appropriate treatment encourage you t

Microsoft word - esther 9 10 29th october 2006pm.doc

Romsey Baptist church 29th October 2006 pm Esther 9 & 10 At the end of chapter 8, which we looked at last week, the crisis that this story is all about, the threatened annihilation of the Jews in the Empire was almost resolved. Mordecai and Esther, in partnership with God, had saved the day – and yet that day, the day of the contradicting edicts, still had to be faced. Despite t


KEY SKILLS COMMUNICATION Level 3 – Drinking Water [KSC3Mr4] Source Booklet Tuesday 23 March 2004 • This booklet contains source material for the Level 3 Communication test, March 2004• The test questions will be based on this material• You must hand in this Source Booklet at the end of the test, along with your The Level 3 Communication test will assess your abili


Everyone is talking about globalization — a phenomenon all themore significant because it is generally considered inevitable and beyondanyone’s control. What does it mean? Although there are many works onthis subject,2 the concept remains unclear. For some, globalization is adevelopment beyond the nation-state. For others, it defines a new type ofopposition between capital and labor brought a

Gpat-2010 question booklet code – a

Max. Marks: 300 RO S E P H A R MA C Y GP A T Time: 3 hours (Subject:- ANS, CNS & CVS) Instructions 1. All questions are multiple choice objective, you have to select one correct answer. 2. There are 100 questions in question paper. Each question contains three marks. 3. There will be ⅓ (one third) negative marking for each wrong answer. Q.1 Which one of the following drug is

Paxcdl data sheet/manual pdf

Bulletin No. PAXCDL-DDrawing No. LP0401Released 3/08Tel +1 (717) 767-6511Fax +1 (717) 764-0839www.redlion.net MODEL PAXCDL -ANALOG OUTPUT PLUG-IN OPTION CARD DESCRIPTION This bulletin serves as a guide for the installation, configuration andThe PAX® meter can be fitted with up to three optional plug-in cards. Theoperation of the PAX® Analog Output card. The analog output can beslot

Microsoft word - document5

RACHEL'S ENVIRONMENT & HEALTH WEEKLY #630 December 24, 1998 HEADLINES THE NEWS OF 1998, PART 1 E vidence continued to accumulate during 1998 that your diet can drastically alter your chances of getting heart disease and cancer, including breast cancer. The good news is that eating monounsaturated fats (the kind found in olive oil, canola oil, and nuts) seems to have a protective effect a


Toxoplasma gondii is an intracellular coccidian parasite and is one of the most common parasitic diseases of animals and man. The definitive hosts for the parasite (the only animals in which the organism reproduces sexually) are members of the Felidae family (mainly domestic cats). T gondii is of primary importance since the range of intermediate hosts which can become infected encompass

Bromate determination in water using chlorpromazine after correction of chlorinating agents and humic substances interference

ISSN 1061-9348, Journal of Analytical Chemistry, 2007, Vol. 62, No. 11, pp. 1055–1063. © Pleiades Publishing, Ltd., 2007. ARTICLES Bromate Determination in Water Using Chlorpromazine after Correction of Chlorinating Agents and Humic Substances Interference1 M. G. Mitrakas Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry, Chemical Engineering Department, School of Engineering, Aristotle

(microsoft word - 4a_retifica\347\343o_ edital 01_2010_final.doc)

Edital de Abertura de Concurso Público nº 01/2012 4ª Retificação – Concurso Público - Edital nº 01/2012 A Prefeitura Municipal de Viçosa - MG no uso de suas atribuições legais torna público a 3 ª retificação do Concurso Público nº 01/2012, que objetiva alterar os seguintes itens: Onde se lê: AUXILIAR DE CRECHE LÍNGUA PORTUGUESA PARA TODOS OS CA


E-mail: [email protected] Website: www.readspeaker.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/readspeaker ReadSpeaker®, The Voice of the Web! E-mail: [email protected] Website: www.readspeaker.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/readspeaker Introduction We are often asked this question. Are you compliant with or supporting accessibility standards? Such as W3C’s Web Conte


K Hörmann1, A Plenker2, C Bachert3, B Hauswald4, L Klimek 5, G Rasp6 , C. Rudack 7, J Spaeth8, R Mösges9 1University Hospital Mannheim, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, Mannheim, Germany, 2Essex Pharma GmbH, Munich Germany, 3University Hospital, Ghent, Belgium, 4University Hospital Dresden, Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, Dresden, Germany, 5R


