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TSE392, TSE397, TSE399
TSE392, TSE397 and TSE399
One Component RTV Adhesive Sealants/Coatings
Product Description TSE392, TSE397 and TSE399 adhesive/sealants/coatings are one
component RTV’s that cure quickly by reacting with atmospheric moisture forming a soft dielectric silicone rubber. These materials incorporate a newly developed crosslinking chemistry and are non-corrosive to metallic substrates. They are particularly well suited for electrical/electronic applications. This series of products differ in consistency, TSE392 is a thixotropic paste, TSE397 is semi-flowable, and TSE399 is flowable. When cured, they retain their elastomeric properties throughout the temperature range from -55C to 200°C Key Performance PRODUCT FEATURES
• Meets the corrosion resistant requirements of MIL-A-46146B* • Outstanding adhesion, including most plastics PRODUCT BENEFITS
• One component, no mixing or de-airing required • Soft consistency provides protection against mechanical and • Varying viscosities allow thorough coating around complex assemblies (TSE399) and thicker coatings where required i.e., high voltage components (TSE392 & TSE397). • Convenient packaging/dispensing tubes or cartridges. * Does not meet hydrolytic stability requirement of MIL-A-46146B Typical Product Data Uncured Properties
Clear /White Clear/White/Black Clear/White/Black Cured Properties
Specifications Typical product data values should not be used as specification.
Assistance and specification are available by contacting GE Bayer Silicones Technical Service RTV1 and RTV2. Instructions for Use Surface Preparation
Insure that surfaces to be sealed, coated or bonded are clean and free of
grease, lubricating oils, release agents and dirt. To optimize fast cure and
good adhesion, substrates must be thoroughly dry of cleaning solvents
before applying the RTV. The RTV should be applied to one surface only.
Wipe away excess uncured material with a clean cloth. After curing,
removal of material is more difficult.
These products offer primerless adhesion to many substrates including
most plastics. Maximum adhesion is obtained 72 hours after full cure is
obtained (2 mm thick specimen to an aluminum substrate).
These products cure at room temperature reacting with atmospheric
moisture. Whenever possible, 25°C and 50% relative humidity should be
provided. Higher temperature and humidity will cause faster cures while
lower temperatures and lower humidity will slow the cure considerably.
These products cure from the outside (outer skin) inward, therefore, cure
rate is also dependent on the thickness of the material. It is not
recommended to apply material thicker than 6 mm.
Handling and Safety Material Safety Data Sheets are available upon request from GE BAYER
SILICONES. Similar information for solvents and other chemicals used with the GE Bayer products should be obtained from your supplier. When solvents are used, proper safety precautions must be observed. Storage and Warranty The shelf life will be indicated by the ' use before date' on the associated
Period documents with a minimum of 4 months when stored in the original
Availability TSE39X is available in 18 kg pails, 333 ml cartridges and 100 g tubes.
TSE397B is only available in 100 g tubes LEGAL DISCLAIMER THE MATERIALS, PRODUCTS AND SERVICES OF GE SILICONES, GE BAYER SILICONES, GE TOSHIBA SILICONES, THEIR SUBSIDIARIES OR AFFILIATES (THE “SUPPLIER”), ARE SOLD SUBJECT TO THE SUPPLIER’S STANDARD CONDITIONS OF SALE, WHICH ARE INCLUDED IN APPLICABLE SALES AGREEMENTS, PRINTED ON THE BACK OF ACKNOWLEDGMENTS AND INVOICES, OR AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. ALTHOUGH THE INFORMATION, RECOMMENDATIONS OR ADVICE CONTAINED HEREIN IS GIVEN IN GOOD FAITH, SUPPLIER MAKES NO WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, (I) THAT THE RESULTS DESCRIBED HEREIN WILL BE OBTAINED UNDER END-USE CONDITIONS, OR (II) AS TO THE EFFECTIVENESS OR SAFETY OF ANY DESIGN INCORPORATING SUPPLIER’S MATERIALS, PRODUCTS, SERVICES, RECOMMENDATIONS OR ADVICE. NOTHING IN THIS OR ANY OTHER DOCUMENT SHALL ALTER, VARY, SUPERSEDE OR OPERATE AS A WAIVER OF ANY OF THE SUPPLIER’S STANDARD CONDITIONS OF SALE. Each user bears the full responsibility for making its own determination as to the suitability of Supplier’s materials, products, services, recommendations or advice for its own particular purpose. Each user must identify and perform tests and analyses sufficient to assure it that its finished parts will be safe and suitable for use under end-use conditions. Because actual use of products by the user is beyond the control of Supplier, such use is within the exclusive responsibility of the user, and Supplier cannot be held responsible for any loss incurred through incorrect or faulty use of the products. Further, no statement contained herein concerning a possible or suggested use of any material, product, service or design is intended or should be construed to grant any license under any patent or other intellectual property right of Supplier or any of its subsidiaries or affiliated companies, or as a recommendation for the use of such material, product, service or design in the infringement of any patent or other intellectual property right.



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