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Technical Data Sheet LT-04-06

Technical data sheet
PLUS 720
Polyester resin


is a product for manual lamination. It contains a structural
polyester resin with addition of appropriate catalysts. Use 50% of the benzoyl peroxide paste
(NOVOL part no. 522) as the hardener. The product is intended for repairing large defects and
rusted locations of car body parts made of metal sheets and laminates, as well as of boats, yachts
and camping trailers. The resulting coating has a very good adhesion to the substrate.
dry sand with P80-P120 and degrease again with the PLUS 780 degrease, dry sand with P80 – P120, degrease again. dry sand with P80 – P120 and clean of dust degrease, mat with an abrasive needle cloth and degrease again degrease, dry sand with P180 – P240, degrease again. degrease, dry sand with P80 – P120, degrease again. Do not apply the resin directly on top wash primers or one-component acrylic and nitrocellulose products. MIXING RATIO
Technical Data Sheet LT-04-06
Polyester putties, spray polyester filler, most primers, paints and varnishes APPLICATION CONDITIONS
The minimum application temperature is +10°C APPLICATION
Prepare the required piece of the mat. Trim the glass fiber mat so that it extends approx. 2 cm beyond the limits of damage location. Prepare the amount of the resin that can be consumed in approx. 10 minutes. Observe the required amount of hardener. Mix the components thoroughly until a uniform colour is obtained. Weight quantity of components: add 100 g of the resin to 2 – 3 g of Hardener. The processing time is 10 to 15 minutes at 20°C. Apply the resin with a brush on the clean area. Apply the trimmed piece of mat, press down to the repaired area and saturate Depending on the damage, several mat layers can be applied by repeating the Sand the laminate surface with P80-P120 abrasive papers or fill out with the Technical Data Sheet LT-04-06
The viscosity of the cured surface improves the adhesion of successive layers; if needed, viscosity can be cancelled by washing with the NC solvent. Do not put the leftover resin mixed with the hardener back into the can. The typical ratios used for lamination are: approx. 2 kg of the polyester resin per 1 kg of the carrier material (glass fiber mat or fabrics). RELATED PRODUCTS
NOVOL part no. 5022 (50% benzoyl peroxide paste) EQUIPMENT CLEANING
Store in a cool dry room, away from sources of fire and heat. SHELF LIFE
The effectiveness of our systems results from laboratory research and many years of experience. The data contained herein meets the current knowledge about our products and their application potential. We ensure high quality, provided the user follows the instructions and the work is performed in accordance with good workmanship. It is necessary to do a test application of the product due to its potentially different reaction with different materials. We may not be held liable for defects if the final result was affected by factors beyond our control.

Source: http://professional.novol.pl/en/karty/tech/en_LT-04-06_PLUS_720.pdf

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