Erectile Dysfunction Provider Information and Specifics available on our Website ©2012 RN.ORG®, S.A., RN.ORG®, LLC Erectile dysfunction, sometimes called "impotence," is the repeated inability to get or keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. The word "impotence" may also be used to describe other problems that interfere with sexual intercourse and reproduc

Microsoft word - ipc-13 meticillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus _mrsa_.doc

Policy: Meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Category: Infection Prevention and Control Policy No: IPC-13 NMCS Ref: A10 Responsible person: Jane Cameron - Director of Clinical Services Date of issue: March 2010 (or in line with changes in guidelines or process) Name/Title Signature Jane Cameron Director of Clinical Services Infection Preventi


Rehabilitation Institute of Texas RIT Patient Initial Visit Information Sheet Patient Name: ____________________________ Age: _______ Gender: M FReferring Physician: _______________________ Primary Care Physician: ___________________ Reason for the visit: _______________________________________________________________ 1. When did your present problem start? _____________________


Resende (nascida Helena Maria de Jesus), uma das célebres Ilhoas. Ambos nascidos no Arquipélago dos Açores, Portugal, vieram para o Brasil, ao que tudo indica em datas diferentes e aqui se casaram no ano de 1726. Estabeleceram-se na Fazenda do Engenho Velho dos Cataguás, latifúndio patriarcal situado no atual município de Lagoa Dourada/MG e considerado o berço da Família Resende no B

Microsoft word - kristis_foot[1]

This is a description of the results of treatments for a bone fracture of my left foot. The treatments were performed by Hakan Lagergren using the ReeCept X7 laser in Stockholm, Sweden in May 2004. Because I experienced a fracture of the same area in my right foot about ten years ago in New Jersey, U.S.A., it has been interesting to compare the rates of recovery under different treatment. I a

Managing stress

Managing Stress How we think about problems can influence the degree of stress we feel. It is easy to lose perspective when under stress so changing your expectations or reframing a problem can be helpful in changing your perspective. Engage in structured problem solving – learning how to break down a problem into its various components- and then deciding on a course of action- is a valuabl

Microsoft word - emea-combined-h547en tnr.doc

SUMMARY OF PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS NAME OF THE MEDICINAL PRODUCT Zevalin 1.6 mg/ml kit for radiopharmaceutical preparations for infusion 2. QUALITATIVE QUANTITATIVE COMPOSITION Zevalin is supplied as a kit for the preparation of yttrium-90 radiolabelled ibritumomab tiuxetan. The kit contains one ibritumomab tiuxetan vial, one sodium acetate vial, one formulation buffer via

10 risposte ad altrettante classiche domande sul nucleare

I PIÙ DIFFUSI LUOGHI COMUNI SULL’ENERGIA NUCLEARE SEMPLICI DA SFATARE IL NUCLEARE E’ UNA FONTE DI ENERGIA RINNOVABILE? Il nucleare non è una fonte di energia rinnovabile, perché si basa sull’utilizzo di un combustibile, l’uranio, che esiste in natura in quantità finite. Che il nucleare non è una fonte rinnovabile lo ha detto anche l’Unione europea, in particolare

Microsoft word - libiaitalia.doc

Prospettive del trattato Libia-Italia Il 3 febbraio è stato definitivamente approvato il disegno di legge che autorizza la ratifica del Trattato “ Amicizia, partenariato e cooperazione ” tra Italia e Libia, firmato a Bengasi il 30 agosto 2008. L’unica forza politica ad opporsi, al senato, sono stati i radicali; come c’era da aspettarsi, hanno fatto leva sulla solfa dei ‘diritti uman


Med Oral Patol Oral Cir Bucal-AHEAD OF PRINT Oral findings in Rett syndrome Journal section: Odontostomatology for the disabled or special patientsPublication Types: Review Oral findings in Rett syndrome: A systematic review of the dental literature María-Cristina Fuertes-González 1, Francisco-Javier Silvestre 2, José-Manuel Almerich-Silla 3 1 Staff dentist of the Red Cross Dental Clini

