ToThe Branch Manager,Nepal SBI Bank Ltd. Branch.
I hereby request Nepal SBI Bank Ltd. to issue NSBI VISA Debit Card to me to be operated through
my under noted account.
Account Number
My name on the card should appear as under:
[This can be full name (not exceeding 24 letters), or an abbreviated form of the name of the applicant
I have read the Terms & Conditions governing the use of NSBI VISA Debit Card and I agree to
abide by the Terms and Conditions which would be in force from time to time.
I furnish the following particulars to be used for identification when I contact the “Help line” through
telephone for reporting loss of NSBI VISA Debit Card:
Date of Birth: Year of Passing SLC Year of Marriage (Do not furnish the surnames example: if name is Biraj Paudel, the name should be Biraj.) *** If these dates are not relevant it may be filled as XXXX NSBI Visa Debit Cards Terms and Conditions
The Terms and Conditions under which the ATM card has been issued are mentioned below for your

a) Terms used here:
Bank means Nepal SBI Bank Ltd.
Card means Visa Debit Card issued to customer
Card Holder means customer who has been issued Visa Debit Card by Nepal SBI Bank Ltd.
b) The Card
• The Card is property of the Bank and will be returned unconditionally and immediately to the • The Bank reserves the right to cancel the card and stop its operations unilaterally without c) The PIN
• The Card Holder is initially allotted a computer generated 4 digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) which will be in a secured and sealed PIN Mailer. The Card Holder is advised in hisown interest to change his/her PIN to any other 4 digit number of his/her choice. For thispurpose, he/she may use the PIN Change option available at NSBL ATMs in Nepal and SBI ATMs in India. While selecting a PIN, the Card Holder is advised to avoid a PIN, which can beeasily associated with him/her (eg. Telephone Number, Date of Birth, etc.). Besides, theselected PIN value should not comprise: A sequence from the associated account numbers Please remember that an unauthorized person can access the ATM/POS services on CardHolder’s account if he gains the card and the PIN. The Card, therefore, should remain in Card Holder’s possession and should not be handed over to anyone else. The Card is issued on thecondition that the Bank bears no liability for the unauthorized use of the Card. Thisresponsibility is fully that of the Card Holder. Further, the bank will not be responsible for any loss direct or indirect on account of ATM failure/malfunctioning. d) Loss of Card
• The Card Holder should immediately notify the Branch form where he/she has obtained the • Any financial loss arising out of loss of Card will be to the Card Holder’s account. • Fresh Card will be issued on replacement of lost/damaged card at a charge of Rs. 500/-. e) Debit to Customers account
• The bank has express authority to debit the designated account of the Card Holder for all withdrawals/transfers effected using the Card as evidenced by Bank’s records, which will beconclusive and binding on the Card Holder. • The Card Holder expressly authorizes the Bank to debit the designated account with service f) Transactions
• The transaction record generated by the ATM will be conclusive and binding unless found to be otherwise on verification and corrected by the Bank. The verified and corrected amount will bebinding on the Card Holder. Deposits (Cash/and/or/Cheque, etc.) will be verified by two officers of the Bank and their account will be deemed to be correct. Errors will be notified tothe Card Holder by phone/email. g) Closing of Account
• The Card Holder wishing to close the designated account or surrender the Visa Debit Card will give the Bank 15 Working day’s prior notice in writing and surrender the Card along with thenotice. h) Validity of Card
• Cards are valid for 5 years from the date of issue • Please note that if the card is used after expiry, it will either be retained or rejected by the ATM.
i) Range of Services
Cash Withdrawal: Card Holders may withdraw a minimum of Rs. 500/- and Maximum of Rs.
80000/- per day, subject to the daily limit fixed by the bank. • Balance Inquiry: Card Holders can see the balance in their account linked to Visa Debit Card
on screen as well as obtain a transaction receipt showing the balance. • Statement of Account: A statement containing last 5 transactions in the account can be
obtained by using mini-statement option available in the ATM. • Change of PIN: Customer can change their PIN at any of our ATMs in Nepal and SBI
j) Others
• The ATM service is for withdrawing cash against the balance that is already available in your account. It is therefore the Card Holder’s obligation to maintain sufficient balance in thedesignated account to meet the cash withdrawals and service charges. • Where the ATM is not connected on-line to the customer’s branch, the transactions in the ATM will be accounted for on the same day or next working day. • The Bank at its absolute discretion may amend the Terms and Conditions governing ATM Services. Card Holders will be notified of such changes. • We issue normal Visa Debit Card as well as Pre-paid cards. • To subscribe to NSBL DEBIT CARDS, account holders can visit any of our branches and submit the filled card application form, along with one passport size photo. • Upon the expiry of your card, you can get a renewed card. However, in case of Bharat Yatra Card, there is no option for card renewal. New card needs to be purchased once the existingcard has expired. • NSBI Visa Debit Card and Prepaid Card can be used in Nepal & India for cash withdrawal as • For the first time, Card Holder should to pay Rs. 150/- for normal Card and Rs. 500/- for • Please inform NSBL branches or at Card Centre to block the usage immediately upon learning that your card has been lost/stolen. However, you must send a written application also at theearliest. Please note that you are fully liable for the transactions processed up to the time NSBLis notified of the lost/stolen card. • The Bank will issue the replacement of the lost/stolen card upon your written request with applicable charges. However, you cannot get replacement for Bharat Yatra Card. • A new PIN will be generated and you will get the new PIN, for a fee, on your request if you forget your previous PIN. You have to submit written application to the branch where you haveapplied for card or in the Card Centre at Kathmandu as per your convenience. • The withdrawal limit of NSBL debit card is NPR 80,000.00 per day. All NSBL Debit Cards are accompanied with a PIN (Personal Identification Number) for use at ATMs to withdraw cash.
Daily limit on usage on POS machine is NPR 100,000.00 If you use NSBI Visa Debit Card in our own ATMs, there will not be any charge for any of the following transactions: • -If you use NSBI Visa Debit Card in Visa Networked ATMs in Nepal & India there will be a charge of Rs. 100/- for each Cash Withdrawal & Rs. 25/- for each Balance Inquiry. -If you use NSBI Visa Debit Card in State Bank Networked ATMs in India, there will be a charge of Rs. 80/- per Cash Withdrawal -No charge for Balance Inquiry in State Bank Networked ATMs in India. • There is no charge for payments made at PoS machines for purchases made. • Multiple accounts can be linked to the same card. You need not apply for a new one for this purpose. Send your application to the Card Centre mentioning Your Card No; Name, AccountNumber (primary) and the new account number (also mention the type of account to be linked • Joint account which can be operated by any of the account holder can apply for NSBI Visa Debit Card. It can be issued to one or both of the account holders upon their written consent.


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