Filó Machado
Filó Machado was born in Ribeirão Preto ( São Paulo ) in 1.951, on
february 3rd. He started working as a singer in balls when he was ten
years old.
In 71 he goes to São Paulo (capital).
In 72 he plays the acoustic guitar with Rosinha de Valença.
In 72 he plays the piano with Simone.
From 75 up to 77 hr performs with the singer Alaíde Costa.
In 78 he does his first Long Play “Filó” and produces the Lp “O
Violão de Celso Machado”.
In 81 he makes with Djavan the song “Jogral” and records this song
by guitar in the Lp “Seduzir” (Djavan). This same year he performs
with Fátima Guedes na Djavan in many concerts all the country of
In 82 he records his second success in his country “O Trem
In 83 he records thr LP “Origens” with Djavan as a special guest.
In 84 he records the LP “Canto Fatal” with Jane Duboc as a special
In 85 he has his song “Jogral” record by Flora Purim. He also makes
arrangements and records with the singer and composer Joyce. He

performes in the concert “Caravan of Dreams” in Forth Word
(Dallas). In São Paulo, he performs with Jon Hendricks.
In 86 he makes the sound-track of the play “Sonhos de uma noite de
Verão”. He performs in the “Free Jazz Festival” with Leny Andrade
in Rio de Janeiro (in the same night as Egberto Gismont and Ray
Charles). He goes back to the USA in order to do some concerts.
In 87 he has his songs “Minorias, “Diamante Negro” and “Carmens
e Consuelos” recorded in Europa (France) by Márcia Maria.
In 88 he arranges and produces the Cd “Brésil”of the singer from
the group Kaoma Loalwa Brás in Rio de Janeiro.
In 89 he works with Paul Mauriat in Europe and performs with
Michel Legrand.
In 90 he records his Cd “Oxala Père” in France bringing Loalwa and
Hermeto Paschoal as special guests.
In 91 he performs in German. In France he performs with Jon
Hendricks in the “Uzeste Festival”.
In 91 he performs in a guitar Festival in France, in the same festival
along with, Larry Coryell, John Mac Laughlin Trio and Cristhian
Escoudé Trio.
In 92 he presents many shows in Brazil and France. He also
performs in a festival Of typical french music.
In 93 performs in the Uzeste Festival with Lubat Company

In 94 he performs in The Jazz Festival of Cannes. In this edition
there are also Ray Charles, Nina Simone, Michel Legrand, All
Jarreau , Arturo Sandoval and Diana Ross.
In 95 he records the Cd “Milagre da canção’ with Michel Legrand as
special guest. He also records the Cd “Rendez-vous Brasil/Cuba”,
with the saxofonist Jane Bunnet .
In 96 he presents the concerts of this album with Jane Bunnet all
over Canadá. In Rio de Janeiro and Pantanal (Mato Grosso), he
records the Cd “Aracuã” (Yuka Kido/ Japan).
In 98 he presents his concert besides performing as the musical
director of the Group A Três in Tokyo, Fujisawa and Kamakura. He
also performed on its Cd “Vocalise”. Still in Tokyo, he performs with
Yuka Kido in concerts and records (also as arranger) the japonese
albums “Mosaico” with the percussionist Saoli Sendo and
“Espírito Serafim” with the singer Toyonno.
In 99 he records his album “Cantando um Samba” (Malandro
Records – USA) to Europe and Asie, besides the USA.
In 2000 he performs at Altxerri, in San Sebastian (Pays Basco) and
has his Cd “Cantando um Samba” nominated to the Grammy, in
latin jazz category.
In 2001 he performs in Carnegie Hall in the same night as Gal Costa,
Dori Caymmi, Jane Monheit, Cesar Camargo Mariano, Romero
Lubambo, Toots Thielemans and Paula Robison. Still in the USA, he
presents his show in “Snug Harbor” (New Orleans), “Bird of
Paradise” (Ann Harbor) and “Night Town”, in Cleveland. He
performs in Jazz House (Copenhagen Dennamark), besides Tokyo
and Takasaki with the singer Toyonno, presenting her Cd “Litoral”.
In 2002 he records the album “Porto Seguro” (Lua Discos – Brasil).
He shares the stage with the most famous flautist of Japan,
Massami Nakagawa, and wirh the japonese percussionist
Guennoshin in São Paulo (Brasil).
In 2003 he records the album “F to G” (Brasil/Japan) with
In 2004 he records the album “Jazz de Senzala” (Maritaca Records –
Brasil) with the special guests Toninho Horta, Arismar do Espírito
Santo, Léa Freire, Teco Cardoso, Vinícius Dorin, Théo de Barros and
Thiago do Espírito Santo.


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