Microsoft word - rx124 ed09-05.doc

Diabetes Mellitus Classification Diabetes Mellitus ( DM ) is a group of disorders characterized by hyperglycemia ( that is, high blood sugar ). Factors that contribute to hyperglycemia include reduced insulin secretion, decreased blood sugar ( glucose ) usage by the body, or increased glucose production. Chronic hyperglycemia adversely affects the body. In the vascular system, there can be


Overview of the Head Lice problem Evidence demonstrates that the problem of head lice is increasing, as the parasites are becoming immune to the existing products currently available on the market. Even though treatments are varied at regular intervals to try to prevent this. Th erefore an opportunity exists, or the market is ripe for the introduction of an additional product, which will he

Bio identical hormones

Bioidentical hormones by Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN NP Suzanne Somers has brought bioidentical hormones onto center stage. In her books, Ageless and The Sexy Years , and in media appearances to promote them, she describes how bioidentical hormones relieved her menopause symptoms. She also makes it clear that she intends to stay on them for the rest of her life. As a result, we’re now delug

2012-2013 nurses’ letter regarding administration of medication including

2012-2013 Nurses’ Letter Regarding Administration of Medication Including Over-the-Counter Medications As you know, Ranney School Health Office maintains Standing Physician Orders for the administration of Advil, Tylenol, and Benadryl (calculated by student’s weight). This means that Advil, Tylenol, and Benadryl can be given to your child with provided parental consent, and notific

Valutazione programma rdi

VALUTAZIONE DEL PROGRAMMA DI INTERVENTO DI SVILUPPO RELAZIONALE RDI® Di Steven E. Gutstein, The Connections Center, Houston, USA Audrey F. Burgess, The Connections Center, Houston, USA Ken Montfort, The Connections Center, Houston, USA ABSTRACT: Questo studio è il secondo di una serie di studi che valutano l’efficacia dell’Intervento di Sviluppo Relazionale (RDI) per trattare i deficit unici


Contrato de Representante Independente - Portugal 1. Objetivo do Contrato: o presente Contrato estabelece os termos e as condições que Serviços da ACN e Produtos da ACN aos Clientes. Consulte a cláusula 9 e as Políticas e Contrato por um novo período de Vigência, mediante a conclusão do procedimento regem a promoção de Serviços da ACN, Produtos da ACN e da Oportunidade da ACN por

Microsoft word - summary from forum.doc

The Medication Control Forum took place on 8th December 2009 at the Newmarket Equine Hospital. The purpose of the event was to open up communications between trainers, the BHA and HFL Sports Science and to answer some specific questions compiled by the NTF fol owing trainer feedback. Short presentations were given by Jim Boyle (NTF Council member), Clive Hamblin (NTF Veterinary Adviser)

Microsoft word - ryr10-06-nari.doc

Nari, Marcela María Alejandra: El trabajo a domicilio y las obreras (1890-1918) , en Razón y Revolución, nro. 10, primavera de 2002, reedición electrónica. El trabajo a domicilio y las obreras (1890-1918) Marcela María Alejandra Nari El trabajo a domicilio formó parte, desde sus inicios, de los procesos de industrialización capitalistas. El “moderno” sistema de tr

Microsoft word - manuscript 081003 c.doc

Reduced hospital stay, morphine consumption, and pain intensity with local infiltration analgesia after unicompartmental knee arthroplasty. A randomized double-blind study of 40 patients Per Essving1, Kjell Axelsson2, Jill Kjellberg2, Örjan Wallgren1, Anil Gupta2, ___________________________________________________________________________ 1Department of Orthopedic Surgery and 2D


Doshi Nuclear Pad 1/16/12:Layout 1 1/17/12 1:03 PM Page 1 Nuclear Cardiology • Nuclear Medicine • PET CT 3250 Westchester Ave, Ste LL11 Ph:(718) 823-8616 Fax:(718) 823-8615 Patient’s Name: _______________________________________________________ D.O.B. / Age:________________________ Date: _________________________ Reason for Exam/ICD-9: _________________________________________________

Microsoft word - ca bar report - by palamides.doc

Nations conference was first enacted in 1999 and has ratified, in various versions, by all fifty US States, define, Does E-mail Have the Same “that a record or signature may not be denied legal effect Evidentiary Foundation as or enforceability solely because it is in electronic form.” Paper-and-Post Mail? UETA goes further, affirmatively stating that “if a law requires a re

