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STOCK & LAND, September 22, 2011 New sorghum boosts
summer feed stocks

At a glance
feed gap with a top-performing,digestible sorghum should considernew forage product Ultra Feed byNuseed, according to Echuca ag consult-ant Glenn Murrells (pictured above).
sorghum varieties,” he said. “Even when ■ Greg Cook, Brimboal, and agronomist Sam Price observe the abundant growth and fine tillers of Ultra Feed – a new forage sorghum from Nuseed.
“Ultra Feed has a nice fine stem, which attributed to the plant’s nutrient density Ultra Feed was like Viagra for ewes.
year with all the rain,” he said. “It per- duced up to 16 tonnes of dry matter/ha.
Ultra Feed
The new summer feed option
for the Wimmera

“nothing has produced
and Mallee
as much quality feed so easily and
without needing any pesticide sprays”
Toolondo grower Greg McDonald grazed
850 sheep on 16 hectares of UltraFeed.

STANDARD ON ALL ULTRA FEED. A COMBINATION OF SENATOR 600 & THIRAM GIVES ULTRA FEED A HEAD START IN ALL SOWING CONDITIONS. before, but nothing has produced as much quality feed so easily and without needing any pesticide sprays.” “There is presently good money in sheep, Senator 600
Thiram 600
Maximise your Forage Sorghum potential with Senator Robert Christie
A seed treatment for the control of the seedling decay 600. Containing imidacloprid, Senator 600 is highly complex of fungal diseases in Sorghum. Withholding
producing quality feed through the summer effective against wireworm, black field earwig and other Period: Not required when used as directed.
soil pests. Withholding Period: Do not graze or cut
0427 340 608
for stock food within 4 weeks of sowing.
high performance

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