Compounded bioidentical hormones are prepared,mixed and assembled by a pharmacist under aprescriber’s orders. Most compounded products have not undergone rigorous testing for safety,effectiveness, purity, potency and quality. There isno scientific evidence to support the claims madeof increased safety with use of these products. There are many bioidentical hormones that areFDA-approved, including various patches, creams Is it in Here?
and gels that are manufactured using the same plant-derived hormones as compounded products.
However, FDA-approved bioidentical hormonesmust pass stringent quality control standards andtherefore lack the intrinsic risk of compounded products. I recommend the FDA-approved“patch” for estrogen replacement because it is about Hormone Therapy
bioidentical to the estrogen produced by thehuman ovary, it maintains very steady delivery of estrogen, preventing highs and lows in symptoms, and is very friendly to cholesterols – lowering thebad, raising the good – and does not increase This seems to be a mantra of some women in There is one FDA-approved bioidentical hormone their 40s and 50s. Hot flashes and night sweats patch that contains both estrogen and progestin in are just some of the symptoms women experience when their ovaries begin producing less estrogen weekly). There’s also a vaginal ring that delivers and may occur for months or even years before a systemic estrogen levels and is changed every three months. Some oral estrogen products arebioidentical; some are not. The estrogen used in The exact cause of hot flashes (or flushes) is the WHI was Premarin, the first estrogen for unclear. What is clear is that diminishing hormone therapy in the United States (derived estrogen levels causes a deregulation of the Physicians still find that HT is the most effective from pregnant mares’ urine). Many of the therapy for menopausal symptoms and that it is compounds in Premarin are not utilized in the allowing an increase in peripheral and core body human female and are simply excreted in the temperature. Hence, hot flashes are a result of an urine. Today, although still frequently prescribed, Is it necessary
Premarin has for the most part been replaced bythe newer estrogen formulations. Night and daytime hot flashes can interrupt sleep to test for menopause?
and cause other quality of life issues, such as Laboratory testing for hormone levels is generally not helpful due to the normally wide fluctuations in female hormones, and there is no scientific progestogen increases the risk of endometrial Many women seek “non-hormonal” remedies for evidence that “saliva testing” for female hormone cancer four to five fold. Natural micronized hot flashes such as soy, black cohash, red clover levels is biologically meaningful. (Millions of progesterone is available in an FDA-approved and other supplements. Although some women dollars are spent every year for saliva testing and product called Prometrium. Other synthetic find relief with these products, there is little compounded hormones. These are advertised as scientific evidence to support their effectiveness.
being more natural and safer. This is actually not Certain antidepressant drugs have proven helpful true and could even be more dangerous.) In addition, centers that offer saliva testing advertise Also, “compounded” topical progesterones lack symptoms, specifically women who cannot take “customizing hormones” for individual women.
absorption so they are not adequate to protect the Hormone therapy (estrogen and progesterone) does not need this individualized dosing since Hormone Therapy –
there is a wide range in therapeutic levels and toxic concentrations are extremely unlikely. what you need to know
menopausal (natural or surgical) with symptoms Therefore, testing isn’t only unnecessary; it’s associated with menopause, the benefits of The most effective therapy currently available to unreliable. I prefer to treat patients based on hormone therapy most likely outweigh the risks.
treat hot flashes is hormone therapy (HT). In symptoms of estrogen deficiency, which include recent years, the practice of hormone therapy has hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and concerned about possible risks, can be assured gotten negative publicity due to the 2002 release that the women enrolled in the WHI were on of the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI), a study average 15-20 years postmenopausal and not the that showed an increased risk for heart disease While hormone replacement is the safest and typical symptomatic menopausal women seen in among HT users. The results of this study led to a clinical practice today. Talk to your healthcare media frenzy and, based on pharmacy records, symptoms, it’s important to know what your provider or a specialist in gynecology/women’s hundreds of thousands of women stopped using health regarding the right kind of therapy for you.
Bioidentical Hormones
However, in the final analysis as well as in spin- off studies, it was found that women who started North American Menopause Society: hormones have the exact molecular structure as The Endocrine Society: HT early in menopause (as opposed to the women those made in the human body. All hormones American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists: outside the human body have to be made in a postmenopausal) actually tended to have a Red Hot Mammas: http:/// laboratory/pharmaceutical setting (there are no reduced risk of heart disease. The increased breast natural occurring sources of estrogen or proges- cancer risk was only 1:10,000 higher than that of Jane B. Thiel, APRN, WHNP-BC is a nurse practi- terone outside the human body) and are formu- the placebo group and not considered statistically tioner at Grand Rapids Women’s Health and has lated to be metabolized exactly as the body would been in practice for 33 years. She enjoys working metabolize estrogen or progesterone from the decreased risk of colon/rectal cancer, hip fracture with women of all ages and many seek her out for and new-onset diabetes among HT users.
her experience in menopausal issues.


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