Qu'est-ce qu'une tumeur

QU'EST-CE QU'UNE TUMEUR CEREBRALE ? Une tumeur est une masse anormale résultant du développement anarchique des cellules. On peut aussi l'appeler néoplasie. POURQUOI UNE TUMEUR APPARAÎT-ELLE ? Les raisons de l'apparition des tumeurs cérébrales demeurent encore un mystère. Certains facteurs environnementaux et génétiques ont été énoncés par les chercheurs, comme pouvant être

Microsoft word - gsl-european questions about vestibular schwannomas.doc

European Questions About Vestibular Schwannomas By: Dr. Gil Lederman In many countries now there are groups of patients who were treated by the physicians of Radiosurgery New York for acoustic neuromas or vestibular schwannomas who are forming social groups. Several recently asked a series of questions from a group in the United Kingdom about treatment options and results. An acoustic neuroma

Chronic fatigue and depression

CASE FROM THE CENTER Chronic Fatigue and Depression Hugh D. Riordan, M.D.1 and Dr. James A. Jackson2 The patient is a 55 year old female, married she had been taking thyroid for two years, "not with three adult children and is employed as an because it was low, but because it might help!" elementary school teacher. She had been seen The psychological evaluation revealed the p

5th october 2005

Group Pension Managed Funds Update to 31st May 2007 Summary During May, group pension managed funds made strong gains on the back of rising equity markets. Among the ten main managed fund providers, returns during May ranged from 2.2% (from Setanta Asset Management) to 3.8% (achieved by Irish Life Investment Managers). The average fund returned 3.0% over the month. As a result, ov


COPD THE DISEASE COPD THE DISEASE How do the lungs normally work? The chest contains two lungs, one lung on the right side of the chest, the other on the left side of the chest. Each lung is made up of sections called lobes. The lung is soft and protected by the ribcage. The purposes of the lungs are to bring oxygen (abbreviated O2), into the body and to remove carbon dioxide (abbreviate

Consumer connection - technology - redorbit

Consumer Connection - Technology - RedOrbithttp://www.redorbit.com/news/technology/349511/consumer_connec. Consumer Connection - Technology - RedOrbithttp://www.redorbit.com/news/technology/349511/consumer_connec. Posted on: Friday, 6 January 2006, 06:00 CSTThe site promises "simple solutions for easy living," offering tips on dinner


Schweden Vorbildliche Recycler In Schweden befinden sich Abfallvermeidung, Wiederverwertung und „Waste to Energy“ auf einem hohen Niveau. Die lokalen Branchenunternehmen gelten als innovativ. Für deutsche Ausrüster und Dienstleister sind die Geschäftschancen in der gut entwickelten schwedischen Entsorgungsbranche begrenzt. Bedarf besteht vor allem an technischen I


SELECTIVE SEROTONIN RE-UPTAKE INHIBITORS GENERAL INFORMATION Antidepressant of choice for new prescriptionsSafer in overdose :. much more popular than TCAsUses: depression, OCD, panic disorder, social anxiety, PTSD, Bulemia, social phobia, migrainesDrug interactions are very common and important: most are potent P450 inhibitorsTremors, headaches, nervousness, anxiety, insomnia, an

Cvs double plays nov 10-16 www

CVS Double Plays Nov 10-16 www.refundcents.com Colgate MaxClean, Cascade Complete Lamisil $10 Vicks Nyquil or Oral-B Power REfills 3 MaxWhite, MaxFresh Packs 48 ct $11.99 Benefiber $10 Toothpaste $3 Downy Liquid Prevacid $10 Sinex Spray - $3 ECB , limit 2 Triaminic Children's Vapo Rub 2/$15 - $2 ECB , limit 1 Syrup Day/Night Pack

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Clinical assessment of hypertensive patient: • You have to take history regarding the presence of other risk factors for CAb like diabetes mellitus, smoking, etc. • Take history whether the patient takes medications that cause hypertension or the patient has symptoms suggestive of secondary cause (like sweating and palpitation suggestive of pheochromacytoma) or symptoms suggestive of co

Microsoft word - cu360.doc

LEGA NAZIONALE PROFESSIONISTI COMUNICATO UFFICIALE N. 360 DEL 29 maggio 2006 DECISIONI DELLA COMMISSIONE DISCIPLINARE Si riportano le decisioni assunte nel corso della riunione del 23 maggio 2006 dalla Commissione Disciplinare costituita dall’avv. Stefano Azzali, Presidente, dall’avv. Salvatore Lo Giudice, V. Presidente, dal dott. Gianpaolo Tosel e dall’avv. Lucio Colantu

