2008 apec research grant recipients

2002 CVL Research Grant Recipients

Dr Merlin Thomas
Baker Institute, VIC
The role of circulating low molecular weight (LMW) peptides containing advanced
glycation products (AGE–peptides) in the development and progression of
cardiovascular complications in patients with diabetes.
Dr Thomas Yeoh
Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, NSW
Evaluation of echocardiographic parameters of "early disease"in familial dilated
Dr George Mangos
University of NSW/St George Hospital, NSW
Cardiovascular and metabolic outcomes following preeclampsia
Dr Amy Brodtmann
National Stroke Research Institute, VIC
Visuospatial dysfunction after stroke - a functional magnetic resonance study comparing
patients with stroke-related visual pathway damage and healthy volunteers.
Dr Peter Kistler
Royal Melbourne Hospital, VIC
Electrical & mechanical remodelling of the atria in chronic hypertension: To determine
the substrate for atrial fibrillation.
Dr John Eikelboom
Royal Perth Hospital, WA
Homocysteine in Stroke (HIS) Study: a randomised, double blind, placebo-controlled trial
examining the effect of folate-containing multivitamin therapy on blood levels of
homocysteine and blood markers of the severity of atherosclerosis.
Dr Nat Lenzo
Royal Perth Hospital, WA
A novel non-invasive imaging technique utilising Positron emission tomography co-
registered to CT to diagnose unstable atherosclerotic plaques in the carotid blood
Dr Anushka Patel
University of Sydney, NSW
Plasma lipid levels as predictors of the risk of recurrent ischaemic or haemorrhagic
stroke, in Asian and non-Asian populations with prior stroke or transient ischaemic
Dr Sudhir Wahi
Princess Alexandra Hospital, QLD
Assessment of latent left ventricular dysfunction in asymptomatic severe valvular
Dr Helena Teede
Monash University, VIC
Insulin resistance and vascular function in Polycystic ovarian syndrome- a comparison
between different oral contraceptive preparations in addition to Metformin
Dr Gursharan Dogra
University of WA, WA
Kinetic Defects in Lipoprotein Metabolism in Patients with Renal Failure

Dr Louise Maple-Brown

Menzies School of Health Research, NT
Non invasive assessment of vascular function in a remote Indigenous community: impact
of diabetes and dyslipidaemia.
Dr Stuart Turner
North Western Adelaide Health Service, SA
Endothelium-dependent Vasodilation in the Coronary and Peripheral Microvasculature of
Patients with the Coronary Slow Flow Phenomenon
Dr George Lau
Concord Repatriation General Hospital, NSW
Minimally-Invasive Detection of Intimal Hyperplasia in Saphenous Vein Grafts and its
Relation to Hyperglycaemia and Risk Factors for Coronary Disease
Dr Nicole Isbel
Princess Alexandra Hospital, QLD
Aggressive risk factor modification reduces cardiovascular disease in renal transplant
Dr Anne Abbott
National Stroke Research Institute
Transcranial Doppler ultrasound detected microembolism as a risk factor for ipsilateral
stroke or transient ischaemic attack in patients with high-grade asymptomatic carotid
Dr Robyn Langham
St Vincent's Hospital, VIC
Effect of combined therapy with atorvastatin and quinapril on progression of diabetic
renal disease in the (mRen-2)27 rat
Dr Robyn Guymer
Centre for Eye Research Australia, VIC
Preventing vision loss in Age-related macular degeneration with statins: A randomised,
controlled clinical trial.
Dr Stephanie Wilson
St Vincent's Hospital, NSW
The effects of rosiglitazone on coronary artery disease progression and systemic
inflammation in Type 2 diabetes.

Source: https://www.pfizergrants.com.au/Grants/PrioRecipients/CVL/2002%20CVL%20Grant%20Recipients.pdf

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