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Gem Lakes Recreation Association Board of Directors
June 13, 2009 Meeting Minutes
The Gem Lakes Recreation Association Board of Directors met on the morning of Saturday, June 13,
2009, 8:05 a.m. at the Pavilion.
Buddy Brinkley, Gary Marozas, Bill Mathison, Bob Mell, Rick Samundsen, Karen Skiff, Susanna King,
Vickie Murray and Johnny Spears.
The minutes from the May board meeting were not approved since they were not available from the
Secretary Allen Taylor, who was absent.
Treasurer’s Report:
Karen Skiff presented the financial report. Total current dues collection is going better than last year at
this same time with approximately $42,000 from May 1st thru June 13th collected. There was a brief
discussion on the list of residents still overdue on their payments and action to be taken. Overall yearly
budget versus expenses for last year ended up approximately $561.00 in the black. The Memorial Day
Picnic came just under budget with over 400 estimated residents/guests attending, even with the bad
weather. A short discussion from Buddy Brinkley on whether the DJs were worth the expense. Board
members varied on their opinion though a significant amount of positive feedback was received at the
picnic from residents, both young and not so young. Gary Marozas stated that the DJs equipment was
definitely a hinderance but action already was being taken to ensure new equipment would be used in
the future. The board will address and vote on or against DJs for next year sometime just prior to the
picnic next year.
The board discussed the new event for this year called “The Gem Lakes July 4th Pot Luck Supper
Celebration”. Signage was approved for 6 new vinyl signs to advertise this event and Johnny Spears
will order these signs on Monday. The board also approved a budget not to exceed $750.00 for soft
drinks and food. Bob Mell will take care of the order from Russ’s BBQ to serve 50 to 75 people along
with all utensils & paper products needed. Iced Tea, Lemonade, and water will be the primary drinks
for the event with no alcoholic beverages. Johnny Spears will also purchase 2 more Coleman canopies
~$200.00 and a couple of large Igloo Coolers.
Recreation Manager’s Report:

Johnny Spears reported that an incident took place with a non-resident teenager, apparently overdose of
dramamine, involving the police whom escorted the person away. Discussion of building new campfire
benches was next. Johnny is to obtain the boards/blocks such that they remain portable to pick up and
store after usage. The next bingo & movie night was scheduled for Friday June 26th at 7:00 pm.
Security Manager’s Report:

There are no major issues.
Lake/Property Manager’s Report:

Buddy Brinkley reported that residents of the upper lake desire to drain their lake to do some
beautification of the shore areas. Buddy will arrange to invite some of them to a meeting with the board
to discuss the details to implement.
Buddy also has a quote of $2,100 for the remaining six Frisbee Golf Goals but is waiting for the brush
trimming to be done at the next work day. Buddy to get the professional down to the course to help
layout what has to be trimmed and removed.
Webmaster’s Report:

Susanna King reported continued updates to the GLRA web site. King requested the for a copy of the
annual meeting minutes and she is to obtain from Bunker for posting on the site. The board approved
the ~$450.00 for 5 years for unlimited hosting and Susanna will be setting up along with uloading the
video. Spreadshirts was also approved to post on our website to use them for residents to order their
Gem Lakes shirts. Susanna to check on whether we can get a discount of such for promoting their link.
Susanna is will continue to work on getting the realtor links, residential e-mail addresses and general
updates to the website within the next two weeks.

Old Business:

Steve Kisner Lots – Bob Mell reported no news on lot sales.
New Business:

Preparation for the July 4th celebration was discussed.
Work Day Items:

The board discussed various Work Day items, including brush clearing for the Frisbee Golf Course,
Tearing down the old shed at the Tennis Courts, and painting the restrooms. The next Work Day is set
for July 11th, immediately following the monthly GLRA Board meeting.
Parking Lot Items:


Next Meeting:
The next meeting will be held at the pavilion on Saturday, July 11 beginning at 8:00 a.m. (Due to
summer heat and work day)
The meeting adjourned at 9:15 a.m.


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