Microsoft word - csteel-updatebleederseiph-june07-edited.doc

An update on “Bleeders” and that reported in Japan, Britain and South Africa, and less than that reported in Singapore, Hong Kong Defining a “bleeder”. and the USA. definition of a “bleeder” in various world. In Australia, bleeding is defined as the appearance of blood indicate that some degree of EIPH at both nostrils, irrespective of the ma


EMICRANIA E CEFALEA Saper descrivere al medico di quale mal di testa si soffre, delineando i sintomi, è molto importante poiché una cura che può risultare efficace ed alleviare i sintomi in una particolare forma può risultare inefficace in un'altra condizione di cefalea Ho il mal di testa, banale ma reale problema! Quale dei diversi 150 tipi esistenti?E bene si, nel complesso di cefalee


Southend Gastroenterology Associates, PLLC Sanjay Jain, MD Colonoscopy 4402 Churchman Ave, Suite 408, Louisville, KY 40215 Colyte Preparation Instructions Please follow the following instructions one day prior to examination. 1. Prepare the colon prep by filling the gallon jug to the fill line with tap water, shake well, and set on the counter. Do not refrigerate. 2. That mornin

Permethrin dusting powder

Safety Data Sheet NOTE: Access to a copy of this Safety Data Sheet (SDS) via our Website does not constitute the issue of a controlled Copy under EUlegislation. To be issued with such a copy please contact Rentokil Initial at the address below by telephone, fax or in writing. In order toconfirm the latest version of the SDS for this product seclick on Technical Information / Product Safety. R

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Fifth L.K. Jha Memorial Lecture Address by Mr. Rubens Ricupero, Secretary-General of UNCTAD Friday, 17 July 1998 "Globalisation, hot money and the search for profitable investments: Is the East Asian Crisis a global crisis ? Mr. Governor, relatives of the late Mr. L.K. Jha, ladies and gentlemen : Dangerous, often fatal, is the prophet's calling. Most are put to death. That was

Guidelines for the supply of sildenafil for erectile dysfunction

REMOTE HEALTH ATLAS – Section #: TITLE (SPACE TO RIGHT FLUSH GUIDELINES FOR THE SUPPLY OF MEDICINES FOR ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION Note: where sildenafil 20mg tablets (Revatio®) are prescribed for pulmonary hypertension please refer to th regarding use under the Highly Specialised Drugs program. Medicines (including phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors (sildenafil, tadal


Rietmijten (Pyemotes tritici) Straw itch mite ( Pyemotes ventricosis ) De mijten leven meestal in opgeslagen granen of bonen, stro, hooi, en andere gedroogde grassen. Ze zijn microscopisch klein, en kunnen niet worden waargenomen met het blote oog. Ze leven van insecten; de vrouwelijke mijt zal eieren produceren nadat ze zich gevoed heeft. Deze eieren worden niet onmiddelli

Ct-5267 xyzall

COMMISSION DE LA TRANSPARENCE Examen du dossier de la spécialité inscrite pour une durée de 5 ans par arrêté du 9 avril 2003 (JO du 11 avril 2003) XYZALL 5 mg, comprimé pelliculé Boîte de 14 comprimés (CIP : 358 502-4) Boîte de 28 comprimés (CIP : 358 505-3) Laboratoires UCB PHARMA SA Lévocétirizine Date de l'AMM : 14 février 2002 (procédure de reconnaissance

Microsoft word - 03. from mil-6p.docx

From Mil ( Mile ), 2008 it's the last tape. beth gibbons is singing. the grass is drug store-green and the grilled chicken is orange from the seasoning. yasmin has drawn eyes and stars with a ball-point pen on the cover. every cover has twelve horizontal lines. i love polly jean. if the tape moves to fast and is misdirected the chicken is squeezed with a pressure of several hundred k


RE: RxISK Report for Your Patient The attached RxISK Report highlights symptoms reported by your patient as possible drug side effects on RxISK.org — a global prescription drug safety website that provides individual causality assessments. The purpose of this report is to support the clinical consultation between you and your patient. You can access and add to the report, as well as view a

