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Subject: A Must-Have for Master Athletes
“I am now running at 5 9 , the sort of tim es I w as running as a
1 9 - year- old”
Bruce Tulloh
Training for Master Athletes
Dear colleague,
I t wasn’t long ago that sport stopped when you left college. Those attitudes were self- fulfilling prophecies. We said that we were too old for sport, so we stopped taking exercise, so we couldn’t perform as well as we used to. Things suddenly changed when people voted with their feet and the running boom started. Many of us joined in and are st ill benefiting from it. Here’s why this is relevant: I am writing to announce a new addition to the Peak
Perform ance series of action workbooks. The tit le is Training for Mast er At hlet es and
it’s available today at a special discount. Whether you class yourself as a ‘m ast er athlet e’ or not, I am pleased to explain why this book is for you – and why it can also m ake a perfect present for relatives and friends. Recent advances in sports science have shown the athlete, as well as the average person (that is to say, an unfit person), can reverse m ost of the effects of ageing by using t he right exercise and nutritional program m es. Read on to learn how we substantiate that This new workbook belongs on everyone’s reading list, no m atter what age they are. With its spiral-bound, hardwearing cover it will st ay looking good for a very long tim e. Readers will find it an effective and proven antidote to the ageing process. Why this isn’t your usual off-the-shelf best seller!
All the exam ples given in this new workbook – and som e are rem arkable – are based on As you know, this kind of sports and m edical research costs a great deal of m oney. We have access t o t he papers, however, and have analysed and adapted them for every- day consum ption at a nom inal cost. And they m ake fascinating reading. file://C:\pipelines\Ionline\Client Graphics and web sites\tennisinc\new web\Training tools\. 1/26/2007 The workbook has been prepared by the Peak Perform ance team of experts, including
physiologists, nutritionists and m asters athletes. I t covers a com prehensive range of subj ects with one principal aim in m ind: how to overcom e t he consequences of getting older and st ill produce winning perform ances, stay healthy and – m ost im portantly – continue to enjoy yourself. As you have registered on our website to receive our regular newsletter, you qualify to receive this workbook at a greatly reduced price when you order your copy (or copies – rem em ber, we pay the m ailing costs for m ultiple orders) today using the att ached form . Click here to go to our special discount offer, or read on to learn m ore about Training for (http: / / prewp/ awaweber- m ast erswith.htm l) ‘I can’t perform as well as I used to’
Readers of this new workbook will discover this does not have to be true! We give hosts of exam ples that give the lie to these attitudes: A 70- year- old weight -lifter is stronger than the average 30-year- old The ballet dancer of 70 is m ore flexible than the average young adult The 70-year- old m arathon runner will easily outrun the m aj orit y of 30- year- olds. Such people owe their achievem ent s not t o t he fact that they were outst anding when they were younger but to the fact that they have continued to practise the activity that they They are determ ined, and have the knowledge. This gives them the abilit y to continue into old age and it ’s why I ’d like you to order t his book. I f you want exam ples, the book has Jean Borotra and Kitty Godfrey playing tennis into their 90s Edward Weston, who walked across the USA – and back – in his m id-70s Ron Taylor, who could run 100 m etres in 11.3 seconds at the age of 60 Cliff Young, who won the first Sydney to Melbourne race at the age of 61 How to beat the ageing process
With recent leaps in research funding, great advances have been m ade in our understanding of the ageing process. And wit h this understanding com es the ability to counter its effects. Here is som e background: As we get older, the rate of cell division slows down and som e t issues begin to perform file://C:\pipelines\Ionline\Client Graphics and web sites\tennisinc\new web\Training tools\. 1/26/2007 less efficiently. There is a loss of elasticit y, both in the skin and in ligam ents. There is a decline in t he m axim um heart rate and in m axim um power output. The questions answered in Training for Mast er At hlet es include:
What perform ances should we expect at a certain age? I f this process is left unchecked, nature will take its course. However, with the right kind of training and nutrition it is possible to rem ain at international level to the age of 40 – as witness Eam onn Coghlan’s sub- four-m inute m iles, Al Oerter’s record in t he discus and t he victories of the 42- year- old Podkopayeva at 1500 m etres in 1994. I n events involving pure endurance, the lim its can be extended for longer. The world’s best for a m arathon at t he age of 50 stands at 2: 11, a tim e that would win m any Learning from the masters
As we explain, there is no doubt that the average person ( that is t o say, an unfit person) can reverse m ost of the effects of ageing by using the right exercise program m es. The person who has kept fit will always be younger, in the physiological sense, than his real Runners, for exam ple, can m aint ain the tim es they ran as a 19-year- old. On the ot her hand, a runner’s flexibilit y and m uscle st rengt h, apart from the leg m uscles, will decline considerably if they fail to work on them . The three lessons
