Mosa Matt Collection®
Product description
Powder matt wall tiles
Glazed, dry-pressed ceramic wall tiles, on white biscuit, in accordance with EN 14411 BIII, with water absorption >10%,
not frost resistant, manufactured by a double-firing system, with powder matt glaze layer based on Mosa’s innovative ZRB
glazing procedure.
Floor tiles (Global Collection)
Unglazed, dry-pressed, double-hardened, fully vitrified floor tiles, manufactured with the two-layer Ultragres process, in
accordance with EN 14411 BIa, with a water absorption of <0.05% on the surface and a water absorption of ≤0.3% on the
Product advantages
Powder matt wall tiles
The powder matt wall tiles are more matt and more tactile than any other matt wall tile currently on the market, and
exceed the quality standard of EN 14411 BIII (see technical data). They are modular, including 3 mm joint to allow for
modular connection with Mosa floor tiles. They have at least one fully glazed edge, making it easier to construct external
Chemical resistant. Easy maintenance. Dimensionally stable.
Combine them with the unglazed floor tiles, fully colour-matched with the wall tiles, to create monochromatic tiled spaces.
Special applications
Thanks to their extremely matt surface, the wall tiles of the Mosa Matt Collection® are perfect for areas where the use of
laser beams has to be taken into account
People with poor eyesight experience reflections as a nuisance and can become confused by them. The extreme matt finish of the wall tiles from the Mosa Matt Collection® prevents direct reflections and distributes light evenly, reducing the chance of disorientation for the visually impaired. Floor tiles (Global Collection)
Very hard-wearing. Extreme resistant to rupture and breaking. Chemical resistant. Easy maintenance. Frost resistant.
Dimensionally stable. Modular. Suitable for use with floor heating. See also Technical Product Sheet Ultragres Fully
Vitrified Unglazed.
Product specification
Powder matt wall tiles
Dimensions, thicknesses, article codes, colours, gloss and light reflection
* Tested by TNO under ISO 2813 using a BYK-microgloss gloss meter, TNO report TNO-TQS-RAP 07-205.
** Tested by TNO using a Perkin-Elmer Lambda-9 spectrofotometer with integrating sphere, TNO report TNO-TQS-RAP 07-205.
• The dimensions of unglazed floor tiles are a modular fit with the dimensions of the modular Mosa Matt Collection® wall tiles.
• Recommended joint width 3 mm for modular system.
Gloss and light reflection
TNO (the Netherlands organisation for applied research in the natural sciences) has demonstrated that the matt
quality of the Mosa Matt Collection® is much higher than that of the matt finish glazed wall tiles presently available
in the market, while at the same time exhibiting only a very small difference in light reflection, meaning that in spaces
with walls covered in tiles from the Mosa Matt Collection®, the same amount of light is experienced as in spaces with
other glazed wall tiles. (Research report no. TNO-TQS-RAP 07-205).
Price groups
10 x 30 (All available colour codes): U 422
15 x 15 (All available colour codes): U 280
15 x 30 (All available colour codes): U 313
Tiles are a natural product. Minor shade differences may occur. Mosa sorts products by shade which is indicated on the
When creating monochromatic walls with wall tiles from the Mosa Matt Collection®, the joint colour is very important.
For a number of colours from the Mosa Matt Collection®, Mosa provides the following recommendations for the joint
colour to choose:
• Please consult the manufacturer’s users and safety instructions prior to applying the grout products• Before grouting it is always advisable to perform a colour test. • For monochromatic finishing it is advisable to consider the colour of any necessary silicone sealants.
For colours with no grout colour recommendation, we advise to contact our International Service Desk for a list with contact information for grout vendors. Mosa Technical product sheet: w09-05-01 E Floor tiles (Global Collection)
Dimensions, thicknesses, item codes and colours
* The production is set on fixed production sizes as mentioned above. Within the production process of ceramic non rectified floor tiles (30 x 30 cm), it’s possible that besides the fixed production sizes other sizes (= calibres) are produced. Hence the calibre code on the boxes of the floor tiles. Mosa always delivers one calibre per pallet. Always use only one calibre when fixing one surface.
Price groups
15 x 15 (All available colour codes): U 421
30 x30 (All available colour codes): U 436
Tiles are a natural product. Minor shade differences may occur. Mosa sorts products by
shade which is indicated on the box.
Technical data
Powder matt wall tiles
Properties in accordance with standard EN 14411 BIII and Mosa Standard
(excepting metallic glazes) against:Household chemicals ** GA = no visible effects, not even with pencil test. ** GLA = no visible effects (with low dosage).
Mosa Technical product sheet: w09-05-01 E Floor tiles (Global Collection)
Properties in accordance with standard EN 14411 BIa and Mosa Standard
See Technical Product Sheet, Ultragres AntislipWater * Chemical resistance against household chemicals, Swimming pool salts, acids and alkalis: Class UA = highest class = no visible effects, not even with pencil test.
Powder matt wall tiles
Mosa wall tiles can be placed with any conventional tiling method, using any mortar or glue suitable for use with glazed wall
tiles. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions before using the tile glue.
Floor tiles (Global Collection)
Mosa floor tiles can be placed with any conventional tiling method, using any mortars, glues and grout suitable for
double-hardened tiles. Please consult the manufacturer’s instructions for suitability and on how to use and process the
glue. The subfloor must be sufficiently flat, form-stable, pressure proof, permanently dry and free of dirt, residues and
cracks. The modular sizes indicated include 4 mm joint. When gluing, the glue contact surface must be at least 90%.
The cement residue on the tile floor must be thoroughly removed with a clean and firm sponge and abundant clean water.
This means that the water must be frequently changed. If after drying of the grout (after at least 24 hours) there remains
any cement residue on the tile, then this must be removed with a cement residue remover/water solution in the right
proportion. For detailed recommendations on cleaning and maintenance, see or the Mosa documentation.
Related Technical
Product sheets
Sloping Shower Edge TileGlazed Wall Tiles Cleaning and
Mosa has had the cleaning of the powder matt wall tiles of the Mosa Matt Collection® tested by professional cleaning maintenance
organisations, and the results show that the powder matt wall tiles are equally easy to clean and maintain as any other glazed wall tiles, with standard cleaning products.
Wash down wall tiles regularly with water and a mild detergent. A low dosage of a lime scale remover may also be added. Handle decorative elements with care. Acidic lime scale remover or cement residue remover can damage natural stone inserts or decorative strips. See also the Mosa documentation on for general cleaning recommendations. [email protected]; Tel: +31 (0)43 368 93 23 General questions
Sales Support: [email protected]; Tel: +31 (0)43 368 92 29; Fax: +31 (0)43 368 93 56 The text for this Technical product sheet replaces all preceding versions and has been composed with the utmost care and in cooperation with the leading mortar and adhesive producers. All recommendations are based on current state-of-the-art knowledge. This Technical product sheet contains information about Mosa products, properties and applications, and therefore may not to be used as a guarantee for the stated recommendations. Mosa will not be held responsible should this information be used as a guarantee. For warranties and liability we refer to our General Terms and Conditions of Sale. No rights can be derived from the contents of this Technical product sheet. Errors and price alterations excepted. For the most actual version see
Royal Mosa
Meerssenerweg 358P.O. Box 1026NL-6201 BA Maastricht - The NetherlandsT +31 (0)43 368 92 29F +31 (0)43 368 93 [email protected] Mosa Technical product sheet: w09-05-01 E


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