Anti-abortion violence watch 12/99

Eric Robert Rudolph
690 days as a fugitive
James Charles Kopp
427 days as a fugitive
A Publication of the Feminist Majority Foundation's ClinicWatch Project Advocates for Life Ministries To Close Dec. 31
Organization Justified Murder of Abortion Providers publisher of Life Advocate, pointed to the lack of financial support from his follow- Arsons: 17
Bombings: 10
ers as the primary cause for the group’sfailure.
first significant judgment against AFLM.
cates for Life, Burnett and several asso- October 8, 1999 • Rapid City, SD
August 2, 1999 • Greenland, NH
Feminist Women's Health Center
July 2, 1999 • Sacramento, CA
April 2, 1999 • Milwaukee, WI
staff. In 1993 and 1994, Burnett and oth- violations. Along with the damages award, ers affiliated with AFLM signed petitions April 1, 1999 • Milwaukee, WI
ers and calling their actions justifiable.
access to the clinic, threatening, coerc- March 28, 1999 • Waukesha, WI
cussed the theory of justifiable homicide ing, intimidating or harassing persons en- for abortion providers. Also, Advocates for Life Publications published A Time to Kill, April 16, 1999 • Albuquerque, NM
“While one fewer extremist organization provides a so-called theological basis for may not end all anti-abortion violence, it March 13, 1999• Asheville, NC
is definitely a step in the right direction,” said Eleanor Smeal, President of the Femi- September 8, 1998• Fayetteville, NC
largest nationwide clinic defense program.
April 1, 1998• San Diego/Riverside, CA
“I just hope AFLM’s closing its doors is enthood in Portland, Ore., as a factor in not just a way to escape a legal judgment January 29, 1998• Birmingham, AL
the group’s demise. In 1995, two clinics other individuals for threatening doctors.
October 19, 1997 • Portland, OR
All Women's Health Services
July 22, 1997 • Tuscaloosa, AL
West Alabama Women's Center
James Charles Kopp
Eric Robert Rudolph
May 27, 1997 • Portland, OR
Lovejoy Surgicenter
Date of Birth:
Date of Birth:
March 7, 1997 • North Hollywood, CA
Family Planning Associates
Place of Birth:
Place of Birth:
March 6, 1997 • Greensboro, NC
Sex: Male
Sex: Male
Hair: Brown/Red
Hair: Brown
January 16, 1997 • Atlanta, GA
Height: 5' 10"
Height: 5' 11"
Eyes: Blue/Gray
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 150 -175 lbs.
Weight: 165 - 180 lbs.
The Anti-Abortion Violence Watch is compiled Race: White
Race: White
by the staff of the Feminist Majority Foun- Eric Rudolph is wanted in connection with dation and is published monthly. To report the fatal bombing of a Birmingham abortion incidents of anti-abortion violence or for more the shooting death of Dr. Barnett A. Slepian clinic, the Olympic Park and other Atlanta- information on the National Clinic Access Project, call Washington, DC (703)522-2214or Los Angeles (323)651-0495.
Task Force Tip Line 800-281-1184
Sniper Attacks/Murders
Tuscaloosa, AL • July 22, 1997
bombings. FBI has charged Eric Rudolph.
Amherst, NY• October 23, 1998
$250,000 in damages, after a firebombing gut- Tulsa, Oklahoma • January 1&19, 1997
Dr. Barnett Slepian was killed by a sniper's Two separate bomb incidents at the Reproduc- bullet as he stood in his home. Slepian worked Portland, OR • May 27, 1997
tive Services and Adoption Affiliates clinic Lovejoy Surgicenter, a target of protests and caused damage to the interior of the building.
the fifth doctor shot by sniper fire in the weeks violence, was set on fire suffering $250,000 A teenager was convicted in the bombing and preceding the Nov 11 Canadian holiday Re- in damage, after receiving several bomb threats membrance Day and the first fatality. Also shot and injured in their homes were: Dr. Garson Threats of Mass Destruction
Romalis of Vancouver on 11/08/94; Dr. Hugh Yakima, WA • May 7, 1997
Midwest• June 2-3, 1999
Attempted arson at Planned Parenthood Cen- Planned Parenthood clinics in Cincinnati, Day- doctor in Rochester, NY on 10/28/97; and Dr.
tral WA's Yakima Family Planning Clinic.
ton and Columbus, OH received anthrax hoax Bozeman, MT • April 2, 1997
letters. The letters were all addressed to the The building housing the office of Dr. Susan clinic's accounting department and the return Arsons/Attempted Arsons
Wicklund was set on fire. Damage estimated address was for the Department of Taxation Greenland, NH • August 2, 1999
at $2,000. John Yankowski sentenced .
Feminist Women's Health Center of Portsmouth North Hollywood, CA • March 7, 1997
National• February 18-22, 1999
was the target of arson. An accelerant was A “Molotov Cocktail” was thrown through a 30 clinics received envelopes through the mail used to start the fire behind the building caus- window at the Family Planning Assoc. Medical containing a message that the recipient had been exposed to anthrax. The letters bore a Sacramento, CA • July 2, 1999
Lexington, KY postmark and some had return Greensboro, NC • March 6, 1997
Choice Medical Group was the target of arson.
addresses of medical supply companies.
