The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) in its request for financial information from Supervised Entities is providing in this guideline the procedure for the completion of the electronic Registration Form RG1. The FIU wishes to assure Supervised Entities of its secure environment for the submission of information using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol providing communication security with enabled encryption. To register electronically with the FIU, each Supervised Entity is required to create a Registration Profile. Creating a Profile
To register a business with the FIU a unique profile must be created. This profile is to be created only once but can subsequently be amended if necessary. To create the profile, or login to an existing account, click on the Click Here link of the webpage. New registration
For a new registration, click on the Create New Profile tab. Enter a valid e-mail address that is to be used for communication with the FIU. Enter a password and confirm the password. Click on the Create New Profile button. A response message from the FIU wil be sent to the e-mail address provided acknowledging receipt of the registration, and a Registration Profile Number wil be issued. This number is the number associated with your Registration Profile Account and is apart and separate from the Registration Number that the FIU will issue after reviewing and approving the information submitted. Registrant
To view an existing account, click on the Login tab. Enter your e-mail address and password. Click on the Login button. Forgot Password
If a password is forgotten, a new password can be issued. Click on the Forgot Password? Tab. Enter the e-mail address used when the new profile was created and the Registration Profile Account number. Click on the Reset Password button. A message wil be sent to the e-mail identified issuing a new password. Once logged in, you can log out at any time using the Logout feature located at the top right of the form. It is strongly recommended that every time you log in you should log out and not just close the webpage. NOTE: It is the responsibility of the Supervised Entity to secure the information used in the login process.
How to complete the electronic registration form- Form RG1
1. You are required to complete Parts I to V of the Online Registration form. 2. Legislative restrictions require that you complete Part VI manually. 3. Al addresses entered on the Form must be civic addresses – P.O. Box addresses are not accepted. 4. Company names must be typed in ful : abbreviations and acronyms are not accepted. Enter the 5. When entering phone numbers do not enter the “-“ symbol. 6. Fields with a '*' are mandatory and must be filled. 7. After you have completed Parts I to V you are required to verify the information, PRINT the form and 8. A confirmation email containing a Registration Number will be sent to the email address you 9. COMPLETE Part VI of the form you have printed. Ensure that the form is signed by the authorized 10.Forward the duly signed form to complete the registration process to: The Director
Financial Intel igence Unit
Level 25, Tower D
International Waterfront Complex
1A Wrightson Road Port of Spain

Or Fax to: (868) 627-7018

11. AMENDMENTS: Use the form RG1 to inform the FIU of the fol owing: - Change in location of registered office or principal place of business; OR - Any other change in the particulars registered. Complete the form in its entity showing the amendments in RED
Registration Form- RG1
General Comments
This form has five (5) Parts and each Part must be completed before being al owed to move on. Placing the mouse over the blue and white question mark symbol at the end of some boxes provide some information relevant to the data being captured in that box. Boxes that are marked as mandatory (*) must be completed. Where the filed in not applicable to you please enter N/A. Where drop down boxes are provided, a selected option from that list must be chosen. If when attempting to move to another Part, errors are identified in the boxes, or if a Part is not completely filled out, a notification message against a red background will be displayed informing that there is missing or incorrect data in the current Part. All boxes in error will be outlined in red. Complete or correct with the relevant data. NOTE: Verification and validation of data submitted to the FIU is the responsibility of the Supervised Entity.
Part I allows for the identification of the type of transaction, for example an Initial Registration or a Correction. Select the appropriate type and click on the Save Progress and Continue button. Part II captures the Registrant’s information. If the Registrant is an individual the boxes for Name of Legal Entity (Firm or Company or Business) and Registration Number will be disabled and will not allow data entry. If the Registrant is either a Business or a Company, the Surname and First Name boxes will be disabled. If there are one or more branches for the Business this must be so indicated by identifying the number of branches and the location for each branch in the boxes provided. When al data is entered click the Save and Continue button to move to the next Part. The Return To Previous Part button would al ow a return to the preceding Part. Information on the Directors or Owners or Partners is captured in Part II . In instances where there are more than one person to be identified, enter the information for the first person. Click on the Save and Continue button and a message with the options of either Continuing to the Next Part or Adding Another Person will become available. Click Adding Another Person where there are other Directors or Partners in the Partnership. When multiple persons are entered a list of said persons will be displayed at the bottom of Part III of the form. Options are then available to either remove a person’s record or edit the record. If there is a need to update the record, click on the Edit link and amend the record as required. Ensure to click on the Update button for the changes to take effect. NOTE: For multiple persons entered, the boxes on screen in Part III wil be displayed as empty and the only
way to view a person’s record is to select the Edit option.
The Compliance Officer’s information is entered in Part IV. Enter the information as guided above and click on the Save and Continue button. If there is a need to go back to the previous Part, click on the Return To Previous Part button. Part V captures information on the Beneficial Owner(s) for the business. Complete this Part following the same guidelines as set out in Part II in particular where there are multiple Beneficial Owners. The same option exists for entering multiple persons with the Add Another Beneficial Owner button and a list of said persons will be displayed at the bottom of the Part. If the Beneficial Owner is a company or other registered business, provide the individual’s details. Complete all details for each Beneficial Owner. For Credit Unions or Co-corporative Societies, tick the Members box. Preview Form RG1
After entering all the data, the completed RG1 is available for viewing before submission to the FIU. Click on the Preview Completed Form button and verify the information entered for all Parts. If there is a need to amend the form, click on the Return to Edit button located at the top or bottom of the form and amend the form as required. Preview the form again and once satisfied with the information, click ‘Yes’ for Accept Registration and a Submit Registration button wil be enabled. Click the Submit Registration button and a message will inform of a successful registration. A confirmation message wil be sent to the e-mail provided the Registration Account was created. An option to either open or save this form will be available. NO TE: It is recommended that the form be saved to your computer for your reference and recording keeping.
For any further assistance that may be required, enquiries may be sent to the Information Technology Unit of the Financial Intelligence Unit at


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