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Packing List (2008) - Honduras Travel
 PASSPORT/VISA (Returned to you just prior to our departure)
This one is a showstopper. Bring it or stay home!
 2 Photocopies of the Photo Page on your Passport. Pack one in your suitcase and
give one to ________________. Remember that your real passport never leaves  Emergency Evacuation Insurance Policy Number. (Distributed just prior to our  Money Belt (Passport, cash.)  Airline e-ticket. (Distributed just prior to our departure.)  Lightweight Bible  Flash Light & Extra Batteries  Personal Journal (Composition Book Provided), Writing Instruments, Highlighter  Project Documentation and Information Clothing
Choose lightweight clothing as we’ll be washing in the sink. It is very humid and things DO NOT dry quickly. Light colors are cooler and wil not show the dirt as quickly as dark  Women – 1 to 2 Long Skirts or Wrap-Arounds  Women and Men – 2 or 3 Pairs of Lightweight Slacks.  1 Pair Shorts – Only for wear inside our sleeping quarters.  3 to 5 Shirts/Blouses – T-shirts are OK but not as comfortable as a button down shirt. Pack at least one with a collar for Church.  1 Lightweight Long-Sleeve Shirt  5 Pairs of Socks.  3 to 5 Changes of Undergarments.  Sleepwear.  Sturdy and Comfortable Work Shoes.  Sandals or Flip Flops.  Hat (or bandana)  Bandana or head covering ( women) in case we w orship in a conservative church

 Toiletries (see carry-on restrictions for liquids and gels)  Chloroquine Anti-Malaria Prophylaxis Another showstopper. You must have this to go to Honduras. Take the first weekly dose on __________. (Advance team on __________.)  Water Bottle (pack in checked luggage)  Eye Glasses (If Worn) – Brought in addition to contact lenses.  Towel and Washcloth  Personal Tissue Packs – will be distributed  Sunblock – We’l have some for the team, but bring your own if you have a special  Chapstick  Personal Prescriptions  Bismuth subsalicylate (Pepto Bismol tablets) – we’ll have extra, but please carry  Anti-Diarrheal. Loperamide Hydrochloride (e.g. Imodium AD) – we’ll have some for the team. Don’t need your own unless you’d like.  Anti Fungal cream - if you are susceptible to athlete’s foot.  Insect repellant containing DEET. We’l have “Deep Woods Off”. If you don’t like this
Optional Items

 Cash for personal spending and emergency. You will likely want some cash for the market. Credit/calling cards and travelers checks will be of virtually no use. SIM and others recommend carrying $100 US emergency money, even if you have no intention of spending these dollars. (This is on top of what you expect to spend)  Pocket Spanish Dictionary  Smal Pocket Knife (do not pack in carry-on luggage)  Camera  Extra batteries for anything you bring that requires batteries.  Books/Magazines  Business Cards – Giving one away indicates that you intend to correspond.  Vitamin Tablets  Salt Tablets  Zip Lock Bags  Team Cash (carry on person)  Receipts & Letter for Customs (carry on)  2 Knapsacks  Electrolyte Replenishing Drink Mix  Antibiotic Prescription (Cipro)  1st Aide Kit (provided by logistics)  Sewing kit  Antibacterial Gel  Travel Alarm Clock  Personal items (liquids and gels) that can’t be placed in carry on
Additional Instructions

• All non-project items are to fit in one carry-on bag. Make sure you check the size with
airline requirements. There are restrictions on the amount of liquids you can take in your carry-on. Place larger sized liquid containers (non-carry-on) in a ziplock bag with your name on it. We’l put it in the checked luggage. Water bottles, even if they are empty, will need to go in checked luggage as well. • Do not pack hair dryers or other electrical appliances. • Pack light. You will almost certainly want to carry more home than you take. Missionaries may ask you to carry something to the US, and you may make some purchases.
• Washing in the sink is easy, but things do not dry quickly. Be prepared to let your
clothes get dirtier than you would in the US. • Clean out your wallet. Leave unessential keys, documents and other items at home.



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