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in pig diets explored
feed depends on the above conditions.
*Franz Waxenecker is a nutritionist with contains a corresponding fraction of polyunsaturated fatty acids that have to be considered by some meat brands. Furthermore, these fatty acids are susceptible to oxidation, which minimizes the shelf life of DDGS.
component in the agricultural enterprise/farm. This still requires additional raw materials in the feeding plant since DDGS/soybean meal cannot completely replace FOR BOTH ILEITIS AND
crop and soy market requires an appropriate fl exibility for purchases. MYCOPLASMAL PNEUMONIA,
With additional silo components, there is a higher fl exibility of buying and feeding favorably available raw materials at a short notice. rst two days after the onset of treatment develop In 60 seconds
Unique web site: Biomin
has launched www.mycotoxins.info, a
uniquely created, informational platform
ve to eight days without discontinuing the lincomycin treatment. The effects of , swine fed lincomycin may within the fi Biomin said the site consists of informa-tion for cereal farmers about mycotoxins contaminating fields, as well as informa- tion and news pertaining to plant pro-ducers, livestock farmers, feed millers, scientists, veterinarians and consumers. CAUTION:
The site was created for informational purposes only and will not be used for for breeding when lincomycin is fed at 20 grams per ton of complete feed.
conditions have been self-correcting within fi GMP certification: Bomac
announced that it gained GMP cer-tification in April after inspection by an international certification body. This company noted that through mutual rec-ognition, it is also certified by OVOCOM Premixtures Quality System standards.
Calf software: Red Wing Soft-
Cow/Calf 4.0. The new version provides a total herd management system fully compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista. Red Wing said the enhance-ments provide flexibility in importing THERE’S ONLY ONE.
, and lactation have not been determined. Not for use in swine intended No more weight restrictions. Zero-day withdrawal. The only FDA-approved medication for ileitis and mycoplasmal pneumonia. Now Scours supplement: AgriLabs
has introduced First Arrival with Encrypt, LINCOMIX® (lincomycin hydrochloride) can be used all the way through fi nishing. To make sure hogs make the most of their feed, a feed supplement that enhances the natural immunity of calves, helping them get them on the right course with LINCOMIX – one medication with the value of two.
for newborn calves, First Arrival is built around targeted egg-yolk proteins to gens, AgriLabs said, noting that it also diarrhea and/or swelling of the anus. On rare occasions, some pigs may show reddening of the skin and irritable behavior lincomycin on swine reproductive performance, pregnancy features Encrypt, an innovative formu-lation of organic, non-charcoal carbon sources to help improve gut health. The supplement comes in convenient 800, INDIVIDUAL PIG CARE. IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO.™
4,000 and 8,000 g containers that will feed five, 25 and 50 calves, respectively, for two weeks.

Source: http://fdsmagissues.feedstuffs.com/fds/PastIssues/FDS8021/fds21_8021.pdf

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DRAGAN POPOVIC Department of Chemistry, University of California, Davis One Shields Avenue, Davis, California 95616, USA (530)754-8695 (office); (530)752-8995 (fax) EDUCATION Ph.D. Chemistry magna cum laude, Freie Universität Berlin in Germany, 2002 Dissertation: “Modeling of Conformation and Redox Potentials of Hemes and Other Cofactors in Proteins”, available online: http://w


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