What are the im plications of this for t he average sportsm an? First, there is no reason to stop purely because of age, because the decline is very gradual. The right kind of training and som e good conditions can enable you to im prove on last year’s t im es. Second, one cannot train with the intensity of a young athlete because the rate of regeneration is not as fast. You have to find the intensit y and t he frequency of hard training t hat you can tolerate. We show you how it ’s done. Third, it will probably becom e necessary, if you seriously want to st ay as fit and healthy as possible, to work on your weak points. Muscular strength, flexibility and m obility Click here to go to our special discount offer, or read on to learn m ore about Training for (http: / / prewp/ awaweber- m ast erswith.htm l) S SPECI AL REP Nutritional secrets: the benefits and costs
file://C:\pipelines\Ionline\Client Graphics and web sites\tennisinc\new web\Training tools\. 1/26/2007 I n som e quarters, ‘nutrition’ has a bad nam e. Wit h unsupport ed new fads appearing every week in the Sunday newspapers we cannot be held to blam e for that . Training for Mast er At hlet es cut s the hype down to a nuts- and- bolts analysis up of
what actually works and how. Our recom m endations have been double- blind tested at centres of international research. At the end of each section you’ll find the scientific references to back up that research. Everything you read is guaranteed to work exactly as So why do we need to exam ine our nutritional intake – and what are the benefits and As we get older, recovery from hard training sessions takes longer, while the cum ulative effects of norm al ‘wear and tear’ and previous injuries are increasingly evident. As t im e goes by, joints tend to becom e less flexible, full-range m ovem ent m ore difficult and pain I t is these m echanical lim it ations, m ore than anything else, which can scupper the best- laid plans of even the m ost determ ined older readers. It’s time to take control of your ‘wear and tear’
To help offset the inexorable decline in m obility and even accelerat e recovery from inj ury, you need to take control of your nutritional intake. We give you a num ber of nutritional You’ll discover that despite the fact that older athletes are m ore vulnerable to chronic joint pain and stiffness, you are not powerless to act . While it is obviously vital to get your training right, t here is also a place for nutrit ion. Your num ber one priority should be to follow the dietary recom m endat ions we outline, paying special attention to the key j oint health nutrients. On the available evidence, the right supplem ents offer effective pain and stiffness reduction, and even appear to be able to slow down the process of cartilage degeneration Their regenerative m ode of action m eans for those prone t o chronic j oint st iffness and pain, there’s no reason not to take these supplem ents indefinitely, especially as they are relat ively inexpensive. First we need to look at the causes: Causes of joint pain and stiffness
There are a large num ber of possible causes of j oint pain and stiffness, and the diagnosis of a particular problem can be a very com plex process – just ask any physiotherapist! Training Mast er At hlet es lists causal factors:
1 . Acut e inj uries: com e on suddenly and are usually associated
with som e kind of traum a. Com m on exam ples include: file://C:\pipelines\Ionline\Client Graphics and web sites\tennisinc\new web\Training tools\. 1/26/2007 Ligam ents torn or dam aged by unusual or excessive m ovem ent of the joint; I m pact injuries, where one or m ore of the j oint structures is dam aged by an external blow; Protruding/ prolapsed intervert ebral disc, where unusual intervertebral Forces lead to the deform ation of the disc, allowing it to com e into close proxim ity with nerves 2. Chronic inj uries tend to com e on quite gradually, thus m aking them t rickier to Overuse inj uries, where the long- term training volum e exceeds the capacity of the joints involved to undergo adequate repair and recovery Muscle im balance injuries, where the j oint fails to operate through its correct range of m ovem ent because of unequal or unbalanced m uscular forces acting on the j oint, or ( particularly in the case of the spine) inadequate stabilisat ion of the joint( s) by 3 . Degenerat ive condit ions are associated with longer- term , less easily reversible
funct ioning of the joints and are m uch m ore com m on in m ature athletes. These conditions Arthritic- type wear and tear, where the articular cartilage becom es worn, leading to narrowed j oint spaces, som etim es referred t o as osteoarthritis Rheum atoid art hritis, an inflam m atory condition of the joints caused by an auto-im m une reaction Low synovial fluid secretions, leading to reduced lubrication in the j oint capsule. Com m on to all these causal factors is the process of inflam m ation. Although part of the norm al healing process, it can actually im pede this process when it becom es chronic. So those are the causes. What ’s the solution?MANCE MASTERS SPECI AL REPORT What science has to say about nutrients and vitamins
The role of nutrition in com bating degenerative or inflam m atory j oint conditions has traditionally been regarded wit h scepticism . I n recent years, however, research has indicated that good nutritional practice can play a significant role, both in prom oting recovery from acute and chronic injuries and in am eliorating som e of the effect s of the degenerative conditions described above. Training for Mast er At hlet es lays out the latest thinking on opt im um dietary practice,
