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Personal Information
Family name: Robin Al Bujuq
Forename: Nader
Place & Date of birth: Amman- 28/01/1973- Jordan
Nationality: Jordanian

Education and Academic Background

PhD degree in Organic Chemistry with European Doctorate Category Title of the Ph.D. Dissertation " Synthesis of Glycosides, Thioglycosidos
and Disaccharides of Iminocyclitoles" (Excellent grade with cum laude)
Research advisor. Prof. Dr. José Fuentes Mota, University of Seville, Spain. PhD (European Doctorate) from Stuttgart university, Germany 1997-1990 M.Sc.
Organic Chemistry (Heterocyclic Chemistry).University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan. (Very Good)
Title of the M.Sc. Thesis "Synthesis and Properties of Some new Chiral 7´-
Research advisors: Dr. Salim Sabri & Mustafa El Abadelah
1991-1995 B.Sc.
University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan. (Good)
Research Interest

Carbohydrates Chemistry, Iminosugar Synthesis, Glycosidation and Oligosaccharides Synthesis.
Preparation of new -glucosidases inhibitors for treatment of Diabetes type II

Professional Experience

Currently, Assistant professor in the Philadelphia University, Faculty of Basic Sciences and Maths (teaching of general chemistry (I and II), organic Lecturer of Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, College of Medicine, 7/2002-9/2004
Biochemistry Department, King Faisal University, KSA Research Assistant at Jordan University, Amman/Jordan. Synthesis of 10/2000-9/2001
biologically active heterocyclic compounds. Exchange-Research-Student at Tübingen University, Synthesis of optical 4/2000-10/2000
isomers of different Viagra derivatives Courses Taught

 General Chemistry I  General Chemistry II  Organic Chemistry  Analytical Chemistry  General Chemistry Labs  Organic Chemistry Labs  Analytical Chemistry Labs

Scholarships & Grants

 Scholarship from the University of Jordan for my M.Sc. Studies.  Grant from the Tübingen University to work in the Laboratory of Professor Voelter for 6 months  La Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional (AECI) award for my PhD Studies  Award for research in the Seville University (Junta de Andalucia), Spain PUBLICATIONS

Nader R. Al-bojuk a
, Mustafa M. El-Abadelah* a, Salim S. Sabri b, Alain Michelc ,
Wolfgang Voelterd , Cäcilia M.-Mössmere , and Yousef Al-Abedf TITLE: "Synthesis and vasorelaxant potency of Monagra . A chairal 5-( 2-Methyl–
2,3 –Dihydro-7- benzofuryl) pyrazolopyrimidone analog of Viagra®"
REF. JOURNAL : Heterocycles, 2001 55, 1789

José Fuentes, Nader R. Al-Bujuq, Manuel Angulo, Consolación Gasch

Iminosugar thioglycoside as glycosyl donors. A route to disaccharides with
an iminosugar moiety

REF. JOURNAL : Tetrahedron Lett. 2008, 49, 910
José FuenteNader R. Al BujuManuel Anguland Consolación Gasc

The use of anhydroiminocyclitols as glycosyl donors in glycosidation reaction"

REF. JOURNAL Tetrahedron, 2010 , volume 66, issue 47, pages 9214-9222

José Fuentes, Nader R. Al-Bujuq, Consolación Gasch

The use of iminocyclitol derivatives as glycosyl donor in glycosidation reactions"

REF. JOURNAL : Tetrahedron. Asymmetry . to be published. International Conferences

AUTHORES: Nader Robin Al Bujuq, Consolación Gasch, Maria Ángeles
Pradera, y José Fuentes*
TITLE: " Glicósidos y tioglicósidos de azaazúcares "

CONGRESS: VIII Jornadas de carbohidratos

DATE : 13-15 of September 2006
PLACE : Alcalá de Henares , Madrid
AUTHORES: José Fuentes, Nader R. Al Bujuq, Maria Ángeles Pradera, and
Consolación Gasch.
TITLE: "Azasugar Derivatives as Glycosyl Donors in Glycosidation Reactions.
Synthesis of Azasugar Disaccharides "

CONGRESS: Anniversary Meeting-Challenge in Organic Chemistry- Eight
Tetrahedron Symposium

DATE : 26-29 June 2007
PLACE : Berlin , Germany
AUTHORES: José Fuentes, Nader R. Al Bujuq, Consolación Gasch, Manul Angulo
TITLE: "Anhydro-and thioglycoside-iminosugar. Synthesis and their use in glycosidation
reactions "

CONGRESS: 24th International Carbohydrate Symposium

DATE : 27 July -1 August, 2008
PLACE : Oslo, Norway

AUTHORES: José Fuentes, Nader R. Al Bujuq, Consolación Gasch, Manul Angulo
TITLE: " The Use of Iminosugar Derivatives as Glycosyl Donors in Glycosidation Reactions "


DATE : 10-12 September 2008
PLACE : : Santiago de Compostela, España
Special Skills, Training and Languages

 Microsoft office  Internet Search like, Scifinder, Beilestein commander  Chemistry Drawings and calculations (2D & 3D)  Topspin software: eg. NMR calculations  NMR, IR  Fluent in English, Spanish and Arabic. References

Department of Organic Chemistry -University of Sevilla, Spain. C./ Profesor Garcia Gonzalez 1, 41012, Sevilla Telephone: 0034 954 55 71 51 2. Prof. Dr. Volker Jäger Institut für Organische Chemie, Universität Stuttgart , Pfaffenwaldring 55, D-70569 Stuttgart (Germany) Tel: (+49) 711/685-64320 Fax: (+49) 711/685-64321



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Absorbable Stabilisation of the Bar inMinimally Invasive Repair of Pectus ExcavatumM. Torre1, V. Jasonni1, C. Asquasciati1, S. Costanzo1, M. V. Romanini2, P. Varela31 Pediatric Surgery, G. Gaslini Institute, Genova, Italy2 Plastic Surgery, IST, University of Genova, Genova, Italy3 Pediatric Surgery, Calvo Mackenna Hospital, Santiago, ChileResults: The surgical technique for the stabilisa-tion

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