Chairman Cllr J Harker
Cllrs P Baker, Mrs G Birks, P Hargreaves, B Horne, G Reitherman. Dr Kate Eldred, Ashley Cohen, Alison Archer. ( Cross Hills Group Practice) 17/11. Apologies:
Apologies were received from: Cllrs G Beck, Mrs S Robinson and M Wheeler.

Chairman Cllr J Harker thanked the representatives from Cross Hills Group Practice for attending the
meeting and asked them if they would like to speak to the Parish Council regarding the recent
planning application.
Dr K Eldred explained to the PC the difficulties of the current building regarding the flow of patients. The plan is to make a circular system and possibly an atrium between the two buildings in the longer term. The main aim of the health centre is service and provision for patients, they have seen a massive increase in work from secondary to primary care. The practice hope to buy the bungalow and to develop the podiatry service. All local pharmacies were invited for interview. Ashley Cohen explained that the holistic service with increased power of prescribing would provide a better service. He has previous experience with surgery pharmacies The plans should be an open transparent process. There would be changes around service that are not currently being met – eg, diabetic screening. Dr Eldred stated that the changes should link services together better – eg, warfarin checks. The following questions were also raised: 1. Need to provide for the elderly rather than checks that can be easily done by individuals. Where is the impetus coming from ? – to provide a better range and access to services. Will it not have a negative impact – have an unfair advantage Cllr P Baker : The fear is that the impact on existing retailers. There is a need to look at the whole picture. It would appear the practice is flying in the face of Planning Policies. Chairman J Harker: The public feel that there is enough pharmacies in the area and one will inevitably close. Following these questions and discussions, it was proposed that a Public Meeting be held regarding the New Pharmacy at the Health Centre. Meeting to be held on the 4th August 2011 – 7:00pm at St Peters Church Hall. PC to put flyers up around the village to advertise this public meeting.
18/11.To consider the following Planning Applications:

Detached Dwelling ( Resubmission Of Withdrawn Application 32/2010/10676) Comments:
No adverse comments
SIGNED …………………………………………………… 15th September 2011
PAGE NUMBERING CHECKED………………………………………………
Construction Of Aluminium Framed Glazed Atrium And External Alterations (To Provide Additional Access And Fire Doors) (Amended Description, Deletion Of Proposed Pharmacy From Description). Cross Hills Group Practice, Holme Lane, Cross Hills. Comments:
No adverse comments
32/2011/11675 Proposal: Conservatory To Rear Location: Comments:
No adverse comments
32/2011/11705 Tree Preservation Order 3 1970 A3 Proposal: 1 x Norway Maple- Remove Land adjacent to Keighley Road, Glusburn. Comment;
Concern because this is a landmark tree - need more evidence to justify
the removal of tree from the tree consultant

The Use Of A Building At Well Head Farm As A Single Dwelling For More Than Four Years. Well Head Farm, Lothersdale Road, Glusburn. Comments:
No adverse comments
To Turn Empty shop Unit At 63 Main Street, Back To Its Original Residential Use, It Will Be Linked Back To The Residential Flat At 63A To reform One Residential House. Comments:
No adverse comments
32/2011/11745 & 32/2011/11746 ( Listed Building Consent) Proposal: Single Storey Extension To Rear Dwelling No. 1 Former Coach House, park Road, Cross Hills. Comments:
No adverse comments
Change Of Use From Single Dwelling To Form 2 No. flats And 1 No Shop. Comments:
No adverse comments
Extension To Existing Porch To Form Additional Kitchen Area 1 Woodcutters Cottage, The Bungalows, Glusburn Comments:
No adverse comments

19/11. To confirm the Date of Next Meeting
19th August 2010 - 7:00pm - St Peters Church Hall, Crosshills.
SIGNED …………………………………………………… 15th September 2011
PAGE NUMBERING CHECKED………………………………………………


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