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43rd ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship 2013 13 - 20 July 2013, Limassol, Cyprus Notice of Race The Cyprus Sailing Federation will host the 43rd ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship and cordially invites all ISAF member national authorities to participate. The event will be held from 13 to 20 July 2013. The venue will be at the Cyprus Sports Organization Sailing Centre in Limassol

Etude main d’œuvre étrangère

LES RAISONS STRATEGIQUES ET ECONOMIQUES DU RECOURS A LA MAIN D’ŒUVRE ETRANGERE DANS L’ENSEIGNEMENT SUPERIEUR ET L’INDUSTRIE Baret Christophe Ventolini Séverine Abouaissa Siham Auteur contact : Christophe Baret, courriel : [email protected] Résumé Cette communication traite, d’une part, des raisons qui conduisent les entreprises françaises à recruter des tra

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Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology Volume 04, Issue 03, March 2011 ISSN 0974-3618 (PRINT) ISSN 0974-360X (ONLINE) CONTENT REVIEW ARTICLE • Solid Dispersions: A Review Punitha S, Srinivasa Reddy G, Srikrishna T and Lakshman Kumar M…….…….…….…….…….…….…….…….…….…… 331 • A Review on Herbal Diuretics N. Sirisha


Análisis de Caso de Aprendizaje Nombre Unidad: Reflexionemos sobre la discriminación en las parejas. Autor: Claudio Hernán Espinoza Casanova A. La apertura de la unidad de aprendizaje Se explica a los alumnos que se ha detectado una necesidad de aprendizaje en un tema de relación de parejas que habla sobre la discriminación, y este se abordará a través de una historia, de u

The use of the internet as learning and teaching tool

The use of the Internet within police education in the Netherlands The use of the Internet within police education in the Netherlands Reinder Vrielink, MSc School of Advanced Policing, Police Academy of the Netherlands Abstract The Internet is going through a major change with the introduction of social networks. This change could have profound implications for the way we use the

Donor qualification guide

Donor Qualification Guide This guide is intended to assist in pre-screening prospective blood donors. Please refer other health questions to our Blood Collection Staff prior to registering, call Heartland Blood Centers at (630) 892-7055 or visit the Heartland Blood Centers website at: for information. General The donor must be in good health and feeling well. Age At least 17 years


Dynamic Information-centric Systems-of-Systems Project Facts developed, especially for integration, information analysis Partners: Thales Naval Netherlands and visualization, and trustworthy information inter-Altogether, these data-based operations require an infor -mation-centric approach to both system-of-systems design and also to operations that support the individual sys

Fellows academic half day rounds: draft #

Department of Medicine Division of Respirology FELLOWS ACADEMIC HALF DAY ROUNDS Updated: January 29, 2010 GOALS: 1. Review lung pathology, correlate pathological changes with changes seen on CT scans, CXR’s. 2. Apply evidence based medicine to review areas in pulmonary medicine where there is therapeutic and diagnostic controversy. Review seminal papers in the area of


CORRESPONDENCE Ann Thorac Surg 2012;94:1782–9 References Davide Pacini, MD 1. Parolari A, Pesce LL, Pacini D, et al. Monzino Research Department of Cardiac Surgery Group on Cardiac Surgery Outcomes. Risk factors for S Orsola-Malpighi Hospital perioperative acute kidney injury after adult cardiac sur- University of Bologna gery: role of perioperative ma

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Termo de uso para assinatura CLÁUSULA PRIMEIRA: DO OBJETO 1.1- Disponibilizar o serviço de voz sobre IP da CONTRATADA, popularmente conhecido como VOIP, aqui denominado PARÁGRAFO ÚNICO voip permitirá ao CLIENTE realizar para qualquer lugar do mundo, chamadas telefônicas iniciando-se pela internet e terminando na rede pública ou na própria internet. PARAG

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DONNA E. STEWART, MD, FRCPC REFEREED PUBLICATIONS Stewart DE . Treatment patterns in Canadian women with urinary incontinence: A need to improve case identification. Journal of Women’s Health (in press). Chiarelli A, Stotland N, Sloan P, Stewart DE , Mai V, Howlett R. Influence of physician and patient characteristics on adherence to breast cancer screening recommendations. Eur