The Piedmont-Carolina Medical clinic was set Firefighters were able to contain the 3:20 am Midwest • October 30-November 2, 1998
blaze minimizing damage to three of the four Ten clinics received letters claiming "you have Falls Church, VA • February 18, 1997
entrances to the building and a trash bin.
just been exposed to anthrax." Planned Par- James Mitchell was sentenced to 10 years for Albuquerque, NM • April 30, 1999
enthood of Central & Southern Indiana, India- setting a Falls Church abortion clinic on fire.
napolis, Scottsburg, Shelbyville, New Albany, No one was injured, but the fire caused an on fire by an accelerant which was placed un- IN; Planned Parenthood and Women's Health der the clinic's door and then ignited causing Services in Lousiville, KY; Center for Repro- minimal damage. Repairs had just been com- ductive Health, Knoxville, TN; Women's Health Bombings/Attempted Bombings
Care Services in Wichita, KS; Center for Women, McDonald was arrested and charged. McDonald Rapid City, SD • October 8, 1999
Cleveland, OH; and Volunteer Medical Services had just been released from prison after serv- A Planned Parenthood clinic was damaged by in Knoxville, TN all received a 3"x5" enve- an explosive device in the early morning hours.
The partially exploded device, which contained Milwaukee, WI • April 2 & March 28, 1999
Butyric Acid Attacks
an unknown accelerant, damaged the outside Summit Women's Health Organization's rear Houston, TX • July 8, 1998
door was set on fire on two separate occa- 4 women's healthcare clinics in Houston were Albuquerque, NM • March 15, 1999
sions. Damage was minimal. Peter Quinn, 17, attacked with Butyric acid injuring 8 people.
The back door of a Planned Parenthood clinic was destroyed by an explosive device.
New Orleans, LA • July 6, 1998
Waukesha, WI • April 1, 1999
5 women's healthcare clinics in New Orleans Asheville, NC • March 11, 1999
A fireplace log soaked with lighter fluid and A bomb partially exploded outside the Femcare set on the windowsill of the Planned Parent- Clinic causing minimal damage, The bomb was hood of Wisconsin was ignited. Fire fighters Central Florida/Miami • May 15-23, 1998
placed next to the waiting room wall and ex- quickly responded to the window alarm and 10 women's healthcare clinics in the Miami ploded 30 minutes before the clinic opened.
doused the fire. Peter Quinn, 17, charged.
and the central Florida area were attacked withbutyric acid in seven days. One of the attacks Fayetteville, NC • October 3, 1998
Sioux Falls, SD • March 29, 1999
Two bombs constructed of dynamite and tim- Planned Parenthood of MN/SD was the target ing devices were disarmed before they exploded of an arson attack, damage was minimal. Mar- Arrests/Convictions
Fargo, ND • October 6, 1999
Women's Clinic. These same clinics were the Fayetteville, NC • September 8, 1998
Randall Hanson was convicted of the April 6, target of attempted arson a month earlier.
A Molotov cocktail was tossed onto the roof of 1998 attempted arson of the National Women's Birmingham, AL • January 29, 1998
the Hallmark Clinic at 1:30am. Firefighters Health Organization. He had been arrested on An anti-personnel device packed with nails ex- were able to contain the fire to the roof and ploded at the New Woman, All Women Health ceiling of the building. About an hour later, Sioux Falls, SD • October 5, 1999
Care Clinic, killing a security guard and seri- Martin J. Uphoff was convicted of setting fire ously injuring a clinic nurse. The bomb was Women's Clinic where a small fire was set.
to a Sioux Falls Planned Parenthood clinic and disguised as a potted plant and detonated by a faces up to 21 years in prison. The incident Fargo, ND • April 6, 1998
remote device. The Army of God claimed re- occured 3/29/99. A clinic security tape showed Attempted arson of the Fargo Women's Health sponsibility in letters sent to media in Atlanta.
a man ignighting something he had poured on Organization between 3-6:00 am. Mr. Hanson Atlanta, GA • January 16, 1997
the ground. Uphoff previously pled guilty to Two bombs exploded at Northside Family Plan- Riverside/San Diego, CA • April 1, 1998
ning Services. The first bomb destroyed most Illinois • September 13, 1999
Planned Parenthood of San Diego and River- of the interior of the clinic. The second bomb, Roger Waagner was apprehended and arrested side Counties was firebombed. A white RV was an anti-personnel device, was placed near the in Illinois. He had been sought for fleeing into parking lot and appeared to be designed to kill the woods after being pulled over for speeding San Antonio, TX • January 27, 1998
rescue workers, law enforcement personnel, in Pennsylvania. A search of his car revealed Attempted arson at the Planned Parenthood and clinic staff forced outside the building.
explosives, firearms, gas cans and a list of Seven were injured in the second blast, includ- women's clinics in Georgia and Tennessee.
Portland, OR • October 19, 1997
ing five law enforcement officials. On Febru- Hamilton, Canada • March 11, 1999
An arson occurred at All Women's Health Ser- Ronald Wylie was arrested in connection with vices. Damages were estimated to be $5,000.
tempted at a lesbian night club. Five people a series of letters sent to the Hamilton Specta- were injured. A letter from the "Army of God" tor threatening doctors who provide abortions.
sent to Atlanta news agencies, claimed credit



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