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Help Heal the World week 6: In Another’s Shoes- helping the sick
Bible Story: II Kings 5 -The Servant Girl Makes a Life Changing Suggestion
Memory Verse:
I Corinthians 13:3 If I give all I possess to the poor… but have
not love, I gain nothing.
Bottom line: love Jesus. Care for the sick
Prayer: LORD, help me care for the sick like you do.
-What were some of the different types of shoes the storyteller had: old, new,
hospital, invisible
-Why did she/he bring shoes to church today: to show us how to put ourselves in
someone else’s shoes
-In the Bible story who was the hero: the slave girl
-What was unusual about what she did: she should have been mad at her
master/Namman who ransacked her home, but instead she showed compassion
for a sick person- she put herself in his shoes
Small Group Activity: “Gifts of the Heart Bingo”
o Supplies: Bingo boards; Stickers; Fruit Loops; deck of cards with
pictures from Health Kits; shuffle sack; empty gallon-sized Zip Lock Bags.
o Directions:
Tell the kids that one way to care for others is to provide help for them. This week, we will have the chance to care for others by putting together Health Kits that will be sent out to sick people throughout the world. Give each child a Bingo board and tell them they are going to play a Bingo game to see what items will go into those kits. Give each child 8 stickers and have them put the stickers in any of the 8 bingo squares on his/her bingo board. This will make each bingo board different from another. Talk about each item and why it is important to someone who is 1 — hand towel (approximately 16" x 28", no fingertip or bath towels) Think about drying your clean hands on your dirty clothes- you would just put germs back on your hands. Having a towel helps us stay healthy! 1 — washcloth Do u use a wash cloth? What if you didn't have one.even when you are REALLY dirty. Wash clothes with soap and water are super good at getting dirt off your skin. Better than using your hands. 1 — wide-tooth comb Lets pretend you got up this morning and COULDN"T comb or brush your hair! Embarrassing and maybe you would feel bad about how you appeared all day. 1 — nail clipper (no metal files or emery boards) Did you know that millions of germs love living under your fingernails. If they are kept short they are sooo much easier to keep clean and those germs won't be around to make you sick! 1 — bar of soap (bath size in wrapper) SOAP should be called SUPER is that powerful. Let me tell you how it does it's super job. Soap and water makes your skin slippery so when you rub (for as long as 15 singing Happy Birthday) and suds up your hands with soap then rinse all the germs and viruses get rinsed right off your skin! Soap needs to be mixed with water and rubbing to keep you healthy. 1 — toothbrush (in original packaging) Doctors say if your teeth and gums are clean they will be healthy and that means your heart!! will be healthy. Your mouth being healthy means your heart will be healthier! 6 — Band-Aids® or other adhesive bandage strips If you have an open wound you are way more likely to get an infection so bandaids can save lives. Did you know that before we invented penicillin (or antibiotics) people would die from cat scratches or a paper cuts, this still happens in other counties. Give each child a pile of 9 markers (Fruit Loops) for his/her Next, the leader will draw a card from the shuffle sack and show the kids the picture on the card. Continue drawing cards from the deck and talking about When a child has 3 squares in a row covered with a marker, Have the kids clear their Bingo boards and try again! Memory Verse:
Supplies: 11 index cards, pens
Give each kid the assignment to write a word or two (that you tell them) on an
index card- starting from the youngest kid in the group to the oldest (give the
oldest kids 2 index cards if you don’t have enough kids)
Youngest to oldest:
to the
If I
but have
give all
not love,
I gain
I possess
I Corinthians
Have the kids work together to put the memory verse in order
I Corinthians 13:3 If I give all I possess to the poor… but have not love, I gain
Have the kids think of the biggest, most expensive thing they own- then tell them
they could give that to a poor person but you if don’t show that person love- it
wouldn’t mean anything
Wrap Up/prayer:
o Hand each child an empty gallon-sized Zip Lock Bag and have them put their Bingo Board inside it. o Give out the letter to their parents. o Show them that they are taking home a list of the items that their family can collect in the bag to make a Health Kit. o They can return the Health Kit to Kids Theater the next 2 weekends so that we can donate them to help others. o Tell the kids that they can show the love of Jesus to people who are sick or needy by giving them one (or more!) of these kits. o Close in prayer: “Lord, help me care like You do!”



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