Logros 2012

1) Electronic Subband Reconfiguration in a d0-Perovskite Induced by Strain-Driven Structural Transformations. V. Laukhin, O. Copie, M. J. Rozenberg, R. Weht, K. Bouzehouane, N. Reyren, E. Jacquet, M. Bibes, A. Barthélémy, and G. HerranzPhys. Rev. Lett. 109, 226601 2) Localised Wannier orbital basis for the Mott insulators GaV4S8 and GaTa4Se8A. Camjayi, R. Weht, and M.J. Rozenberg Aceptado para su publicacion en EPL (Europhysics Letters) 3) Comparison of Ternary Bilayer Mixtures with Asymmetric or Symmetric Unsaturated Phosphatidylcholine Lipids by Coarse Grained Molecular Dynamics SimulationsC. Rosetti and C. Pastorino J. Phys. Chem. B 116 , pp 3525-3537 (2012) 4) "Electronic and magnetic properties of the interface LaAlO3/TiO2-anatase from density functional theory". Valeria Ferrari, Mariana WeissmanJournal of Nanomaterials 2012, article ID 757493.
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6) “Spectroscopic Evidence in Solid and Solution of a Discrete Copper (I) Tetrahedral Complex Dimer Supported by Supramolecular Interactions”D. H. Jara, L. Lemus, L. Farías, E. Freire, R. Baggio, J. Guerrero. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry (2012) 1579-1583.
7) “Aripiprazole salts. I. Aripiprazole nitrate” E. Freire, G. Polla, R. Baggio. Acta Cryst. (2012) Sección C. Vol 68, o170-o173.
8) “Aripiprazole salts. II. Aripiprazole perchlorate” E. Freire, G. Polla, R. Baggio.
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9) “Monodentate and bridging behaviour of the sulfur-containing ligand 4_-[4-(methylsulfanyl)phenyl]-4,2_:6_,4__-terpyridine in two discrete zinc(II) complexes with acetylacetonate”J. Granifo, R. Gavino, E. Freire and R. Baggio. Acta Cryst. (2012) Sección C. Vol 68, m269-m274.
10) Modelling impurity-assisted chain creation in noble-metal break junctions S. Di Napoli, A. Thiess, S. Blügel and Y. MokrousovJournal of Physics Condensed Matter 24, 135501 (2012) 11) “Synthesis of a Phenanthridine Analogue of Natural Isocarbostyril Alkaloids”Daniel R. Vega, José M. Aguirre, Graciela Moltrasio 12) “Conformational polymorphism on Imatinib Mesylate: grinding effects” Damián Grillo, Griselda Polla, Daniel VegaJournal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Vol 101 (2), 541–551 (2012).
13) “Synthesis and biological evaluation of some novel 1-indanone thiazolylhydrazonederivatives as anti-Trypanosoma cruzi agents” María E. Caputto, Alejandra Ciccarelli, Fernanda Frank, Albertina G. Moglioni, Graciela Y. Moltrasio, Daniel Vega, Elisa Lombardo, Liliana M. FinkielszteinEuropean Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 55, (2012) 155-163 14) “Crystal structure and magnetic properties of two new zoledronate complexes: a Mn dimer [Mn(II)(H3Zol)2.(H2O)2 ] and a Fe15 molecular cluster [Fe(III)15(HZol)10(H2Zol)2 (H2O)12(Cl4:(H2O)2).Cl7.(H2O)65 ] (where H4Zol: C5H10N2O7P2 is zoledronic acid)”.
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36) Comparison of Ternary Bilayer Mixtures with Asymmetric or Symmetric Unsaturated Phosphatidylcholine Lipids by Coarse Grained Molecular Dynamics Simulations” Rosetti C M, Pastorino C.
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Ariel G. De Candia, Matias Molnar, Leonardo Slep and Ricardo Baggio 55) "Two dimeric copper pyrophosphate complexes, having different ancillary ligands [ (I): 2, 2' bipyridine; (II): 2,2':6',2"-terpyridine] and displaying very strong O—H—O interactions”. Rosana P. Sartoris, Mireille Perec, Rafael Calvo and Ricardo Baggio.
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Source: http://www.tandar.cnea.gov.ar/grupos/solidos/docs/pub2012.pdf

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