Round lake treatment centre

Round Lake Treatment Centre 200 Emery Louis Road Armstrong, BC V0E 1B5 Intake Phone: (250) 546-8848 Intake Fax: (250) 546-3087 NAME: __________________________________ RLTC APPLICATION FOR TREATMENT (To Be Completed by the A&D Referral Worker) Aboriginal Ancestry Band Member (Band Name, Inuit, Métis, Aboriginal Community) Status Number �


FACIAL GUEST CARE FORM PROMISE TO YOU If you’re not happy with our service for any reason we will reschedule a second visit at no charge or issue a full refund along with our sincerest apologies! PERSONAL INFO Client Name: ______________________________Therapist: _______________________________ Client Address: _____________________________City:________________ State:_____Zip: ______


VOORWOORD Welkom bij deze 10e Ruggespraak. De reacties, die ik krijg van lezers en patiënten zijn altijd bijzonder mooi en leuk om te horen. Het vormt een inspiratiebron om door te gaan en nieuwe onderwerpen aan te boren, maar onderwerpen zijn er genoeg. Je raakt nooit uitgepraat over gezondheid en je lijf en leden. Als het goed is, ga je gedurende je leven, je lichaam en geest steeds bete


AGENTE BIOLÓGICO - Estrongiloidiasis NoMbre CieNtífiCo NoMbre verNáCulo, siNóNiMos Grupo de riesgo Características Los estrongiloides son nematodos (gusanos redondos) de entre 1,5 y 3 mm de longitud, finos y dioicos (con sexos separados). Las larvas rondan las 350 µm de longitud, los huevos, 40 µm. efectos sobre la salud Patógeno, a veces su parasitación es as

Medication usage chart for rat respiratory illnesses and other conditions

Medication Usage Chart for Rat Respiratory Illnesses and Other Conditions Medication Usage Chart for Rat Respiratory Illnesses and Other Conditions Mary Ann Isaksen and Daryl Mabley, D.V.M. (Revised by M. Isaksen, July 2000)From the July/August 2000 Rat & Mouse GazetteBactericidal, broad-spectrum antibiotic. Goodfor respiratory infections. Can cause kidneydamage, but it is not at all


COSTO E MODALITÀ DI PAGAMENTO: PARTECIPANTI: Costo del corso: € 200,00 (prezzo finito) Le iscrizioni sono limitate a n. 50 partecipanti Il corso È possibile scegliere tra le seguenti opzioni di Medici (M ED . FISICA E RIABILITAZIONE - N.P.I. - - Sconto del 10% pagando un acconto di €. 100,00 PEDIATRI – NEUROLOGI) entro il 5 novembre 2012 e il saldo di €

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Safety and Efficacy of Lamotrigine for Adult Bipolar Disorder Patients Lawrence D. Ginsberg, MD Red Oak Psychiatry Associates, Houston, Texas Figure 2. Patient Response and Relapse on Lamotrigine Figure 4. After Lamotrigine Treatment CGI-I Scores ABSTRACT Were Mainly 1 and 2 81.3% Response Objective „ Of the 587 subjects reviewed in this study, 72.2% were female, an


ARCHDIOCESE OF BALTIMORE PERMISSION FORM AND RELEASE Emergency Contact (name and telephone number): As parent or guardian of my son/daughter, I do hereby agree to allow my son/daughter to participate in the following activity (event/date/time): Archdiocesan Youth and Young Adult Pilgrimage on March 23, 2013. I acknowledge receipt of the attached information sheet describing the pla

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Anti-implantation effects of indomethacin and celecoxib in ratsNongluck Sookvanichsilp*, Pawitra Pulbutr Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand Abstract Pregnant Wistar rats were used to investigate the anti-implantation effect of cyclooxygenase (COX) inhibitors, indomethacin (nonse-lective COX-1/COX-2 inhibitor) and celecoxib (specific COX-

Blepharitis and m.g.d ver nov 13

DR. ROSS LITTLEWOOD (08) 9374 0620 MIDLAND EYE CLINIC BLEPHARITIS AND MEIBOMIAN GLAND DYSFUNCTION Blepharitis is inflammation of the eyelid margins. The typical signs are redness of the lid margins, an abnormally thin tear film that contains debris, and blocked Meibomian glands that can be detected with a microscope. The Meibomian glands normally produce an oily secretion that is e