then m oves on to investigate the claim s of som e of the m ore esot eric ‘joint health’ file://C:\pipelines\Ionline\Client Graphics and web sites\tennisinc\new web\Training tools\. 1/26/2007 You’ll find there are a num ber of nutrients and vitam ins that are particularly im port ant for older athletes, which should be well supplied in t heir diet. A full list of vitam ins, oils and supplem ents is given, with evidence for benefits such as: The form ation of collagen, a protein form ing the basis for connect ive tissue such as tendons and int ervertebral discs The prom ot ion of water ret ention and elasticit y in j oint cartilage and the inhibition of enzym es that break down cartilage Antioxidants that also im prove local circulation and prom ote a strong collagen m atrix in joints Antioxidant nutrients that afford protection from free radical dam age in the body Key sources of these nutrients are given with recom m ended daily am ounts. We also explain what t o avoid. You’ll find a com prehensive list of food supplem ent s that can further im prove j oint health, bot h in term s of helping to overcom e acute and chronic injuries and in com bating the long- term degeneration that is an inevitable part of the Click here to go to our special discount offer, or read on to learn m ore about Training for (http: / / prewp/ awaweber- m ast erswith.htm l) Natural supplements Vs ibuprofen
Have you ever worried about t aking too m any ibuprofen – or som e ot her anti- inflam m at ory drug? Then you definitely need to know about this: One of the m ost fascinating case studies cont ained in Training for Master Athletes is for a natural ( and inexpensive!) supplem ent t hat was found to be not just highly effective in reducing pain and increasing m obility but also reduced t he j oint space narrowing that typically occurs in degenerative conditions. Moreover, pain and stiffness was significantly reduced in the participating group by Two double- blind tests found that t he nat ural supplem ent, when com pared with ibuprofen (1.2g/ day) for the relief of j oint pain in osteoarthritis, was shown to be equally effect ive. Even m ore persuasive is the fact that m any non-steroidal ant i- inflam m at ory drugs (NSAI DS) , including ibuprofen, have been shown to inhibit the repair and even accelerate What this means for you
file://C:\pipelines\Ionline\Client Graphics and web sites\tennisinc\new web\Training tools\. 1/26/2007 No one can escape t heir genetic program m e, but m ost people can do a great deal, barring injury and illness, to m inim ise physical aspects of ageing by m odest exercise program m es which em brace conditioning in st rengt h and flexibility as well as the m ore com m only- Rem em ber - in 1900 people were considered old in their 40s; j ust 40 years ago people seem ed old in their 60s; but today m any do not feel old in their 80’s – a phenom enon you can share wit h your copy Training for Master Athlet es! There is increasing evidence that m oderate exercise m ay enhance som e im m une responses and lead to a lowered incidence of illness The physiological det erioration associat ed with ageing is not inevit able but is due to a detraining effect of decreased exercise, often coupled with an increase in body fat The athletes’ m ott o ‘I f you don’t use it – you lose it ’ applies to all of us, at whatever age Nutrit ion for older athletes: test ed foods and supplem ents can protect your joints from How to keep up to speed: the bad news is that speed declines with age; the good news is that you can arrest and even reverse this process How to stay flexible: a sports physiotherapist shows how flexibility keeps ageing at bay, Nutrit ional supplem ents: two elem ents that could com bine to form t he ‘Elixir of Life’ for Click here to go to our special discount offer, or read on to learn m ore about Training for (http: / / prewp/ awaweber- m ast erswith.htm l) What the scientists say
The following roundup of recent research from the scientific, m edical and sports j ournals looks at the problem s and possibilities of older athletes: How fitness protects t he ageing brain and im proves m em ory in m id- life Power Vs endurance: what goes first in the ageing stakes? Older athletes can reduce the risk factors for heart disease This exercise regim e will boost bone densit y and lean m uscle m ass file://C:\pipelines\Ionline\Client Graphics and web sites\tennisinc\new web\Training tools\. 1/26/2007 Why the m uscles shrink with age – and what to do about it Do the young respond m ore effectively to aerobic training? Don’t you believe it A group of elderly hour- a-day exercisers who are aerobically 30 years younger Reply today for your special online offer
As a registered m em ber of our official website, you qualify to receive a copy of Training
for Mast er At hlet es at a discount. I f you place your order today you pay our special
price of just $38 ( £ 1 9 ) instead of the full price of $58. Please click on the link below to go
to t he independent secure Worldpay site to give your paym ent details. Training for Mast er At hlet es is one of a series of special reports from Peak
Perform ance, the sports science newsletter. I t is not available elsewhere.
I m m ediately your paym ent is accepted, we’ll despatch your workbook. I t cont ains m ore than 80 fully indexed pages in a stout spiral bound cover. Here is a nut shell sum m ary of
Proven t echniques: all the advice in Training for Mast er At hlet es has been
scientifically test ed on at hletes and sports people and proven t o be effective and safe
I m m ediat e despatch:
your issue is available for im m ediate despatch.

$ 1 7 saving: the offer for Training for Mast er At hlet es is a full $ 1 7 less than the
official cover price. You pay $ 3 8 inst ead of $ 5 8
Free two- m onth subscription to Peak Perform ance: t he leading publication for Athletes, Trainers and anyone interested in finding out t he latest research and inform ation from the
Money- back guarant ee: if, for any reason, you decide Training for Mast er At hlet es
doesn’t deliver what we prom ise, let us know and we’ll refund your m oney in full, You have received this special offer through your subscript ion to one of our free m ini- newsletters. To receive Training for Mast er At hlet es please apply within the next 24
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