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STUDENT HEALTH RECORD Student Name ______________________________________________________ PARENT SUPPLIED MEDICAL HISTORY AND EMERGENCY CONSENT FORM Tuberculosis Screening is required for Admissions and must be updated every two years: Please indicate at least one : Mantoux or Tine Skin Test within past 2 years: Type ___________ Chest X-Ray (if previous positive reaction) within

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Medical Therapies Paper at Autism NZ 2002 National Conference Medical therapies in the autistic syndrome are a subject fraught with difficulty. Accurate evaluation of medical therapies throughout medicine has its limitations because of the effects of treatments on volatile human beings. These studies are plagued by the placebo effect and a number of other possible misinterpretations due to la


STADL-PAURA CLASSICS II - Was war los am Donnerstag, 06.März Bewerb01: Stadl Classics Young Horses Tour Opening – presented by Stable Obora Trebon Int. Standardspringprüfung – 1,25m für 6- und 7-jährige Pferde Doppelsieg für Titelverteidiger Rob Raskin / AUT beim Stadl Classics Youngster Tour Opening Den Start der Stadl-Paura Classics II machten die jüngsten Pferde. Al


Rapid Analysis of Residual Solvents in Pharmaceuticals Innovation ! Using Static Headspace Sampling and Stop-Flow GCby Christopher English, Environmental Innovations Chemist, Rebecca Wittrig, Ph.D., HPLC ProductMarketing Manager, and Frank Dorman, Ph.D., Director of Technical Development• Resolve 35 residual solvents in 18 minutes. • Simplify inventory—use one pair of chromatogra


EPOETIN ALPHA IN MULTIPLE MYELOMA-RELATED ANAEMIAHigh-doses epoetin alpha in patients with multiple myeloma-related anaemia: early response and effective maintenancePasquale Niscola, Laura Scaramucci, Luigi Menichelli1, Velia Bongarzoni,Cinzia De Gregoris, Marco Morucci, Vincenzo Tini, Marco MontanaroHaematology Unit, 1Pharmacy Unit, Montefiascone Hospital, Viterbo, ItalyAbstract. In this rep

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Drug Therapy for Migraine Headache Treatment Strategies • Initially consider step-care starting with an appropriate trial of simple analgesics (e.g.,aspirin, acetaminophen, OTC nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs),Excedrin1). • If unsuccessful, use stronger analgesics such as prescription-strength NSAIDs or• In patients with severe, incapacitating headaches with vomitin


T. M. Glaus, G. Wess, Band 152, Heft 3, März 2010, xxx – xxx © 2010 by Verlag Hans Huber, Hogrefe AG, Bern Originalarbeiten 1 Linksherzhypertrophie bei der Katze – „wenn eine hypertrophe Kardiomyopathie keine hypertrophe Kardiomyopathie ist“ T. M. Glaus1, G. Wess2 1Abteilung für Kardiologie, Klinik für Kleintiermedizin, Universität Zürich, 2Abteilung für Kardiologie,


The end of river blindness? people are already infected. The vast majorityof cases (99 per cent) occur in Africa withSightsavers distributed the drugs to infectedover 30 endemic countries on the continent. communities by trained village volunteers whoMore than 300,000 people have already gonehand out the treatment locally. Last year thedevelopment charity helped to protect over23 milli


Basis of Participation Companies participating in the Lead REACH Consortium are subject to different fees depending on the substances in which they have an interest. An element of their fees is also based on tonnage. For these purposes - and to re-confirm for which substances individual members require REACH Consortium information to fulfil their REACH obligations. Payment of pro-rata

Ppo 2500 preventive drug list

High Deductible Health Plan Preventive Drug List Effective January 1, 2013 The medications that qualify for the preventive drug list are outlined below by drug classification. Wellmark Drug CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICATIONS List Tier Generic name Brand Name* CALCIUM ANTAGONISTS nifedipine extended-release – ADALAT CC diltiazem – CARDIZEM/LA/CD, DILACOR XR nifedipine


PREDICTING THE EFFECTIVENESS OF HYDROXYUREA IN INDIVIDUAL SICKLE CELL ANEMIA PATIENTS Homayoun Valafar, Faramarz Valafar, Alan Darvill and Peter Albersheim, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center and the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Georgia, 220 Riverbend Road, Athens, GA 30602 Abdullah Kutlar, Kristy F. Woods, and John Hardin, Department of Medicin

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